7 Ideas on How to Decorate the Bathroom Counter


Think outside the normal bathroom accessories and learn seven simple ways for how to decorate the bathroom counter space!

Bathrooms can sometimes get overlooked when it comes to decorating. We often tend to focus our decorating attention on other areas of the home like the living room or bedrooms. But bathrooms need love too!

Think outside the normal bathroom accessories and learn seven simple ways for how to decorate the bathroom counter space!
photo | inspiration for moms

So today I want to share with you some simple ideas on how to decorate the bathroom counter.

Of course we are all familiar with the liquid soap dispensers, toothbrush holder, and hand towels that are nice bathroom decor staples. But this post is focusing more on those simple, little extras that can make a world difference.

I’m not talking bathroom necessities, but instead fun and stylish design ideas and pieces that you may have overlooked. So let’s talk about some easy changes you can make that go a long way towards brightening up your bathroom and your mood!

Start by Organizing With A Tray

Even if your bathroom countertop has very little space, a small tray can do wonders for bathroom vanity. When you use a tray for even the most simple bathroom accessories, the styling feels much more high-end and organized.

If you have double sinks in your bathroom, I find that a tray in the center of the counter is a great place for both access and style!

how to decorate the bathroom counter with a tray
photo | emily henderson

Feel free to throw on a cute vase with flowers or branches, a small canister, a little dish (for rings, etc.), and a couple of grooming hair tools. This wooden tray I found would be a great addition to any bathroom!

Use Beautiful Storage for Everyday Items

Glass jars and canisters are the definition of form and function. They are the perfect way for storing the things you don’t want on display like cotton balls or perhaps a boring bar of soap!

Even if you have limited or small space on your counters, most likely there’s still a canister size perfect for your bathroom.

how to decorate the bathroom counter with canisters on sink counter
photo | studio mcgee

Using canisters is a great way to reduce clutter and make your bathroom design feel more elegant and modern at the same time.


Add Vase or Live Plants

Vases can make a big impact when it comes to bathroom styling because they add height and texture to the room. Plus you can play around with whatever pattern or color you want. 

Fresh flowers in a vase placed on a marble countertop is always a classic, modern look for a bathroom counter.

white bathroom with subway tile and quartz vanity with plants throughout
photo | inspiration for moms

But if you have limited counter space, go for a little planter vase with a small plant. Just remember the main goal here is to create levels. So make sure that even if it’s small, your vase or planter is still varied in height from your other countertop pieces.

If your bathroom has a window or a skylight like mine, your plant should get lots natural light and humidity from the frequent showers!

Incorporate Texture with Baskets

Who doesn’t love a beautiful, yet functional basket? Not only do they bring natural textures to the space, but they’re also a fantastic way to store any type of items – from big to small!

gray bathroom with baskets on bathroom counter
photo | bria hammel

Grab a really big basket and show off your bathroom style by draping your favorite luxe towels over the baskets edge.

Incorporate Sleek Candles and Strikers

I think we can all agree that candles are a bathroom staple. (Cause why? you know.) So one of the easiest ways to decorate your bathroom is to buy candles that already have a sleek or stylish container.

And bonus – always having a candle in your bathroom makes it instantly feel more like a spa and will most likely lift your mood any and every time you enter the room.

bathroom with candle on sink counter
photo | studio mcgee

What about placing a stylin’ match cloche or striker next to your candle? You just earned some bonus points in the decor department, my friend! Those matches are an unsuspecting yet impactful prop that’s useful and cute when placed in a stylish piece.


Design Storage Space

If you have an opportunity to add a personal touch your bathroom space, do it! You can create extra storage in a variety of ways.

If you have a rather small bathroom, simply adding an open shelf under the vanity mirror can provide addition counter space for baskets.

bathroom vanity with shelf above sink below mirror and storage under sink as well
photo | pure salt interiors

Or another simple way to add more style and storage is installing a shelf under the vanity.

Add Additional Surface Space

No room to add extra shelves? Why not try a stool or ladder next to the bathtub shower curtain to create a more functional space. Not only will it make your bathroom feel like a spa, but it’s also an easy way to get bonus storage!

white bathroom with plant on stool
photo | janelle jones

A stool is a place to throw a candle and matches on, or a book and towel when you’re taking a bath, while a ladder can display towels for easy access.


I hope all of the ideas helped give you inspiration on how to decorate the bathroom counter in your home. I really feel these few small changes can give your counter a more modern, classic look in a matter of minutes!


    1. Hi Nina! Yes, I still love our black hexagon tile floor. We don’t find it slippery at all – even with little ones. And it’s been super easy to keep clean. No regrets here at all. 🙂

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