Bedroom Decor Ideas For Decorating Above The Bed


Looking for some above bed decor ideas? You are at the right place. I have a ton of inspiration and tips you’ll love for decorating above the bed.

Often finding the perfect above bed decor can be somewhat challenging. There’s limits based off the height of your headboard and ceilings. Then we often struggle with finding an item that will compliment the rest of the bedroom decor.

And maybe even some hesitation to hang anything in that empty space because you don’t want to lose sleep over worrying if it may fall on you in the middle of the night! (Or maybe that’s just me!)

Either way, I understand the struggles and want to offer you some creative solutions to help you decide on a stunning focal point that will enhance your bedroom and represent your personal style.

Looking for some above bed decor ideas? You are at the right place. I have a ton of inspiration and tips you'll love for decorating above the bed.

The ideas are really endless but I’ve narrowed down the list to my top 13 ideas for decorating above the bed!

I will give you real-life examples of classic and timeless ways to decorate this blank space above your bed. And with these ideas, you’ll be able to add some character and style to your master bedroom in no time.

Decorating Above The Bed Ideas

So I’ve been wanting to change the art over our bed for some time now. The past art I had just never felt right.

I came upon some beautiful landscape art of mist on a lake at Pottery Barn ($699) and McGee and Co ($1200). Both were so relaxing and peaceful BUT cost way more than I wanted to spend!

So I looked around to find a very close dupe (at only $139) and I think I was successful!

And this little change to our bedroom got me thinking maybe you could use a little help or inspiration in decorating above the bed – your bed!

So let me show you a ton of different ways to give that negative space above your bed some new positive energy and style!

1 | Arrange A Gallery Wall

You know how much I love a good gallery wall! And I think this is a great way to add some fun detail to that blank area over the bed.

Love this high stacked gallery wall! It’s a great focal point of the bedroom that will instantly draw your eye up – all the way to the ceiling – as soon as you enter the room.

This is a great option, especially if you have rather high ceilings.

The grid gallery look is a very symmetrical way to display family photos or art prints.

grid gallery wall of six frames idea for decorating above the bed

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2 | Hang Framed Canvas or Art Print

Whether you’re a home owner or a interior designer, adding a framed art piece over the bed is often a popular wall decor choice.

You can simply decide to place one piece of printed art alone, to take center stage. Or you can group a set or several pieces together.

When it comes to size, play with feels right. You may think you need a large piece of art to fill all the negative space – but not so! This framed canvas below is only 24″ x 14″ in size.

small single framed art idea for decorating above the bed
photo | studio mcgee

This inspiration look is a bit more grander because it features a canopy bed. But this time with several smaller framed pieces as the above bed decor.

This decorating style looks great with statement beds like this canopy or even a queen bed.

several pieces of framed art grouped together idea for decorating above the bed
photo | jessica nelson design

A single framed print can look fantastic over a set of twin beds. I love the simple neutral botanical prints hanging over the beds in this sweet girls room.

one larger single piece of art idea for decorating above the bed
photo | bria hammel interiors

3 | Display Collection of Hats

Why not display a favorite collection over your bed? Love this look of raffia hats hung on the wall – especially for the summer months!

a collection of woven hats idea for decorating above the bed

SOURCES: rattan bed

The hats can added a ton of visual interest and texture to any bedroom decor! The addition of one single black hat creates a nice pop of color to this decorating style as seen below.

collection of straw hats idea for decorating above the bed
photo | style by emily henderson

4 | Hang An Abstract Painting

A large piece of art is a great way to fill that blank wall space!

And abstract art is one of my top choices because it’s usually very soft and not to busy. So it makes an impression in the room without stealing all the attention from the other decor.

large abstract painting idea for decorating above the bed
photo | brooke wagner design

Love all the mix of gray tones throughout this neutral bedroom decor. The art is simple but still very striking in detail and makes a lovely focal point of the bedroom.

modern abstract painting idea for decorating above the bed
photo | jlv creative

This art canvas below is a great example of how to gently add color to the wall behind the bed without overpowering the rest of the neutral decor throughout the bedroom.

5 | Group A Basket Collection

Baskets can be a great above bed decor item. They are available in a huge variety of shapes, different sizes, colors and even patterns.

They can give your wall texture, design and even depth! Love the look of several baskets arranged in a grouping like pictured below.

But you don’t need to spend a ton of money on a group of baskets!

