The Best Way To Use Kitchen Drawers For Tea Storage

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Looking for a creative way to store your loose leaf tea or tea bags? Here’s how to use kitchen drawers for easy access tea storage!

We love our tea – especially green tea! And if you are a big tea lover like me – I’m sure you have struggled with how to store it as well.

Basically when it comes to my tea storage, it needs to be very accessible and keep the tea at it’s best – for as long as possible.

I recently had a revelation on how to change up our current tea storage situation (which was a mess!) and make a designated area in our kitchen for our favorite tea.

mint watermelon tea storage jar filled with tea

So today I’m sharing tips on the best way to store tea and then I’ll show you our tea storage organization before and after.

And then finally, I will share some of my favorite teas, tea containers and tea accessories!

labeled empty glass tea storage jars

Why Use Kitchen Drawers For Tea Storage?

My answer is, why not! Kitchen drawers are perfect for keeping your tea fresh and easily accessible.

We were storing our tea at the very top of a kitchen cabinet which was ok but so not easy to find or know what teas where even available. We had to dig them all out. Crazy!

kitchen upper cabinet where tea was previously stored

So when I finally came up with a new way to store our teas in a kitchen drawer, I could not wait to make this a reality in our kitchen!

Why Is Proper Storage Important?

When it comes to storing tea, it’s crucial to pay attention to how and where you are placing it.

Dried tea leaves have between 3 and 5 percent moisture content, which is what prevents them from spoiling for a long time. But because it is dried so well, it will absorb water like sponge if placed in a humid environment.

That’s why storing your tea collection in a clean, dry place, is crucial to help prevent it from absorbing excess moisture.

Tea Storage Tips

So, follow these do and don’t tips for proper tea storage:

  1. Do keep tea stored away from direct sunlight and from anything strongly scented or flavored. Tea will easily absorb other flavors!
  2. Do use an air-tight container for storing tea. Glass, metal, tea tins or ceramic all make some of the best containers for tea.
  3. Don’t use plastic containers as tea canisters. Plastic will absorb orders so you don’t want your new tea contaminated by your old tea.
  4. Don’t buy your tea in bulk. The fresher the tea, the better it will taste, no matter how it is stored. So it’s a good idea to skip the bulk tea packaging! Instead, buy your high quality tea in small quantities and only when you’re running low.

Supplies Needed For Storing Tea In Kitchen Drawers

Whether or not you love green tea or herbal tea, here’s what you will need to recreate this same method of tea storage in your kitchen:

Proper Storage Essentials

Glass Airtight Container

These are the exact same tea storage containers I bought. They have a great airtight seal for keeping your loose tea or tea bags fresh and increasing shelf life.

Tea Labels

These tea labels are the perfect size for my clear glass tea containers mentioned above. I created mine with the name of the different teas along with caffeinated or caffeine-free.

Drawer Dividers

These dividers are great for keeping the tea bag organizers from shifting and sliding around in the drawer.

How To Create Tea Storage Drawer

Start by removing everything from your kitchen drawer. Then give the drawer a quick vacuum and wipe clean.

Then insert two drawer dividers into the drawer, spacing them to allow for three equal areas in the drawer.

inset two drawer dividers to organize tea storage jars

Next comes the fun part – labeling each of the glass jars. I measured down from the top of the jar to about 3/4″ and marked the spot with a dry erase marker.

mark spot on glass tea storage jar for placement of label

Then I placed my label as level and center as possible and then simply wiped the marking away with a paper towel. (You can totally skip the marking step – this is just the perfectionist in me.)

empty glass tea storage jars

Finally fill with corresponding tea bags or loose leaf tea.

jar of organized candy cane tea

And lastly, place the tea organizers into your newly divided drawer. I was going to alphabetize mine, but decided to place most favorited teas first. 

kitchen drawer with organized tea storage

I just love finding new ways to organize items in our home. I’m sure know no one in my house is going to be as excited about this new tea storage drawer set up as me – but one can always hope! 🙂

So now let’s talk about teas, awesome containers and even some fun tea accessories.

Favorite Teas, Tea Containers and Tea Accessories

First, let me share with you some fabulous teas you are gonna love!

Delicious Teas To Try

Big Sur Tea

Big Sur is an organic loose leaf black tea blend that combines the creamy, woodsy flavors of citrus and French vanilla together. It’s like California’s majestic stretch of coastline – in a cup!

White Coconut Cream

If you love more of a dreamy, tropical tea this white Coconut Cream tea could be perfect for you. Very liked!

Earl Gray Cream

This black tea is hand-blended with fragrant bergamot oil and a touch of French vanilla for a rich and robust finish.


Now, let’s look at some great tea storage ideas that could work in a kitchen drawer or pantry.

Great Tea Containers

Ceramic Tea Bag Organizer

This tea bag organizer is great for all your teas that come in individual packets. Easy access and they won’t dry out. Plus, perfect for personalized labels as well!

Wood Tea Box

This box is a little too wide for my narrow kitchen drawers. But it could totally work in wider drawers. Just place right at the front of the drawer for easy access.

Metal Tea Tins

This set of six metal tea tins is great for kitchen drawers as well! Simple but fantastic for keeping your tea fresh with the airtight lid.


And finally, let me share some great tea accessories!

Fun Tea Accessories

Glass Tea Pot

This simple teapot can be placed directly in the microwave oven or on either gas or electric stove tops for the perfect cup of tea!

One Touch Tea Maker

Not only does this brewer automatically brew tea at five different temperature settings, but the brew strength of each pot can be adjusted between mild, medium and strong.

Tea Filter Bags

These tea filter bags are the perfect solution for having your favorite loose-leaf tea on the go.


So do have any questions about tea? Like how long is fresh tea good for or which type of tea has the most caffeine? I got the answers for you below:

FAQs About Tea

If stored properly in an air-tight container, tea can remain fresh in a pantry for up to one year.

Depending on the specific brew you choose, there will be varying caffeine levels in different types of tea. But here’s a general breakdown: White Tea has about 15-mg (per 8-oz cup). Green Tea has about 30-mg. Oolong Tea contains approximately 35-37-mg, while Black Tea boasts the most at 40-mg.

So, are you gonna create a tea storage drawer in your kitchen? I’d love to see it!

Looking for a creative way to store your loose leaf tea or tea bags? Here's how to use kitchen drawers for easy access tea storage!

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