25 Things You Can Get Rid Of Now With No Regret Later

Can you declutter with no regret? Absolutely! Here are 25 things you can get rid of now with no worries of tossing something you may need later.

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I’ve noticed this past year as I work on cleaning my entire home, I’m constantly finding items that I no longer need, use or that are expired.

These items add unnecessary clutter to our home and could simply be eliminated in one quick swoop – with no guilt!

25 Things You Can Get Rid Of Now

So today I want to share with a fantastic list of 25 things you can get rid of right now, in the new year, with absolutely no worries that you tossed something you might need one day.

You may not have all 25 of these items in your home right now, but I’m willing to guess you have at least half.

They’re things that are hiding in plain sight causing you anxiety and you may not even realize it. So let’s get them outta here and help you get a jump on your home decluttering process!

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Empty Journals

For years I thought about starting a journal. Years. Did I? No. Do I still have some empty journals sitting around? Yup.

So my advice to you (and me!) is either take up the habit, or pass along the empty journals to someone who could get use out of them.

journal and plant on counter

You might also want to consider conserving paper by upgrading to a reusable smart notebook for journaling.

Clothes That Make You Feel Bad

Take a moment to look into your closet. What do you see? Do you love the pieces you have?

Beyond what anyone else may think, how you feel in your clothes matters. It can reinforce positive messages or negative ones.

Consider tossing out any items from your current wardrobe that bring any negative feelings.

An added bonus of removing these items is getting ready will be a much easier and more enjoyable experience as well!

Old Gadgets

Many of us have a junk drawer filled with old cell phones, broken electronics, and outdated gadgets. We know we need to get rid of them, but maybe aren’t sure where to take these items?

Good news! I have a couple of suggestions. It may be possible to even get some cash back on used gadgets (that are still in good condition) by taking them to an ecoATM.

And older, more worn-out devices can be taken to an e-waste drop-off center to simply be recycled.

Old Cleaning Supplies

Did you know that many of the ingredients that make cleaners and disinfectants effective will break down after time, reducing their effectiveness?

Dispose of cleaning products after a few years and replace them with fresh bottles. But when you do, it’s a good idea to label the new cleaning products with the date you purchased them so you can easily tell how long you’ve had them.

Expired Makeup

You might want to hang on to that ancient mascara because it was such an expensive purchase, but using old eye makeup can possibly lead to an unwanted infection.

Or maybe you had high hopes for a popular eye cream—but you just didn’t like it. Any beauty products that are expired or didn’t live up to your expectations, should go.

makeup bag and makeup items on counter

Experts recommend tossing any old makeup that’s older than three months.

User Manuals

I know you may feel like you need to hold onto all those user manuals that come with your products. But here’s the honest truth – you don’t!

One you put the item together or use it, there’s no need for a manual to be stored away. And if for some reason you need to refer to it for a part or what not, you can find almost any manual you need online!

Old DIY Supplies

I struggle in this area – BIG time. When you do a frequent amount of DIY projects, you start to get a large collection of supplies.

So about twice a year, I stop and take a look at the supplies I’ve accumulated and see if they are still good or needed. Most often, opened tubes of glue or adhesive are dried up and basically trash.

Cosmetic Samples

I am so guilty of holding onto those little samples you get when buying cosmetics. They sit in my bathroom always waiting for that ‘some day’ when I’ll remember to give them a try. Ugh!

So I’m telling myself and you, to either immediately use them or toss them out already!

Unused or Old Linens

Do you have sheet they’ve been washed so many times they’re practically translucent? It’s time to let them go!  

linen closet with organized sheets

Looking for a great place to donate them? Reach out to your local animal shelters. Old linens are great for keeping pups and kitties warm and toasty!

Note: Need help with it comes to your linen closet? I have a great post on linen closet organization and storage ideas. Find it HERE!

You really only need two or three sheet sets per bedroom. So if you are storing more, consider downsizing.

Unused Boardgames or Puzzles

I went through all our games and puzzles last month. For a family that’s not really into games and puzzles – we had a ton to donate!

And it’s no fun to play a board game that has missing pieces, especially if you rarely play board games like we do.

So toss the ones that are incomplete and consider donating the rest to your local school, charity, hospital, or library instead!

Broken Items In Needing Repair

Often items break and we set them aside to be fixed later. If they are still sitting there years later, I think it’s safe to say – you’re not using it.

So just go grab that item now and help it make it’s way out of the house.

