How To Create A Coffee Station For Your Home Kitchen

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Skip the coffee shop lines and save money by enjoying your coffee at home! Sharing the best tips in how to create a coffee station you will love right in your own kitchen.

Getting out of bed is so hard but knowing I can get a warm cup of coffee as soon as I get down the stairs helps motivate me to get moving!

Lately, as I stand there in those wee early morning hours waiting for my cup to brew, I’ve been taking a double look at our kitchen coffee set up. I’ve been thinking of ways I’d like to tweak it and make it a more organized and efficient home coffee station.

coffee station in open cabinet nook
photo | heather bullard

If you’ve wanted to create a home coffee station for your kitchen as well, I have a ton of tips to help you set it up!

How To Create A Coffee Station In Your Own Kitchen

We are going to talk about the best location, what supplies you need, and I’m going to show a ton of inspiration to help you get inspired to create a superb coffee station of your own!

What Is A Home Coffee Station?

A coffee station is a designated area that is designed to provide all the necessary items you need to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.

This small space area generally includes a coffee maker, French press, or espresso machine. You also find coffee beans, tea, milk, sweeteners and coffee mugs stored here as well.

counter coffee station with open shelving above on back wall
photo | erin sander design

The fun part about designing a coffee station is that it can be as elaborate or as simple as you need it to be. And I’m going to share with you plenty of ways to achieve a style you’ll love and will work for your home!

What’s The Benefits Of Having Your Own Coffee Station?

A dedicated home coffee station invites you to celebrate the experience of coffee drinking, keeps you organized, and gives you instant access to a lovely caffeine boost whenever you need it throughout the day. It’s kinda like the coffee lovers must have!

And by having your own coffee bar, you can save a ton of money by not frequenting the local coffee shops. That $7 dollar cup of java can really start to add up!

coffee station lower cabinet drawers open stocked with coffee accessories
photo | heather bullard

With your own kitchen coffee station, you also have the opportunity to try new blends and even work on perfecting the artistic design of your morning latte!

And best of all, the station can make a great focal point for your kitchen decor. If you know me, one thing I love is multiple purpose decor in the kitchen!

Where’s The Perfect Place To Set Up A Kitchen Coffee Station?

So know let’s talk about the different locations and styles of kitchen coffee stations.

And don’t worry if you have a small kitchen. You will soon see just how easy it is to find a great place for a coffee bar!

Built-In Coffee Station

If you’re in the process of building or remodeling a kitchen, definitely consider adding a built-in cabinet coffee station if you can.

This coffee station hutch below is such a fun idea for serving coffee. The custom built-in coffee machine is fabulous and the cubbies offer easy access to the additional espresso machine, coffee cups and accessories as well.

coffee station in built-in hutch in kitchen
photo | john granen

Even the smallest of nooks can make a great coffee station. I love this other built-in coffee bar set up below. The cabinet above the coffee machine conveniently stores all the coffee cups.

And the shelving to the left provides a fantastic place to display stylish coffee accessories too!

coffee machine in built-in kitchen nook area
photo | marie flanigan interiors

It’s a small coffee station with a very simple look but it’s got everything any coffee drinker could need! 

Kitchen Counter

Now, let’s talk about creating a coffee station simply right on the kitchen counter. No fancy cabinetry required. This inspiration below is exactly the look I want to go for in our kitchen.

A simple espresso machine on the counter with coffee cups and mugs displayed in the glass door cabinets above. This allows everything you need for the perfect cup of coffee right within hands reach. And it doesn’t take up much of the counter space as well!

Love how the white cups and accessories create a great decor contrast to the stylish tile design wall!

coffee station on kitchen counter wit glass cabinets above storing mugs and accessories
photo | studio dearborn

Here’s another great idea for a counter station. Simple, minimalist and just as fabulous! The open shelving above the maker is the perfect spot to store mugs and canisters!

minimalist coffee station with machine and mugs on counter
photo | margaret rajic

Storage is super important when it comes to creating a coffee station. So let’s talk about utilizing all the space we can find!

Upper or Lower Cabinet

Having all of your coffee-making essentials all in one place creates less chaos and makes for an easy morning routine.

This station created inside an upper kitchen cabinet is well stocked. Not only can you store items on the built-in shelves but on the cabinet door as well. So cool!

built-in coffee station in upper cabinet with wall shelves and door storage
photo | emily henderson

And this station has your morning coffee and breakfast covered. There’s cereal, bagels, jams and more all placed together for the ultimate morning grab and go!

Floating Shelves

Another fabulous way to add storage to your coffee station is with floating shelves on the wall above the coffee set up. This is a great way to line up and show off those stylish coffee mugs!

coffee station on counter with floating shelves above storing coffee accessories
photo | becca interiors

Plus your guests can easily find everything they need to make their own coffee!

