8 Kitchen Island Centerpiece Ideas & Easy Decorating Tips


Here are eight fantastic kitchen island centerpiece ideas to help you decorate your kitchen with style – not clutter!

One of my favorite places to decorate in our home is our kitchen. And more specifically, the kitchen island. I’ve played around with several different styles and groupings over the years. And have narrowed it down to a (number) of tried and true decorating ideas.

So today I’m going to share with you my best tips when it comes to decorating your kitchen island centerpiece. And I have some great inspiration to inspire you as well. Some of the kitchen island centerpiece ideas are from my own kitchen and some from other amazing kitchens I’ve found.

black vase with white flowers on center of kitchen island
photo credit | inspiration for moms

When it comes to decorative items for your kitchen island, there are so many great ideas and styles. You can go with very elaborate to super simple. I like to keep my kitchen counter decor very minimalist. But if you want to add more – go for it!

So now, let me show you some kitchen island centerpiece ideas you’re sure to love. By the way, most of these centerpieces would look lovely on a dining table as well!

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Beautiful Flower Arrangement

As you may know, one of my main goals in my home is to keep clutter to a minimum. I don’t have a large island. Actually, it’s more like a small eating area attached to the end of my kitchen counters. But I treat it very much like a kitchen island. And it seems to be the catch-all area in our home just like an island! 🙂

So sometimes when I’m craving a very open and clutter-free kitchen, I will keep my decor very simple with just a beautiful floral arrangement. That’s it.

vase full of tulip flowers on center of kitchen island
photo credit | inspiration for moms

This decorating idea is a great way to give your kitchen some visual beauty while still keeping your kitchen clean and tidy. The star of this decor is a classy vase and of course, the fresh flowers.


Simple Green Branches with Fruit

If you don’t want to run out to the grocery store for some flowers, another great option for your kitchen island is a vase full of green branches and a bowl of fresh fruit! Love, love this beautiful centerpiece combo because everything pictured below on the island can be fresh or fake.

vase of green branches and fruit bowl on center of kitchen island
photo credit | studio mcgee

So this look can be achieved by simple shopping your home or just grabbing whatever seasonal fruits you have on hand. This kitchen decor tip couldn’t be more simple right?! 😉

One And Done

Want to keep it even simpler? You can go with just a fruit bowl. I’ve done it many of times. Just pick any fruit that compliments your current kitchen color scheme.

wooden bowl full of apples on center of kitchen island counter
photo credit | inspiration for moms

It’s actually one of my easiest kitchen island decor ideas because it’s just placing whatever fruit I want my boys to eat – in plain sight! If you don’t have a round wood bowl (like the one above) a dough bowl would be great as well. Apples are perfect for a fall decor centerpiece too!

Decorative Tray Display

You know my love for trays runs deep! They are such a useful tool when it comes to decorating. So of course, the best place for a tray is your kitchen island. It offers a great collective style and easily allows you to add a few accessories in a very organized fashion!

Simply place a tall vase center stage on the decorative piece. Then add some fruit, serving dishes, candles or even just some simple green artichokes as decorating items to complete the look of this kitchen island centerpiece idea.

And here’s another little decorating tip. If you have decorative objects that lack height or look slightly weird grouped, putting them on a tray will make the centerpiece feel instantly larger. 


Plants Make A Lovely Focal Point

This kitchen counter decorating idea has been one of my favorites for years! I found the most beautiful maidenhair fern at our local nursery and I couldn’t buy it fast enough. The rich, vibrant green of the plant adds such a gorgeous pop of color to our kitchen.

maidenhair fern in basket on center of kitchen island
photo credit | inspiration for moms

To recreate this kitchen island decorating idea, you could simply place one single plant in a basket and be done. Or perhaps, gather a few of your favorite houseplants and place odd numbers of them on a cake stand or a wooden cutting board for a collective display.

And this simple centerpiece is great for kitchens that don’t have much counter space as well!

Add Some Light To The Island

Another one of my favorite kitchen island ideas is using a simple table lamp. I know this trend may not be for everyone, but I sure do love it! Mine have generally been placed in a corner area of my kitchen. But an island could also be a great place to add some additional lighting.

white lamp and white tray of lemons on center of kitchen island
photo credit | benjamin dhong

Play around with different heights and styles of lamps to get the right feel for your kitchen. And if you have a large island, you could even place two lights (one on each end) for a very high-end symmetrical look as well.


Lay Out Sweet Treats

Never underestimate food as a delicious island centerpiece. A cake stand displaying some sweet cupcakes or even a cutting board with fresh baked bread it always a classic look for a kitchen island.

cake stand with strawberry cupcakes on center of kitchen island
photo credit | inspiration for moms

This option is a great way to display food for your family or guests and decorate your kitchen at the same time. Everyone wins!

Kitchen Storage Focal Point

Another everyday kitchen item that makes for an excellent centerpiece is a couple of ceramic crocks. They’re great for storing cooking utensils but could also display some beautiful preserved branches or flowers.

set of white crocks on center of kitchen island
photo credit | studio mcgee

Or you could get really creative and fill the crocks with some rolling pins for a unique visual interest and easy access!


So I hope you found these kitchen island centerpiece ideas helpful and inspiring! Do you have any favorite ideas from what you saw here?

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Here are eight fantastic kitchen island centerpiece ideas to help you decorate your kitchen with style - not clutter!


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