5 Organizers Every Kitchen Needs + Where To Buy


“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” Learn how these five organizers can save you time and frustration in the kitchen.


Five Organizers Every Kitchen Needs - Save time and frustration!

An organized kitchen is a fun place to be and cook. Notice, I didn’t say a large and expensive kitchen. I have a fairly small kitchen that seemed a little daunting to organize at first. But after I thought outside the box, I found my kitchen can be equipped with everything I need and want. 

I’m going to share with you five organizers every kitchen needs. Although these organizers aren’t expensive, the way they help keep a tidy and functional kitchen makes them priceless to me!

Don’t wait until tomorrow. Check out these five organizers and get busy organizing the kitchen of your dreams today! Remember, “Later is the best friend of clutter.”

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I have very small, narrow drawers for my utensil storage. So when I moved into our new home, my old utensil trays would not fit. But I got creative. I found a few bamboo trays that fit perfectly.

organize with bamboo trays for untensils
Organize with bamboo trays for utensils

They organize all my spoons, forks and knifes. I also used them to organize some kitchen tools as well.

organize kitchen tools with bamboo trays

Speaking of kitchen tools, I also love to use trays to organize my kitchen counters.

organize kitchen with counter trays

By placing all of my wooden and metal cooking utensils in this tray, I was able to free up a kitchen drawer. And everything is conveniently placed right next to the stove in a hands reach.  

Product Sources: (click on item name for shopping details)

Bamboo Trays (for utensils)

Counter Tray  (similar tray also found HERE)

White Canisters (on counter tray)

Oil Jars (on counter tray)

Salt Pig (on counter tray)

Pepper Grinder (similar, on counter tray)

Pan Organizers

These wonderful organizers can do more than keep your pans neat and tidy. I have been using these for my bakeware for years.

organize kitchen bakeware with pan organizers

I have two pan organizers in this cabinet. One on the back upper shelf that holds my pie dishes and smaller bakeware. And then I have one in the front that holds the bigger, heavier glass pans. No more lifting heavy stacked bakeware out to get to just one. Now it’s as easy as opening the cabinet door, grabbing and baking!

In this cabinet I used a lid organizer for my muffin and cake pans. The secret to organizing a kitchen is to think: multi-use. 🙂

organize kitchen baking pans with pot organizer

With my lid organizer on the top back shelf, I can get way more stuff organized in this space. Plus, it’s super easy to access. That’s a must for a kitchen!

Product Sources: (click on item name for shopping details)

Pan Organizer 

 Lid Organizer

Glass Canisters with Scoops

I love having my flour, sugar and salt right on the counter. Not only does it look pretty (in my opinion) it’s also so convenient. 

organize kitchen with canisters and scoops

Product Sources: (click on item name for shopping details)

Glass Canisters


Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans have such a bad name because they are a far cry from lazy! 😉 I use them all over my kitchen. I have one in my refrigerator and in the cabinet under my sink. The best place for them (by far) in my kitchen has been those awkward corner cabinets. 

organize kitchen with lazy susans for canned goods

If I put anything in the far back, I was never seeing it again! So I got some extra large 18″ Lazy Susans and now I can reach everything with a simple turn. Since my kitchen doesn’t have a pantry, this was the best solution.

Product Sources: (click on item name for shopping details)

Lazy Susan (large 18″)

Other sizes that may fit your space:

Lazy Susan (large 12″)

Lazy Susan (large 9″)

Pull Out Bins

These pull out bins have been something I have wanted since the first idea of remodeling my kitchen entered my brain!

organize with pull out trash and recycle bins

I know what you’re thinking… you don’t have space for these bins. But friends, I have a super small kitchen and I made it work. When I installed the farmhouse sink, I lost cabinet space underneath. Which meant our former trashcan would no longer fit.

So I looked around for a single cabinet I could use to install a roll out trash bin. This cabinet was my smallest (but big enough) for both a 35 quart trash can and a 35 quart recycle can. *Jump for joy* I was going to have a place for recycle and I was going to double the size of my trash container!

When I tell you this you’re either going to laugh or think I’m weird, but I love using this every. single. day. Those bins just slide out so smooth and my kitchen has never been cleaner! 😉

Product Sources: (click on item name for shopping details)

Trash and Recycle Pull Out Bins

Other Options that may fit your space:

Single Pullout Trash Container

Top Mount Pullout Trash Container with Trash Bag Holder

I hope you find these organizers just as useful as I do!


  1. Hi Laura- I’m in the process of painting my kitchen cabinets and I’m following your detailed process (thank you!!). I have the same builders grade oak cabinets- I was wondering if you applied any sealer on top of the paint (like polyurethane)?

    Thanks again for your detailed, step-by-step guide!
    Erin Fitzsimmons

    1. Hi Erin! I didn’t apply any sealer. You can if you want but my cabinets seem to be holding up just fine without one. Happy painting! 🙂

  2. Hi there!
    I love that counter tray you have! The link does not work.
    Any idea where I could find?

    Thank you! You have a beautiful kitchen!

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