The Simple Declutter Challenge

Tired of clutter and want to do something about it? Try my simple declutter challenge. All you need is 28 days to get an amazing, clutter-free home!

One of my biggest goals as a mother is to create a home of security and peace for my family. I want our place to feel safe, relaxed and (as much as possible) stress-free. And a home filled with clutter is not helping me reach that goal, so I’m tackling all the clutter. If you are struggling with clutter in your home as well, I want to help. I have put together a simple declutter challenge that will help us both succeed at a clutter-free home!

Tired of clutter and want to do something about it? Try my simple declutter challenge. All you need is 28 days to get an amazing, clutter-free home! #declutterchallenge

The Simple Declutter Challenge Survey Results

So let’s talk numbers. I first want to thank everyone who filled out the declutter survey. You gave me a ton of information to use! Now I want to share the results so you don’t feel alone in this challenge and will know others are struggling with the same areas as you! And I want to let you know my answers to the survey as well. We are all in this together, right? 🙂

What area of your home needs the most decluttering?

The bedroom and garage tied for 4th place at 8.9%. The kitchen came in 3rd place with 11.1%. Closets and the office tied for second place at 17.8%. And the #1 area in the home that needs the most decluttering is the basement coming in at 20%.

I have to tell you, I wasn’t surprised. I think basements have a way of being the place we like to toss stuff when we don’t know what to do with it. Company is coming, toss it in the basement. Holidays are coming, toss it in the basement. Need to donate but I’m not going right now so, toss it in the basement. Sound familiar? I’m guilty of all of these.

Actually, when we first moved into this home it was around August/September. We had filled the garage with moving boxes and I was trying to bring them in one at a time and unpack. But then we got into October and snow was forecasted. Guess where all those boxes went so we could park our cars? The basement! And currently, my basement is full of Christmas that needs to be put away and boxes of items to donate. So, you are not alone!

Why do you want to declutter?

When I asked why do you want to declutter your home, the top three answers were: feel crowded in my home (13.3%), it’s stressful not finding things (15.6%) and you want a home that’s easier to clean and keep tidy (37.8%).

I have to say the later is the biggest reason for me! Along with not feeling crowded in my home. When I start to see a ton of clutter, it literally makes me feel like I can not breathe! I don’t use the word ‘literally’ often, but here it’s totally appropriate. I grew up in a home with a ton of ‘stuff’ and no open spaces. If there was an open space it was immediately filled. So I think that’s why I need a home free of clutter – it causes me so much anxiety!

What is your biggest struggle with decluttering your home?

When it came to actually decluttering your home, many of you hesitate because: you’re feeling overwhelmed or have no time to manage the clutter (13.3%), you don’t know what to do with the clutter (17.8%), or not knowing where to start (20%). But the #1 biggest struggle with decluttering, coming in at 31.1% was keeping things for ‘just in case’.

My mother always wanted to keep things for ‘just in case’ and because she did, I don’t have this problem. I’m actually the exact opposite and try to keep very little. So this is not my biggest struggle. Mine would be managing time to keep the clutter under control.

Benefits of Decluttering Your Home

So now that we know our struggles with clutter, let’s talk about what we will gain by decluttering our homes. The reality is when you declutter, you feel better!

Tired of clutter and want to do something about it? Try my simple declutter challenge. All you need is 28 days to get an amazing, clutter-free home! #declutterchallenge

In fact, they have done studies on the effects of clutter in our lives. “Decluttering has a domino effect on better living.  A clutter-free environment allows you to perform tasks of daily living more efficiently because everything you need is readily available and within reach,” Darcey Rojas says, adding that it leads to healthier habits.

For example, if your dishes are clean and properly stored, you’re more likely to eat at home and enjoy cooking. On a deeper level, Rojas says, “A clutter-free space also contributes to your well-being because you will subconsciously feel like you are providing yourself with a higher level of self-care.

Decluttering may also help you feel better about yourself because it’s something of an accomplishment, says Dr. Robert London, a psychiatrist based in New York City. “The clutter leads to anxiety, embarrassment, family stresses – some kind of despair,” London says. “When you relieve the problem and learn to throw things away, you feel better.” (Quoted from this USA News article.)

So I think I can speak for all of us when I say less anxiety, embarrassment and stress is always a good thing! We want a home that’s clean, tidy and peaceful. So here’s how we are going to get it!

How This Simple Declutter Challenge Will Work

I’ve decided to divide this simple declutter challenge into four easy weeks (or four separate posts). On Monday, I will share a new post/email with the weeks focus rooms along with more detailed steps and tips on how to complete each days declutter task. I will also include ways to get the area more organized to help you maintain a clutter-free home. 🙂

Here’s the weekly room break down:

Week #1: Kitchen and Garage* (If it is too cold where you live to get in your garage feel free to jump ahead and complete at later date.) UPDATE: Click here for week 1 decluttering plan and tips!

Week #2: Office and Living Room UPDATE: Click here for week 2 decluttering plans and tips!

Week #3: Closets and Bedrooms UPDATE: Click here for week 3 decluttering plans and tips!

Week #4: Basement, Bathrooms and Misc. UPDATE: Click here for week 4 decluttering plans and tips!

The 28 Day Simple Declutter Challenge Task Calendar

To help you stay on task, I have created a 28 day simple declutter challenge calendar. I suggest to download, print it, and put it somewhere you can check off every completed day. This will help to keep you motivated and encouraged by every day of clutter you tackle! 🙂

Simply click HERE to download the simple declutter challenge calendar.

The first two rooms we are going to declutter is the kitchen and garage. I will share the detailed post full of steps and tips next Monday. So be on the lookout and get excited to start this new challenge. I know I can’t wait to get started!

UPDATE: You can find the first week of the Simple Declutter Challenge (decluttering the kitchen and garage) by clicking HERE!

Are you excited about this simple declutter challenge? Have any questions?


  1. I have not received my printable Simple Declutter Challenge. I have requested a few times. Is there another way I would be able to print this schedule? Thanks, Bonnie

      1. I agree with Bonnie, it wasn’t on the printables page once access is gained and I never got an email with it. Seems to be broken.

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