What Coffee Supplies Do You Need To Make A Great Coffee Station?

So what should you include in your coffee station so that you can make the perfect cup of coffee every time? Well that depends on your coffee preference but here are some essential items to have on hand: (click on the name of the item to shop my favorites!)

  • COFFEE MAKER: nice features are ability to program start time or an insulated carafe to have coffee throughout the day.
  • COFFEE BEANS: this is one of my favorite brands!
  • CANISTER: store your beans in airtight canisters to keep them fresh and tasty by preventing oxygen from leaking in.
  • GRINDER: ground coffee never tastes as fresh as coffee made with beans. Have & love this grinder!
  • COFFEE CUPS (6-8): be sure to also include a range of sizes, from large mugs for lattes to espresso cups.
  • SUGAR & SUGAR BOWL: skip the plain sugar bowl, and find an option that doubles as a decorative piece
  • MILK FROTHER: use mine every day!
  • CREAMER: this cream and sugar set is great if you’re tight on space and want a unique look!
  • SPOONS: gold always adds a nice touch
  • REUSABLE METAL STRAWS: perfect for cold brew coffee or an iced mocha
  • TRAY: keeps everything organized and in it’s place in a stylish way
  • LIGHTING (optional): some sort of mood light like a small table lamp is nicer than overhead lighting in the morning

Don’t Miss This: Add some stylish lighting to your kitchen counter with this collection of my favorite kitchen table lamps! See them all HERE.

How To Create Your At-Home Coffee Bar

Now that we have the essentials, let me walk you through the steps of how to create a coffee station that you’ll look forward to seeing every day!

  1. Select Your Placement – There are countless ways to carve out an area in your kitchen to set up your coffee maker and brew your favorite cup of joe. Options include a space on your counter, behind doors that pocket into the cabinet, and even inside a walk-in pantry, if you’re lucky enough to have one!
  2. Choose The Equipment – Decide on how you want to brew your coffee. Then grab the coffee maker, French press or espresso machine you will need for your desired drink. Don’t forget to grab those accessories as well like the grinder, milk frother and sugar bowl!
  3. Stock Up On Supplies – Gather coffee supplies like sugar, coffee filters, coffee beans, or even a few specialty brews you’ve been wanting to try. Tea bags and a couple of tea ball infusers would be great to have on hand as well!
  4. Organize Storage Space – Make a storage space in a near by cabinet, drawer or shelf to hold coffee necessities like mugs, cups, or espresso duralex tumblers.
  5. Decorate For Personal Style – Finally, add some contrast with a decorative tray, some pretty cocktail napkins, or vintage spoons, boxes or glasses. A small vase with fresh blooms or even a beautiful plant is a nice decor addition for any coffee station as well.
coffee station on wood counter with floating shelves above for coffee accessories
photo | jean stoffer design

Top Pick Coffee Essentials For The Ultimate Coffee Lover

When selecting a coffee maker there are a few factors to consider. If you are really dedicated to the art of making coffee, a high-end cappuccino maker is a real treat. It’s like having a barista at your home!

But if you work from home and just need a quick cup of joe, a single-serve coffee maker is a surefire bet for you!

Coffee Makers & Espresso Machines

HADEN Dorchester Ultra Programmable Drip Coffee Maker

This is a super sleek looking coffee maker with it’s faux bois finishes, clean curves and stainless steel accents. It has a delay brew function to ensure coffee’s ready right when you want it.

Breville Barista Espresso Machine

This amazing machine has a ton of unique features, a professional-grade design, and is a perfect choice of for the coffee expert or the beginner barista!

De’Longhi Dedica Arte Pump Espresso Machine

This sleek, stainless steel machine makes pump-style espresso brewing approachable and simple. Less than six inches wide, the slender brewer slips in just about anywhere, ready to create an mazing cup of Italian espresso quickly and effortlessly.

Coffee Mugs & Cups

Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs

These mugs are fun as well as functional! The double-walled drinkware creates a dramatic “floating liquid” effect when beverages are poured inside.

Cappuccino Cup with Saucer

If you love a yummy latte, this is the cup for you! This classic porcelain cup (with saucer) has a simple coffee-bar style that’s perfect for presenting cappuccinos, hot chocolate and other foam-topped beverages beautifully!

Black Espresso Cup

This natural stoneware espresso cup has a sleek matte black glaze that would add some stylish contrast to any coffee station.

More Of My Favorite Coffee Station Must Haves

I hope these tips will help you create a coffee station in your home that you love to use every morning. And I can’t wait to show you our new coffee station in our home as well. Stay tuned for updates!

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