Best Gray Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets 2024

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Gray kitchen cabinets are a very popular choice for many homeowners and interior designers because of timeless and elegant touch they add to a kitchen design. Here are some of the best gray paint colors for kitchen cabinets!

If you are planning on updating your white cabinets with a fabulous gray color, knowing how to select the right color for your kitchen is crucial!

chelsea gray by benjamin moore painted kitchen cabinets with white subway tile
photo credit | inspiration for moms

Best Gray Cabinet Colors For Your Kitchen

So let’s talk about tips on picking the right shades, the top 10 gray colors and how to accessorize your gray kitchen cabinets so they will seamlessly work with the other decor in your home!

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natural cream painted kitchen cabinets with subway tile
photo credit | studio mcgee

Why Choose Gray Kitchen Cabinets Over Other Colors?

For me, gray cabinets tend to build anticipation for all the other features in the kitchen design. When you enter the kitchen, you first encounter the striking gray color, but then your eyes quickly travel the room for other aspects like the floor, stone countertops, and detailed backsplash. 

Gray is great for concealing dirt as well. When you have little ones or pets, lower cabinets can quickly show signs of dirt or scratches if painted in a lighter, more white colors.

agreeable gray painted kitchen cabinets
photo credit | studio mcgee

Another plus of gray is the variety of different tones. Gray kitchen cabinets can skew either warm or cold, making it easy to pair with a variety of backsplash designs, countertop materials, and appliance finishes.

Whether you have a farmhouse-inspired kitchen or a more contemporary cooking space, gray works with nearly all kitchen styles and cabinet designs choices.

Another thing is that gray cabinets tend to stand the test of time. So, if you plan to remodel your kitchen, you may want to think gray – it’s stylish, offers warmth, and stands against dirt.

Tips For Choosing A Gray Kitchen Cabinet Color

The first thing to do is note the style of your kitchen. Is it modern, traditional, coastal or farmhouse? Then consider other features of your kitchen like amount of lighting, countertops and flooring to help you select the perfect choice of gray.

nimbus by benjamin moore painted kitchen cabinets
photo credit | house of jade interiors

Let’s break it down a little further by looking at the important shades and undertones in grays.

Light or Dark Gray?

The perfect shade of gray for your kitchen cabinets depends on two things: your personal style and the kitchens features.

If you have a small kitchen with limited lighting, a darker gray color could make the space feel smaller. So in this situation, lean towards light gray colors and use a darker shade to ground a larger, brighter area.

Warm or Cool?

Gray may seem like a straightforward neutral color, but it’s actually deeply influenced by red, yellow and blue. And that influencing undertone can make the gray color appear warmer or cooler.

For example, a gray with a blue undertone will appear more like a steely shade; gray color with a red undertone will look more like a putty tone, similar to taupe.

To get a better visualization of these undertones in your kitchen, tape paint chips of several gray shades next to each other on your kitchen wall and make note of them throughout the day. Then make your final decision by selecting the gray that most appeals to your design and taste.

Top 10 Gray Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

Now that we have a better understanding of the different shades of gray and how to be aware of the cool and warm tones, let’s take a look at my top 10 best gray paint color for kitchen cabinets. Several of these colors are very popular and for good reason!

Shale by Benjamin Moore

shale by benjamin moore painted kitchen cabinets
photo credit | jean stoffer designs

Shale is a versatile, welcoming gray distinguished by warm mauve undertones. It’s a classic look that works with traditional or modern decor.

It’s not too grey and it’s not too brown, so it works nicely with warm and cool colors. Plus it pairs great with wood tones and white trim. Basically it is a foolproof paint color to freshen up any kitchen cabinetry!

Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams

photo credit | studio mcgee

Agreeable Gray is flexible color that’s not committed to a certain undertone. Greige tends to favor a green undertone; and taupe often love a touch of violet. But most of the time, Agreeable Gray registers as having NO undertone at all making it a very popular color choice for kitchens.

And I love how this color NODS at the gray world while not being as traditionally cold of a color. It makes an excellent choice for a kitchen that you want to feel cozy and comfortable.

