10 Small Kitchen Organization Ideas


Learn how to organize your kitchen with ten easy small kitchen organization ideas!

The kitchen, it’s the place where you do all your cooking and baking. But it’s also the room where you store everything from food, cooking tools, serving dishes and cleaning supplies. And in order to fit all that in a small space, you need to take advantage of every square inch of storage space.

So I’m sharing with you 10 small kitchen organization ideas that will help you organize your kitchen and store everything you need — easily!

Learn how to organize your kitchen with ten easy small kitchen organization ideas!

From racks and tray to baskets designed to use every square inch of storage area, read on to find out which essentials and step-by-step methods are the best way to get your kitchen organized once and for all. 🙂

Kitchen Counter Trays

The kitchen counter tray is a great organizational tool because it gives you easy access to kitchen tools. Store items like cooking utensils within reach and save the valuable kitchen drawer space for not-so-pretty items like the can opener. Always love a set of beautiful utensil holders filled with wooden spoons!

Get my best tips on creating your own kitchen tray organizer by clicking here.

Spice Drawer Organizer

Spices can get so disorganized, so fast! Recently, I got my spices organized with a doable method that’s gonna keep them tidy. I found this wooden spice drawer organizer and the great thing about it is — it’s customizable. So it’s perfect for small kitchen drawers.

Spices need to be stored in airtight containers away from heat and light. So that’s why I ordered these lovely glass spice jars with the modern bamboo lids. Love ’em! My spices have never looked so good. 🙂

And I also learned some great tips to help you keep those spices fresh longer. See my best tips and spice jar organizing sources by clicking here.

Fridge Organizers

The fridge is one of those areas in the kitchen that is often super disorganized and lacks storage! Refrigerators also have different compartments that serve different purposes, and different temperature zones. This means if things are stored in the wrong place, we’re not taking advantage of the modern miracle of the fridge. Which is soooo crazy!

So I’ve learned to keep all my fruits and veggies sorted and separated, and to do that these glass containers work perfectly. They don’t take up much space and they’re also a great size for storing any leftovers or even for meal prepping!

Learn all my fridge organization tips plus my favorite food storage organizers as well by clicking here.

Cabinet Pull Out Organizer

Do you avoid that cabinet under the kitchen sink like me? I can help. I finally tackled the space when I decide I’ve had enough of the mess. Small kitchen organization ideas like this one are a game changer. Once I installed this pullout organizer, I couldn’t wait to show everyone! I promise you, it’s gonna be your best friend in this space.

Learn my simple process to clean and organize the cabinet under the kitchen sink by clicking here.

Baskets for Corner Cabinets

If you have corner lazy susans in your kitchen, I know your struggle with how to use them efficiently. It’s so hard to know what to store in this tight area and not have everything roll away or get lost. So when I discovered these life saving baskets for mine, I had to share the good news!

Learn what baskets I purchased and what I now store in them in by clicking here.

Bamboo Trays for Drawers

When you have a small kitchen like mine, I know you don’t have a lot of drawer space! So I’ve found a great way to get the maximum storage out of those narrow, shallow, tiny kitchen drawers. I’ve been using these bamboo organizers for a long time! They’ve helped me to divide my drawers from the three sections I had before into six or seven sections I have now.

Now I have a lot of space to store all the utensils I could need!

I’m telling you, these trays are one of my small kitchen organization ideas must-have for kitchen utensils! See how I used them in all my kitchen drawers by clicking here.

Pan Organizers

In case you didn’t know, pan organizers aren’t just for pans! I’ve been implementing this great idea to store all of my bakeware for years now. And I don’t think I will ever switch it up – unless something better comes along! 😉

No more lifting heavy stacked bakeware out to get to just one. Now it’s as easy as opening the kitchen cabinets door, grabbing and baking!

See how use these pan organizers in my kitchen by clicking here.

Pullout Trash/Recycle Center

When I installed the farmhouse sink, I lost the cabinet space underneath. Which meant our former trashcan would no longer fit. So even though our kitchen is small, I found a cabinet that could store not only a trashcan but a recycle can as well. When there’s a will, there’s a way!

This pullout trash/recycle center is one of my favorite installs in our kitchen. Obviously we use it on a daily basis, but I love, LOVE how I trash is concealed and out of sight.

Turntables for Tight Corners

Wanna make the most of those awkward upper corner cabinets? Turntables is the answer! I got some extra large 18″ turntables and now I can reach everything with a simple turn. Since my kitchen doesn’t have a pantry, this was a great option for our home.

And the great thing about turntables is you can use them all over my kitchen. In the past, I’ve placed one in my refrigerator and even in the cabinet under my sink. They are organizing lifesavers!

Knife Drawer Organizer

Another one of my favorite small kitchen organization ideas was how I now organize my knives. I used to have a knife block on my counter. But I wanted to clean and declutter my counters, so then I had this revelation. A kitchen utensil drawer that was not being utilized at all would be perfect for a knife drawer organizer.

See what knife organizer I purchased along with the new knives as well by clicking here.

I hope all ten of these small kitchen organization ideas gave you some great new ways to get your kitchen organized. All of these ideas have been tried and perfected. And if I find an even better way to store more in my small kitchen, I’ll be sure to let you know. 🙂

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Learn how to organize your kitchen with ten easy small kitchen organization ideas!


  1. Clearly these tips don’t actually apply to small kitchens. My cabinets are small as are the drawers. None of this was helpful.

    1. I’m sorry you didn’t find this helpful, Jennifer. I consider my kitchen small, especially the drawers (less then 10 inches across and only 2.5 inches deep). So I have really struggled to organize and store in them as much as I can. And since I have no pantry, I have to use precious cabinet space to store non-perishables. So that makes my kitchen cabinet storage even smaller. Maybe in future posts, I will have an idea or suggestion you’ll find more resourceful. 🙂

  2. Wow! Those trays for kitchen organizing sure sold out fast! The one in your kitchen & the substitutes – will you keep your eyes peeled for similar ones so we can purchase in the future?

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