How To Decorate Kitchen Counters – Best Ideas and Tips


Do you struggle with how to decorate kitchen counters without cluttering the room? Here’s my best ideas and tips to decorating kitchen counters!

Kitchen counters are fun to decorate! But at the same time, can be challenging. Space is often limited and sometimes those decorative items are just in the way causing more clutter than beauty.

So how does one go about decorating those kitchen countertops? I have a bunch of tips and ideas to help you add stylish decor to your kitchen counters while still keeping the area functional and tidy.

kitchen with white subway tile and plants near apron sink

First things first, let’s talk about my best kitchen counter decorating tips and then I’ll show you some great decor ideas that I use in my own kitchen.

A few tips when it comes to decorating kitchen counters.

Consider Neutral Colors

When it comes to kitchen decor, keeping a neutral color scheme will help this area feel more open and cohesive. Obviously I love my grays but other great neutrals are white, black and natural elements.

Adding simple texture to the space with warm natural items like wood bowels, wood utensils or woven trays is another way to add subtle, neutral color without making the kitchen feel busy and cluttered.

kitchen with tulip bouquet on kitchen counter

Now, I’m not saying to make your kitchen dull and completely lacking of color. Not at all! Rather, I suggest to be intentional by incorporating a pop of color with fresh fruit or fresh flowers. A colorful floral bouquet is the perfect kitchen island decor!

Keep in Mind Storage Space

If you have a smaller kitchen and don’t have much counter space, then you may be doubting whether you should decorate your counters. But I feel there are ways for everyone to add some style to their kitchen without giving up valuable counter space.

The trick is to make all your decor items multi-functional. This actually leads to my next tip which is a smart way to think when it comes to decorating those counters.

Functionality Is Key

Make every decor piece do more than one job. For example, this wooden bowl of fruit is obviously keeping beautiful apples in plain sight for the boys to eat. 🙂 But it’s also adding a nice texture to the counter with it’s wood design. And it’s also incorporating some contrasting color to the kitchen decor as well.

how to decorate kitchen counters with kitchen with quartz counters with wood bowl full of fresh green apples

This one bowl is helping me add style to my kitchen in three different ways!

So when you’re selecting your kitchen decor, apply these tips to as many decor pieces as possible.

Best Stylish and Practical Decorative Items

Now that I’ve shared my tips on selecting your decorative kitchen counter items, let’s talk about the best practical items to display in your kitchen.

Cutting Boards

Every kitchen needs several cutting boards. So why not gather a few of the most stylish ones to put on display. A wooden cutting board can add texture, color and create a stunning display when stacked together next to a kitchen backsplash.

Display of wood cutting board stacked together leaning in corner of kitchen counter

Cake Stands

A white cake stand is great way to serve cake – no doubt. 🙂 But it can also display or elevate kitchen necessities like hand soaps. Or you could even place one next to the stove for organizing your olive oil, salt and pepper grinders.


Clear glass canisters are one of my favorite kitchen functional items. They are super useful by keeping kitchen staples like flour and sugar within easy reach. But they can also add some striking details to a kitchen counter as well, like these ones below with the black metal lids.

Kitchen counter with cookbook displayed and large glass canisters near by


If you’re wanting to add some softness to the kitchen decor, displaying kitchen towels is a great idea. Many kitchens are filled with hard items like stone and stainless steel. So a towel next the kitchen sink or hanging on a handle adds some beautiful texture to the room.

Can one every have two many tea towels? I don’t think that’s a thing! I have a ton of striped ones and I just ordered more last week. 🙂


Now this is my top kitchen decor item for sure. I love trays and I absolutely love to use them in my kitchen counter decor. Again, this one item provides multiple functions in my kitchen. Trays can keep items organized and purposefully contained. They also provide some fun detail or design elements to the counters.

And because there are so many beautiful styles of trays, it’s easy to find one to match your organizing needs and decor style at the same time.

kitchen counter tray with olive oil salt and pepper and utensil holders with wooden spoons and plant


Display your favorite cookbooks for instant decor. Cookbooks are a great way to add a little color and personality to your kitchen. If your family loves Mexican food, show us! You can simply lean a few books in a kitchen corner or maybe stack a couple with a pretty potted plant on top. The best part? When it’s time to cook, the recipes are right there!

Utensil Holder

I’ve had a ton of different utensil holders in my kitchen throughout the years. They are great for keeping cooking tools and wooden spoons right next to the stove for easy access. This concrete utensil holder below adds some texture and a little bit of color to my organized tray and kitchen as well.

kitchen counter tray made from rattan with olive oil, salt , pepper, and utensil holder full of tools

Plants or Fresh Flowers

Green is such a beautiful color to add to a kitchen. So I love to decorate our counter with a few live plants. If you don’t have room for a big plant like this maidenhair fern for example, fresh herbs would be a great option. The herbs will give your decor some lively color and you can eat them too!

No green thumb? Go with a faux plant. No one will know. Or forget the plants all together and pick up some fresh flowers while at the grocery store. 🙂

kitchen counter with maidenhair fern in basket on center of counter

Hand Soap

We need to have soap in the kitchen but no one says it’s can’t be stylin’. So pick up some lovely soap dispensers or find a elegant marble dish soap tray. Both will add some beautiful decor will being functional at the same time.

Coffee Station

Love that morning coffee? Me too! Can’t live without it really. I’m not much for storing appliances on the kitchen counter. But I make an exception when it comes to the coffee maker. I know this will be an item that Chris and I will use multiple times a day. So it makes no sense to hide it away.

Instead I use a tray and a cute canister to help me keep the coffee station area organized and stylin’. Yup, I even added a small little plant in one of my striped stylish pots. Stripes are my thing. 🙂 That’s like three different decor items in one small area.

coffee station on kitchen counter with espresso maker, coffee grinder, coffee canister and plant in pot

Kitchen Counter Decorating Items

Cutting Board

This cutting board is very similar to the cutting board I have in my kitchen. It’s great for serving bread or displaying a beautiful charcuterie snack.


One of my favorite kitchen purchases are my glass canisters. Those fun matte black metal lids is what caught my eye. Along with their extra big size. I can store all the flour!


This is one of the trays I featured in todays post. Love the trays smaller size and it’s gorgeous rattan textured weave. It started out next to the stove and now it’s in the coffee station.


You know I love me some stripes, so I think this is the perfect towel for any kitchen. Especially mine! And it’s so affordable too.

Utensil Holder

Keep those utensils within easy reach with a stylin’ utensil holder. I love the neutral style of this one!

I hope these ten practical ideas on how to decorate kitchen counters will inspire you to make a few changes to your kitchen decor. Maybe you’ll add a few new things or perhaps hide some more items in the kitchen cabinets. 🙂

Either way, hopefully you’ll end up with a more styling kitchen you love!


  1. Great post. My counters are decorated much the same, although I have my dual air fryer by the stove. It gets used nearly every day and is too heavy to move from the cabinets or pantry.

    1. Thanks, Becky! Sometimes those small appliance may not be our first decor choice – but dang it – we just need them out there! 🙂 I’ve heard so many great things about air fryers, I’ve been tempted to get one myself.

  2. Unrelated to this post, but has anyone ever told you that you look like the actress, Katherine Heigel?

    1. No – that’s a first. Thank you! But many have said I look like Diane Lane. And she’s like 10 years older than me, so not sure if that’s a compliment. 😉 lol

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