Nimbus by Benjamin Moore

nimbus by benjamin moore painted kitchen cabinets
photo credit | house of jade interiors

Nimbus is a cool gray with just enough weight, this medium neutral is a very popular choice for kitchen cabinets.

If you have north-facing light, nimbus will look more like a cool gray and its slight violet undertones could be a bit more exposed. However, if you have south-facing or warm afternoon western light, it will lean a bit more into its warmth without going ANYWHERE near taupe. Great choice for kitchens!

Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams

repose gray by sherwin williams painted kitchen cabinets
photo credit | finding lovely

Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams is a warm gray color that has a subtle beige undertone. It’s a versatile color that can appear differently in different lighting situations and with different surrounding colors.

Paired with wood accents, gold hardware and lots of natural light, it’s a very striking gray color as seen in the kitchen above!

Coventry Gray by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray is a steadfast medium gray with relatively neutral undertones.

It’s the perfect grey color for cabinets because it’s a warm gray and it won’t feel cold in any space, especially when combined with warm accents such as brass hardware and wooden floors.

Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore

revere pewter by benjamin moore painted kitchen cabinets
photo credit | donnie wales interiors

Revere Pewter is a medium-toned gray with warm undertones which can create a warm and inviting look in any kitchen, making it a great choice for cabinetry.

The color has a subtle hint of beige or taupe that gives it a slightly warmer appearance than a true gray color. You can’t go wrong with this gray!

Worldly Gray by Sherwin Williams

worldly gray by sherwin williams painted kitchen cabinets
photo credit | studio mcgee

Worldly Gray is a warm gray paint color, but it does have some undertones. In spaces with less light, you might see a bit of green coming through. And in a south-facing room that gets plenty of warm natural light, a slight touch of purple or violent undertones can be seen.

Because Worldly Gray is such a versatile neutral paint color, it makes for a perfect gray option for the cabinets.

Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore

Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore is actually like a white paint with a tiny drop of warm gray. It’s one of the most popular paint colors when trying to achieve an elevated white kitchen feel.

As a neutral gray with warm undertones, Classic Gray can create a soft and inviting look to a kitchen. And it’s a great option if you want basically white with just the slightest hint of gray. Perfection!

Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore

chelsea gray by benjamin moore painted kitchen cabinets
photo credit | luxe interiors design

There is no denying that I love Chelsea Gray for kitchen cabinets. This kitchen featured above took the color even further by painting the doors and all the trim throughout the kitchen as well. So beautiful!

After all, Chelsea Gray is the exactly color I painted my cabinets several years ago. Have I ever regretted it? Not once!

chelsea gray by benjamin moore painted kitchen cabinets with white subway tile
photo credit | inspiration for moms

This gray color has cool characteristics, including some secondary undertones. But since it has some brown in it, it’s much warmer than grays containing more obvious blue undertones. It’s a rich gray that adds striking detail to kitchen cabinets!

Natural Cream by Benjamin Moore

natural cream painted kitchen cabinets with subway tile
photo credit | studio mcgee

Yes, Natural Cream is actually a gray paint color! The great feature of this color is that it can suit both warm and cool color schemes.

This color is greige, which means it is a blend of gray and beige colors. But this particular greige has quite noticeably grayish undertones, which can show up more prominently in specific lighting conditions!

This color works beautifully on kitchen cabinets. The warm tone of Natural Cream looks gorgeous when paired with quartz countertops and a subway tile backsplash as seen above!

Accessories To Enhance The Look Of Gray Kitchen Cabinets

I’ve shopped some accessories for you to pair beautifully with your new gray cabinets and enhance the color scheme. All of these items could easily transition into your existing kitchen decor as well.


When it comes to accentuating your gray cabinets, choosing the right color and style of hardware can truly make them stand out. And I have a ton of tips to help you! Be sure to check out my post on selecting kitchen hardware found HERE.

With these tips in mind, you can create a beautiful and functional kitchen that is both stylish and timeless. Which gray color was your favorite?


  1. Thanks so much for this wonderful post. I am considering having my white kitchen cabinet doors painted grey. The photos, grey paint colors selected and your reviews were a great help. Thanks again!

    1. So glad I could help, Susan! Good luck on your kitchen update – I’m sure it will turn out beautifully!

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