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My name is Laura and I’m the blogger behind Inspiration for Moms. I’m so happy you’re here! A little about me: I am a wife, mother of two amazing boys and a big dreamer.

I love my family, my morning Chai tea and an occasional date out to dinner with my hubby, minus the kids. 😉

On the blog you will find inspiration for decorating your home, creating simple projects, or cooking a delicious recipe. I also like to occasionally chat about travel, a favorite fashion find, along with thoughts on being a mom and experiencing life.

Inspiration for Moms began in 2009 after I had my first son. I quit my job as an Elementary School Teacher and found myself home alone with a baby. I really missed the adult conversations I had while working. I discovered blogging and was immediately hooked. My blog gave me a way to communicate with other mothers.

Over the past several years of blogging I have found a deep desire in my heart to inspire other women to be creative in their own day-to-day lives. We all have been blessed with amazing gifts and talents. Sometimes we just need a little nudge to step out of our comfort zone. Whether it be picking up a circular saw for the first time, giving new life to a room in your home, cooking a new recipe or trying new ways to style clothes you already own. I want to help you believe that anything in possible. Any dream or goal you want, you CAN achieve.

I’m constantly changing the look of our home. With a recent move into a new home in 2015, the room makeover list is incredibly long. But I’ve made some progress and I’m loving all the new updates! 🙂

The sun is shining in and it looks so good! Come see how our new VELUX skylights have dramatically changed our small bathroom.

If you’re looking for inspiration on a simple DIY project or craft, I have a ton of ideas to keep you busy!

I love trying out a new recipes but they must be quick and easy! I promise you, these are the only types of recipes you’ll find on my blog. (I confess: I have a sweet tooth, so there’s a ton of dessert recipes!)

Summer is here! So dust off that Popsicle mold and start enjoying some sweet homemade treats like these Mint Cookies and Cream Popsicles!

Looking for ways to get your home more organized? I have a ton of organization tips and projects to get your home clutter-free in no time! 

My greatest joy in life is traveling and seeing the world. If you are looking for travel tips, I have a few!

And if you love to shop, I got you covered there too! I share a weekly sales round ups so you can find all the best sales in one place!

The best weekend sales all listed in one place! And I include my top picks. #weekendsales #salealert #shopsales



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