Lidless Containers (Or Container-less Lids)

Take stock of your food storage containers by matching them all to their proper lids, and tossing anything that doesn’t have a match.

A few years ago, I pitched all my Tupperware and decided to switch to all glass containers. One decision I have never regretted to this day!

Expired Fridge and Pantry Items

Air needs to circulate around food to keep it cool. So an overly stocked or crowed fridge (filled with possibly expired food) can create more warm spots, that will lead to additional food waste.

So take a moment ( maybe at the end or beginning of your week) to check your fridge items and remove anything that’s spoiled or past it’s expiration date.

fridge with organized items

And most often the pantry houses a few expired items and things that will never eat as well.

It doesn’t take much time to go through each shelf and double check those expiration dates here too!

Unused Utensils or Duplicates

Our kitchen drawers have a way of cluttering (what seems like) over night. So now is a fantastic time to take inventory of any utensils that you don’t use.

If you notice duplicate items, donate those to your local charity as well so someone can actually use them rather than letting them clutter up your drawers.

Cookbooks You No Longer Use

If you love to cook, you might have a rather large collection of cookbooks. But here’s the thing, you don’t need the whole book – just your favorite recipes.

TIP: Write down your favorite recipe on a card—no need to keep the whole book for just one page.

Excess Pens and Pencils

How many pens and pencils does one home office need? Do a quick inventory and remove and pens that are dried up or without lids.

Then organize the remaining pens and pencils for easy access. No more asking mom for where’s all the pens and pencils!

Old Torn, Stained Towels

Time to take inventory of your homes towels. There’s a good chance most of them have seen better days!

So sort through them and remove any that are torn, have holes or stained.

A great way to reuse them is to donate to an animal shelter. And I always save a couple to clean up water spills or messes with our dogs.

linen closet with organized towels

Maybe they have lost all their softness. Why not upgrade your towels with a new set of 4-5.

There’s nothing better than finishing a relaxing shower and cozying up with a super soft towel afterwards.

Extra Empty Carboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes seem to multiple like bunnies! Or at least my garage can quickly be overflowing with them.

Save one or two max for storage, donation or if in need of shipping something. But other than that, recycle.

I’m so grateful our recycle center is so close to where we live. And yet – I still struggle getting them out of our house!

Unmatched Socks

It seems like almost everyone has a sock drawer with at least a handful of single socks that lost their partner somewhere along the way.

Maybe the laundry machine ate them, or maybe it was the family pet.

Either way, they need to go!

Extra Cords

Sorry to break it to you, but you’ll probably never use your old cords again.

Technology becomes dated so quickly now a days, so it’s pretty safe to get rid of that cord you’ve been saving from your iPhone 5.

Or let me just add, toss any cord that you have no clue what it’s for. You and I both know you’re not using it!

Expired Spices

When was the last time you updated your spices? Unless we run out, we can easily forget to dump old spiced that have been sitting there for years possibly.

The rule of thumb is to update your spices every six months.

kitchen counter with two spice jars on counter

Learn all my best spice storage tips and tricks HERE!

DVD’s and CD’s

Now don’t shoot the messenger. 🙂 I know many people over the years have carefully curated their movie collections. But unfortunately the technology has phased out. And really – is that DVD player even still working?

If yes, you don’t need to abandon all of your favorites, but you could easily clear up some clutter in your home by simply dumping most of the movies that are available to streaming.

You’ll have less items to store in your home and even easier access to a movie marathon of your favorites with just a click of the remote!

Old Workout Gear

There’s no reason to get rid of perfectly good clothing or sports equipment accessories, but athletic gym gear gets worn out – fast.

For example, sports bras worn consistently for several workouts per week are recommended to be replaced every six months. Running sneakers are good for about eight months, after that time you should be shopping for a new pair.

But things like yoga mats and water bottles can be used for several years before it’s time to upgrade.

Damaged Dishes

A chip may not seem like a problem, but over time, water can soak into the plate with every wash, leading to nasty bacteria growth.

And the moisture can create bigger cracks if the plate or bowl is microwaved. Best to just toss out and replace!

white dish set on table with flatware
Cambria Handcrafted Stoneware Dinnerware Sets

If you have a ton if mismatched dishes, consider a new modern set of white dishes.

Old Nail Polish

You basically need one of each color. You’ll likely never use all of it, and it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between “ballet pink” and “whisper pink” anyway.

So take a dig through your collection and toss any duplicate bottles or polish that has dried up or turned a funky color. Yes – they can do that – trust me! 🙂

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