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Add some fun to your next workout with these home gym wall art prints. Get all four prints!

Remember last year when I talked about turning an extra room in our basement into a home gym? If not, I understand, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated you on this workout space.

Well, I am excited to tell you this room is all finished and I’m going to be sharing the reveal this week. But before I show you the before and after of this area of our home, I want to share with you some gym wall art prints!

home gym wall art prints in home gym next to treadmill

Every home gym needs some motivation wall decor right? So why not put up some inspiring words for you to read every time you step on that treadmill.

Personally, I like something witty. Some saying that may make me laugh. Or something about food because that’s probably why I’m in this workout room anyway – I need to shed a few pounds. 🙂

I searched around for some home decor art prints that I could relate too. And I saw some funny gym wall posters but nothing that I thought really fit me.

So what does one do when their search comes up empty handed? Make some of your own gym art. And that’s exactly what I did! I created three funny gym prints and one pure motivational.

“You don’t have to. You get to.” is a very inspiring motivational quote to me. Often I think of working out as a punishment. When in fact exercising and moving the body I have been blessed with is just that – a very big blessing.

So I am going to keep that front and center as a great way to remind myself to be grateful for the opportunity to move my body!

home gym wall art prints in home gym next to treadmill

“Gym now. Gin later.” Is another motivator for me, just a tad on the funny side though. One of my favorite cocktails is a gin and tonic. I bet you’re surprised to be talking about fancy drinks in a home gym wall art post. But here we are! So this is a reminder to burn those calories now for a little while-I’m-cooking-dinner treat once or twice a week. 🙂

There are two more prints that I made, just didn’t frame those and hang them up as gym decor. If you are a taco lover like me, I have a sign that says, “Gym now. Tacos later.”

And if you working towards a lovely set of abs, I have the perfect sign for you while you work on that goal. My “I HAVE ABS-olutely no-self control when it comes to carbs.” is a cute little way to show your love of abs and carbs!

All of these prints are yours for FREE! I am so happy to help give you a little fun motivation for your home gym, dorm room, man cave, kids room or wherever you workout! Simply click on the image below to get any of the gym art prints you like! Print just one or print them all – your choice!

As I mentioned earlier, the home gym reveal is coming later this week! I can’t wait to show you this room makeover. There were some rather big changes to the room. UPDATE! The home gym reveal is now live – click here to see this fun room makeover!

If you want to see the design board I had for this room (along with 7 inspiring home gym designs as well) check out this post here!


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