One single basket alone can still be very striking as well. With all of the blues in the room, the natural weave basket really adds a finishing touch to the room.

one single woven basket used as idea for decorating above the bed
photo | brooke wagner design

This single wall basket decor really compliments the bedroom furniture and helps to create a sense of balance in the room.

6 | Create An Accent Wall With Wainscotting

Another fantastic way to decorate the wall behind your bed is with wainscotting. This may not be the quickest project but man – can it make a huge impact on your bedrooms decor.

Just look at this amazing bedroom accent wall! The first time I saw this wainscotting layout years ago – I instantly feel in love.

wall with wainscoting as idea for decorating above the bed
photo | design loves detail

Another great way to take that blank wall and make it spectacular is with some wood molding.

wall with chevron wood molding pattern as idea for decorating above the bed
photo | mindy gayer design

This chevron pattern creates such an eye-catching design for this very modern bedroom.

7 | Keep It Simple By Adding A Mirror

A very popular option is to hang a simple round mirror over the bed. Not only is this a very classic look, but also a great way to reflect more light throughout the room too.

simple mirror hung on wall as idea for decorating above the bed
photo | ashley goforth design

You can use a very simple styled mirror or go for a more bold statement piece like the mirror featured below.

8 | Use A Tall Headboard

A great way to fill that empty space above the bed is with a fantastic headboard. The higher the height of the headboard, the more your eye is drawn up.

The headboard below is great example of adding style and dimension to the wall behind the bed. It doesn’t take up any extra space in the room or compete with the gorgeous chandelier.

use a taller headboard as idea for decorating above the bed
photo | studio mcgee

If you have low ceilings, go for a less grand headboard that’s still taller than a standard bed. The bedroom below is a great example of this technique.

taller headboard as idea for decorating above the bed
photo | kate marker interiors

9 | Install Wallpaper

Love it or hate it, wallpaper can be a great idea for a bedroom accent wall.

The room below uses the wallpaper to draw your eye all the way up to the high window at the top. Pair that with the windows and this wall needs nothing else. Beautifully decorated!

wallpaper the wall behind the bed as idea for decorating above the bed
photo | bonesteel trout hall

Smaller bedroom? No problem. This wallpaper makes the space look much larger than it is.

And I love how the interior designer used the muted tones in the wallpaper as a color for decor accents. So pretty!

wallpaper an accent wall as idea for decorating above the bed
photo | mindy gayer design

10 | Display A Wood Carving

Add some nature into your home with a stylish wood carving.

This look is simple, modern and gives the wall a main focal point while still complimenting the other decor in the room.

If your home is more of a costal theme, a wood surfing board would also make for a great decorative object for hanging over the bed.

11 | Hang Landscape Painting or Photo

One of the most obvious ways to decorate above the bed is with a landscape painting or photo. This was the look I wanted for our bedroom!

I think landscape art can offer a nice sense of peace or relaxation by escaping into the beauty of nature.

bed with landscape art hung above the bed
photo | lindsey black interiors

After all, we want our bedrooms to be a place or retreat from the hectic grind of the world. And every time I get deep in the mountains, peace always feels my soul.

So for you that may be the ocean or a lake. Either way, this style of art is perfect for the bedroom!

12 | Update Your Bedroom With A Canopy Bed

Make a bold statement with a fantastic canopy bed! This one piece of furniture can instantly add a feeling of luxury to your room.

Canopies naturally create a focal point in the bedroom, drawing ones attention to the bed and making it the star. This can anchor the bedroom design and provide a clear visual center.

canopy bed in bedroom
photo | salt design company

And you may have already guessed this but a canopy automatically draws the eye upward toward the ceiling. This will make the entire room feel taller and more spacious.

wood canopy bed in bedroom

SOURCES: canopy bed | nightstand |

13 | Unique, Personal Style Piece

And finally the last item is encouraging you to hang anything uniquely you! It could be something you collect, family memories, or gear related to a favorite sports like the footballs featured below.

footballs hung on wall over the bed in boys bedroom
photo | studio mcgee

Or heck, you could even go for a neon sign over hung above the bed. Whatever makes the space complete to you!

neon sign hung over the bed in girls bedroom
photo | bonesteel trout hall

So now I’m wondering, what are you gonna hang over your bed?


    1. Oh! You are right, I should have featured fabric canopies. That’s a great idea for decorating over the bed. Thank you for inspiring ME! 🙂

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