DIY Small Space Home Gym


Transfer any tiny room in your home into a small space home gym! See how a few easy updates can make any area great for an at-home workout.

If you have an extra room, home office or maybe even just a small corner in a living room that you don’t know what to do with, consider creating a small space home gym!

There’s often a misconception that in order to get a great workout at home you need a ton of space and lots of big, expensive workout equipment. So not true!

corner of home gym with wall storage and weights on gym floor mats

Let me show you my best tips in taking a unused small space and creating a fantastic workout area in the comfort of your own home! This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience.

The Design Board for the Gym

Before I makeover any room in our home, I come up with a design. And this home gym was no different. I searched the internet for lots of home gym inspiration, then talked with the whole family and came up with a plan.

Everyone had different fitness goals so that would require several zones in the room.

home gym ideas design board

Once I had the design down, I slowly started to gather up my supplies and exercise equipment. Then all that was left was – to begin the work!

Now like every true reveal, I need to show you the before. I’m I proud of this mess? Not all. Is it true life? You bet. I’m ok with showing you the disaster because in the end – it’s sooooo much better.

The Spare Room Before

This room had become a storage space for all those ‘extra things’ we just don’t know where to put. Hate when that happens!

There was leftover baby items, toys, home decor I didn’t really like or use anymore and so much more stuff. When my mother-in-law decided to clean her house of my husbands childhood stuff – it just ended up here too!

home gym spare room before

And this corner was even more of a mess. I had decided to remove the built-in shelving (installed by a previous owner) and I was about half done with that process when I took this picture.

home gym spare room before

Basically as you can see, there was a ton of work needed to turn this extra space into a useful workout room. So, I got busy!

First up, I emptied the entire room, finished removing those shelves and then patched the drywall.

home gym spare room before

After that I replaced the baseboards and finally got to painting. Once all that was complete, the fun part happened. I started building our home gym, one zone at a time!

The Finished Home Gym

And now, this useless room now looks like this amazing home gym!

The color I chose for the walls is Kendall Charcoal. It’s actually one of my favorite grays for interiors. And it’s like the perfect color for this gym. It makes me feel like cozy but also focused. And this color compliments the other half of the basement – soooo good!

home gym after view into room

This diy small space home gym is divided into four different work out zones. And I’m going to share each one individually so you can see all the workout potential one can fit into the tiniest of rooms!

Zone 1 – Strength Training

This was a request from my oldest son. And I wanted to do some weight training as well. So I created this corner of the room specifically for weights.

A large mirror for this room was a must! It was going to serve two purposes. One, to help see proper form while lifting weights. And two, reflect the natural light of the window and make this small room feel so much bigger!

So if one mirror is great, two is better right?! These full-length mirrors are so affordable that I just couldn’t resist filling up this whole wall. They add so much life to this corner of the room!

corner of home gym with wall storage and weights on gym floor mats

We don’t have a huge amount of dumbbells but that’s ok. I added several different weight combinations, along with a kettlebell and a weight bag. And those combined together creates an endless amount of exercise possibilities even with this smallest collection of weights.

So if you don’t have much space, just grab the minimum free weights you need. And maybe add to your collection as you get stronger. 🙂

corner of home gym with wall storage and weights on gym floor mats

The wall mounted bookshelf was a great way to add some storage while not taking up valuable room in the gym. It’s a great place to store my mini fan, water bottles, towels, workout shoes, yoga blocks and even a cool clock so I don’t loose track of time.

And you may have noticed, I even added a mini diy vase tissue holder for the gym as well!

Zone 2 – Cardio

The zone across from the weights is all about lots of sweating and huffing. Yup, this zone is the cardio zone. And for me that means time on the treadmill.

We have had this treadmill for several years now and it’s been great. I bought it because it was the most affordable with the best reviews!

I would like to maybe add a stationary bike at some point, but my favorite way to get cardio is walking. And since we are tight on space – this exercise machine is the must-have for me.

corner of home gym with treadmill and gym wall art prints with motivational sayings

On the wall next to the treadmill, I added some motivational art prints. I actually created these myself and I have a set of four different sayings that you can print for free. Every small home gym needs all the motivation it can get!

Zone 3 – Yoga

This next zone was definitely something I wanted in our own home gym. The older I get, the more I feel the need to stretch out my body and do more low impact workouts. So zone three is the yoga zone.

home gym small space with set of four gym wall art prints, yoga mats and resistance bands

For this area of the room, I added a yoga mat (or two!) and hung some resistance bands on monogram nails spelling the word S-T-R-E-T-C-H. I just love this unique detail to the room!

wall with resistance bands hanging

Next to all the yoga equipment is my absolute favorite gym wall art! These exercising dogs just crack me up. So I displayed them in a group of four right on the wall to the entrance of the gym.

set of four gym wall art pieces featuring dogs working out

SOURCES: monogram nails | wood wall hooks | yoga mats | resistance bands | dog workout art – pugcorgipoodleboston terrier | wall frames |

Zone 4 – Adjustments

The last zone is in the corner next to the yoga area. And is piece of equipment is not necessarily something you would find in a traditional home gym.

Chris is a chiropractor so we have an adjustment table in our gym as well. It’s the best place for it because he has lots of room to work around the table even though the table is rather big.

So placing it in this corner, tucked under the wall-mounted tv works great. We can move it out when in use, or push it up against the wall when we need a bigger open area or more floor space.

Must have item for hiding tv cords!

When remodeling this room, I discovered the easiest way to hide those tv cords when mounting a tv on the wall. This tv cord hider was soooo easy to install! And I love that it comes with two power outlets and two usb outlets as well! You can see my video all about it HERE!

gym wall with yoga mats resistance bands and gym wall art
small space home gym corner with adjustment table and exercise balls with wall-mounted tv above

SOURCES: tv | large exercise ball | aqua weight ball | (adjustment table is from my husbands office)

  • INEXPENSIVE – All you need is a few pieces of home gym equipment to get a great workout. And then, cancel that gym membership and save even more month after month!
  • CONVINENT – Being able to create a workout routine you can do anytime that works for your schedule is priceless. An at home gym is always available the moment you are.
  • GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH – Daily exercise helps with managing weight, improves mood, boosts energy, promotes better sleep and more. A home workout room is basically adding years to your life!

I hope this small home gym makeover reveal inspires you to create one in your home as well!

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  1. LOVE this space! So simple and usable and attractive and friendly. I think it’s darling and so well though out – one of your strengths! Hats off to you, I think it’s a home run!! ‘Scuse the pun – hahaha!

  2. I love it!! Our space is practically identical, and right now also identical to your before pictures. So, I’m feeling so inspired looking through your pictures. I LOVE before and afters. Thank you =)

    1. Thank you so much, Cherie! I love before and afters too – just wish I could make more of them a reality as fast as I can dream them up! 🙂

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