Stylish And Modern Half Bath Ideas For Your Home


Give new life to your home with these modern half bath ideas! Seven ways to update your powder room that will add functionality, and create a timeless bathroom design that never goes out of style.

It’s been awhile since I’ve tackled a room makeover. The last project was our home gym makeover which I’m still loving!

I’ve been dreaming up remodeling our half bath and laundry room (since they are adjoined and divided by a simple pocket door) for ever. And then my 18+ old laundry machines died.

Bummer to be without washing/drying machines, no doubt. But the perfect opportunity to remodel these spaces, absolutely!!

half bathroom from Studio McGee
photo | studio mcgee

So first I am going to tackle the full bathroom and then I will be sharing my design plans for the laundry room as well. So excited to be able to share not one – but two – room makeovers with you!

Modern Half Bath Ideas

And today I have several different modern half bath design ideas with some fabulous unique features that really stand out!

But before we get to those – let me show you the stages this bathroom has gone through.

Half Bath When We Moved In

Since it’s been years since I have done anything to this room, I wanted to take you back to what the half bathroom looked like when we moved into this house.

half bath before

Pretty basic builder grade bathroom. Nothing fancy and a tad on the drab side.

The brown wall color just made the windowless space feel even more dark and dreary.

Mini Half Bath Remodel

Within the first year I gave our small powder bath a mini remodel. Basically paint was the hero of this makeover.

I painted the walls and the bathroom vanity to freshen up this dated bathroom.

half bath mini remodel

Then added a new sink, faucet and some cabinet hardware! It was an improvement on a very small, cheap budget.

But I knew this mini remodel was just a tie-over until the day I could do a bigger, more modern makeover – like now!

Stylish Half Bathroom Ideas

Any time I start a room renovation, I seek out lots of inspiration. This helps me design a room full of style and features that I will (hopefully) love from now and for years to come.

So I want to share with you some of my half bathroom inspiration to help you see my new vision for our half bath room and give you some great home decor design eye candy at the same time!

Wall-Mounted Faucets

Love, love the stylish idea of wall-mounted faucets. This lovely inspiration from Studio McGee shows you how this can be the perfect place for your faucet fixtures!

The contrast between the black faucet and the white subway tiles is so beautiful. Love all the storage space this vanity adds to this small room as well. 

half bathroom from Studio McGee
photo | studio mcgee

Even though I have a little more money to spend on this bathroom remodel than last time, I really want to avoid adding any plumbers into this makeover.

Plus our plumbing comes up out of the floor instead of the wall, so it would be a major job (lots of labor hours) to switch that around.

Stylish Wallpaper

This half bath from Leclair Decor caught my eye for several reasons. One being the neutral design and another was those striking slate floor tiles.

half bath from Leclair Decor
photo credit | leclair decor

But I also loved the very subtle and elegant striped wallpaper feature. It gives the walls a very simple texture while complimenting the whole bathroom at the same time.

Floating Vanity

I’ve always been a fan of the floating vanity. It’s such a great way to make a small room feel much bigger and allow for more floor space. And you can even fit in a little extra space for storage with a few stylish baskets.

The House of Silver Lining has a great example of this in her half bath.

half bath from house of silver lining
photo | house of silver lining

But with my water connections coming up out of the floor, this isn’t an option for me. Still though, a very classy look for a guest bathroom!

Pedestal Sink

Speaking of sinks for a small powder room, pedestal sinks are a great option!

We had one in our last home and I loved the simple, clean look. Not to mention how much more room it provided when entering our small half bathroom.

You can probably tell from the picture above that this half bathroom is a rather small space. But the large windows flooding the room with natural light combined with white walls and the sink choice, gives this small bathroom a very open space feel.

The little hook for hand towels is a great idea too!

Flanked Wall Sconces

One powder room design that has caught my eye for years is flanked sconces around the mirror.

It’s just such a stylish design detail that not only adds some beautiful light fixtures to the room – but a gorgeous focal point as well.

half bath from studio mcgee
photo | studio mcgee

I looked into hiring an electrician to rewire our bathroom so that I could adding sconces. But in order to make it all fit, I would need a pretty narrow mirror – which I was struggling to find.

So, not for this remodel. But if you have the space – I say go for it and do it for me!

Shiplap Walls

A style that’s still going strong is shiplap. I love this vertical, near-black spin on traditional shiplap wall found in this stylish half bath from Jkath Design.

And a hexagon floor is always a winner in a bathroom. That’s why I picked it for our last hall bathroom renovation!

half bath from jkath design
photo | jkath design

The simple oak vanity offers some beautiful contrast to the room! And with natural light coming in, it’s totally fine to play with dark colors for the entire wall.

Beadboard Wall Treatment

Lovin’ this modern look beadboard wall treatment on the bottom half of the wall. It adds some neat detail to the bathroom wall without stealing the show.

Wallpaper paired on top is a super nice touch too!

half bath from studio mcgee
photo | studio mcgee

Since I already went with a wallpaper feature in my last bathroom remodel, I think this beadboard is calling to me in this half bath makeover!

Modern Half Bath Design Board

So now that I’ve shared with you a ton of inspiration, let me show you the modern half bath design plans for our bathroom!

Give new life to your home with these modern half bath ideas! Add functionality and create a timeless bathroom design that never goes out of style.

DESIGN BOARD SOURCES: mirror | sconce | faucet | vanity | vase | hand soap | cabinet pull | cabinet knobs | towel ring | toilet paper holder | toilet | wastebasket | floor tile |

When thinking “modern space”, slate stone, marble, mid-toned wood, and black and white immediately popped into my brain.

Floors – I knew I wanted large rectangular tile for this half bath that would also carry into the laundry room as well. So I’m going 12×24 slate tiles laid in a brick pattern. It’s gonna be good!

Vanity – This vanity had a great wood tone to tie into our hallway flooring located right outside the bathroom. It will add some nice contrast to the rather neutral decor bathroom and I love the marble sink top!

Wall Treatments – I’ve loved the look of beadboard for years. So I figured this room is a great place to add some into our home decor.

Faucet – You know my love for neutral colors, so I’m going for a matte black look for the bathroom faucet and hardware.

MirrorThis mirror has been one of my favorites for years. And because it has a little space from the wall, I think it will be perfect for my beadboard wall treatment.

Lighting – I had to hunt through a lot of lighting fixtures to find a sconce that I really liked – seeing that my flank sconce idea was not going to work. I think this light will be beautiful!

Accessories – No remodel is complete without a few accessories. I think the new vase will add a nice look to compliment the new tiled floors. And I’m really excited for the citrus and birch hand soap. It’s the little things right?!

I’m so ready to get the bathroom remodel show on the road already! What do you think of the modern half bath plan so far?

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