How To Organize Every Drawer: Tips For Every Room

Learn how to organize every drawer in every room in your home with my best tips and tricks and a ton of inspiration to get you motivated!

how to organize every drawer tips for every room in your home
organized kitchen drawers | Style By Emily Henderson

Drawers are the perfect place for messes and clutter to hide. Disorganized items are tucked away out of sight with no problem – until it is. It’s frustration city when you can’t find what you’re looking for and you know – it’s got to be in the drawer somewhere!

So I want to help you take that drawer space back! I’ve organized my drawers over and over again, finding little ways to improve my methods each time. The ultimate goal for every drawer in every room in my home is to store the most it can in the most organized way! The last part of that sentence is key. No storage space wasted but quick, and easy access is a must.

If this is a goal you want for you home too – read on! Together we can completely set up an organization system for every drawer in your house – one drawer at a time.

How To Organize Every Drawer In Your Home

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How To Organize Kitchen Drawers

The more organized your kitchen drawers are the easier it is to cook a meal – fast!

The first step is to take inventory of what is in your kitchen drawers. Then ask yourself a couple hard questions like: Do I use this? If yes, how often? Facing these two questions will you help avoid wasting any space in your drawers.

Once you know what you need to store, I have a few tricks and tips to help everything stay in it’s assigned place and be right where you need it — at a moments notice!

Drawer Liners

I’m not talking about that sticking contact paper from the 90’s! Nope. Drawer liners have evolved into a great item to help you organize.

Not only do they help keep your kitchen drawers cleaner but liners made from cork can also help prevent the items from rolling around the drawer and keep everything in place.

So if you want to skip the drawer organizers altogether, this is the best way to do so!

Drawer Organizers

I’m a big fan of drawer organizers. But even I have made a few mistakes when it comes to kitchen drawer organizers. I purchased ones that were too big!

I discovered a few years later that I could buy smaller ones that would waste less space and I could store more! Such a big win!

how to organize kitchen drawers

If your kitchen drawers are oddly shaped and most organizers won’t fit, wood drawer dividers are great for creating organization. Often you can find styles that almost exactly match the wood of your cabinet drawers for a faux custom look!

Another great idea for your kitchen drawers is a knife organizer. I used to store mine in a knife block on the kitchen counter. But I then freed-up a drawer full of stuff I wasn’t even using and relocated our knives set.

Learn how to organize every drawer in every room in your home with my best tips and tricks and a ton of inspiration to get you motivated!

Now I can easily reach for a knife in a matter of seconds and my kitchen counters are more clutter free as well.

And who doesn’t love to cook in a well-organized kitchen?!

How To Organize Dresser Drawers

Dresser drawers can get out of control in matter of seconds. I just cleaned mine out this past weekend and that little project is what actually inspired me to write this whole post!

I was constantly struggling to find anything because 90% of the large drawers were just jammed full of stuff I no longer needed or used.

how to organize dresser drawers

Folding Method

One of the key tips to keeping a bedroom dresser drawer organized is how to properly fold the clothes. I know, I know – no one loves to fold. But if you take the few extra seconds to fold your items before putting them away, you will be rewarded the moment you open the drawer!

I’m sure you have heard of the KonMari Method introduced by Marie Kondo. It’s also known as ‘file folding clothes’.

It’s basically a way of folding clothes neatly and standing them up vertically — rather than stacking them or worse, stuffing them into a drawer — to prevent wrinkles, save space and helps you instantly see what you do and don’t wear!

Drawer Dividers and Organizers

Drawer dividers are great for helping you conquer and divide those neatly folded clothes. And these ones are great because they’re easy to adjust making them guaranteed to fit your dresser drawers perfectly!

I recently purchased a few of these super soft poly-linen drawer organizers to help me get my socks, undergarments and pj’s under control.

Tip: Save Money On Drawer Organizers

Don’t feel you need to buy a drawer full of organizers to get a very tidy dresser. Place a couple of organizers in the center of the drawer to act as space dividers. Then fill in those open space with neatly folded clothes. You get the organized look for half the price!

How To Organize Desk Drawers In Home Office

These drawers are full of small items! Office supplies like paper clips, pens, post it notes, rubber bands, thumb drives all can get misplaced so easily.

how to organize desk drawers

I’ve found the easiest way to keep desk drawers organized is with smaller organizers so all the similar items have a designated place.

Drawer Organizers

And the nice thing about organizers for office drawers is they can be made of natural materials that don’t need to be water-proof.

Learn how to organize every drawer in every room in your home with my best tips and tricks and a ton of inspiration to get you motivated!

So you could get a little more creative and stylish from woven baskets, fabric or even wood organizers.

I even found this package of two 9-compartment trays that comes with ten preprinted labels that clearly identify what belongs in each space. Talk about making desk drawer organization easy!

How To Organize Bathroom Drawers

Bathroom drawers can often be tricky to organize because the drawers can be deep and narrow. And often, most bathrooms really lack drawer space as well.

how to organize bathroom drawers

So we really want a great organization system set up some we can really capitalize on the drawer space we got!

Acrylic Organizers

I think clear acrylic organizers are a fantastic option for the bathroom seeing how this is a space with lots of access to water and humidity. With acrylic bins, no water is hidden!

Tip: Upgrade Acrylic Organizers With Labels

Label the bottom of the organizer so whenever an item is removed, it’s easy for everyone in the house to know where to put it back! All you need is this great label maker HERE.

Another reason why I love acrylic organizers is because they come in a wide range of sizes giving you many options for an almost custom fit!

Learn how to organize every drawer in every room in your home with my best tips and tricks and a ton of inspiration to get you motivated!

Deep Drawers

These three-department organizers are the perfect solution for deep drawers. They can be laid side-by-side width wise and then you could stack another set on top! Great storage for smaller items that can easily get lost like hair accessories and makeup brushes.

How To Organize Kitchen Junk Drawer

I’m sure you have that famous ‘junk drawer’. And most often it’s found in the kitchen. At least that’s where ours is located.

And I have discovered over the years that I have to re-organize this drawer frequently because the family will often shove miscellaneous items into this drawer – whether they belong there or not!

It can become a huge messy drawer over night without a few organizers keeping everything divided and in its place.

Learn how to organize every drawer in every room in your home with my best tips and tricks and a ton of inspiration to get you motivated!

Two-Tier Organizers

For our home, the goal is to keep the junk drawer to a minimum. I have reserved one of the smallest drawers for these odd and end items. So to store as much as possible, a tiered drawer organizer is great idea (if your drawers are deep enough).

Ones that slide or stack will give you easy access to items on both levels and make the most of your valuable space.

FAQs About How To Organize Every Drawer In Your Home

Every month, take everything out of your drawers and reorganize them. It’s not a very fun job but it will keep your drawers tidy and organized.

Yes! They prevent items from becoming one tangled mess, allowing you to clearly see everything at once and access each item readily. And that’s worth a lot!

By simply folding your clothes vertically. You can save lots of space by storing them upright in your drawers and it will help you more easily declutter items you never wear!

I hope these tips will help guide you on the process of how to organize every drawer in your home.

All of this information may seem a tad overwhelming, so just start with one room in your home. Or even just one drawer -maybe your favorite drawer. Then move to the next. And little by little, every drawer in your home will be organized and clutter free!

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