Gallery Wall Layout Ideas For Every Room or Style

Gallery walls are a great way to display art in your home! If you have wanted to create one but didn’t know how or where to start, this is gallery wall guide is for you.

I created this post to help you fill in that blank wall in your home with any of these fun gallery wall ideas. And I’ve included helpful tips and lots of gallery wall inspiration to get you started in the right direction.

nine grid gallery wall layout in living room
photo | studio mcgee

A beautiful gallery can be so striking when put together with skillful intention.

One of the things I love most about gallery walls is how it’s put together with lots of pieces and can be viewed as a whole – at first. But then, each piece can also be studied individual. It’s such a powerful art display!

Gallery Wall Layout Ideas You Will Love

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Why not display those pictures all over your home in a modern, stylish way.

So let’s take a deeper look into this beautiful world of gallery wall layout ideas. Using this technique to create a lovely gallery display in your home may seem intimidating.

But I guarantee, you don’t need to be a professional designer to create a stunning gallery wall. Any gallery wall idea you see here, you can do and do well!

What Is A Gallery Wall?

A gallery wall is basically a collection of items arranged close to each other on a wall for decoration. And it can be made of any art you choose – not just photos or picture frames.

Hanging up your photos, paintings, puzzles, baskets or any other kind of art on a blank wall can give your room interest, depth, and a creative focal point, even if you’re working with a small space.

Galley Wall Layout Ideas

Their are several styles of gallery walls you can create. So today I want to share with you 10 specific gallery wall layouts.

Any one of these gallery wall styles will be perfect for creating a stunning display that not only adds your unique personality but style to your homes walls as well!

1 | The Trio Asymmetrical Gallery Wall

If you want to keep your gallery wall simple, a wall gallery of just three prints can be a beautiful option.

For this gallery wall style, simply select three different photos in three different sizes. The goal here in this asymmetrical layout is to select three pieces that complement each other in terms of color scheme, theme, or perhaps style.

You can see a great example in this floating wood gallery wall below.

trio gallery wall layout idea
photo | pottery barn

To achieve this same look in your home, you would need one 12×15 frame, one 21×25 frame and one 29×37 frame.

Then when arranging this trio on your wall, aim for a balanced but not completely symmetrical look.

2 | The Classic Grid Gallery Wall

You can never go wrong with the classic grid gallery wall layout. It’s an easy style to hang.

Plus it has a clean, polished look that can be easily be customized to fit any style or space. You can go with as few as 4 frames – all the way up to 12! So you can see why this layout is a popular choice for many homes!

A great example of this layout with these burlwood gallery frames below featuring six frames hung over a bed.

classic grid gallery wall layout idea
photo | pottery barn

I hung a classic centerpiece grid gallery wall in our living room. And I love how it filled in the very large wall, while at the same time, taking the eye off the giant tv screen.

I chose to give my gallery wall very cohesive look by using the same color wood frames and using prints that were all black and white. To achieve this look in your home, you would need five 25×25 frames and four 11×13 frames.

You can get print my leaf prints for FREE by downloading them HERE. And the can shop my wood gallery frames HERE.

3 | The Monochromatic Gallery Wall

If you are wanting to create a large focal point in a room that is cohesive and very calming, a monochromatic gallery is the perfect way.

This layout style involves using art that’s all the same color or similar shades within the same color family. This white photos framed gallery wall with black-and-white prints is a beautiful example of this style of gallery wall:

monochromatic gallery wall idea in bedroom with white frames and black and white photos
photo | pottery barn

Using neutral black and whites is the best way to achieve this modern look!

4 | The Picture Ledge Shelf Gallery Wall

The picture shelf is all about ease. You can add, remove and switch out any wall art at anytime without having to add a single new hole to your walls.

This gallery wall layout is great for any size wall – from a small bathroom to a giant wall in a dining room like the one below.

picture ledge shelf gallery wall idea in dining room with black floating frames
photo | pottery barn

Love how this shelf gallery below filled with art prints adds some much style to this small area.

And the sculpture pieces just gives the whole look so much more texture, depth and interest.

picture shelf gallery wall layout idea
photo | pottery barn

5 | The Staircase Gallery Wall

If you have a blank staircase wall, a creative photo gallery wall could be very eye-catching! Just look at how striking this style of gallery wall layout can be!

This layout comes to life by using framed art of varying sizes to create a dramatic effect following the lead of the angled stairs.

This metal set of 7 gallery frames is a great set to buy and take the guess work out of assembling frame styles and sizes.

staircase wall gallery layout for stairs going up
photo | west elm

To create this look in your home, you would need two 12×12 frames, two 12×16 frames, one 18×18 frame, one 16×20 frame and one 18×24 frame.

6 | The Corner Gallery Wall

The corner gallery wall is absolutely perfect idea for any nook with bare walls.

This layout uses a large amount of frames in varying sizes, starting in the corner and working your way out.

This kitchen nook looks spectacular with this statement gallery wall featuring all black and white family photographs. Talk about a dinner conversation piece!

corner nook gallery wall in kitchen with black frames and black and white photos
photo | nicole green

7 | One Long Row Gallery Wall

Another great gallery wall idea is to line your favorite photographs in a long row. This symmetrical gallery wall layout works best when using frames that are identical in size and color.

You can see a gorgeous example of this stylish layout in this homes hallway designed by Studio McGee below.

long row gallery wall layout idea in long hallway
photo | studio mcgee

If you have a long, large bare wall, this is a great layout option to fill that space in a very elegant way!

8 | The Vertical Stack Gallery Wall

If you have an vertical area that’s bare, the vertical gallery wall layout is a great way to add some art to the blank space.

This layout is created by stacking a series of differently sized art pieces one above another, with each piece centered in the middle. 

As you can see below in this entryway, the frame sizes can vary but the color palette is very similar.

vertical stack gallery wall layout idea by entryway door
photo | lauren liess

9 | The Eclectic Gallery Wall

If you have a large collection of different types and styles of art work, go for the eclectic gallery wall layout.

This layout allows you to display and play with an endless combination of color palettes, frames, and themes. Anything is fair game!

As you can see below, this eclectic gallery layout has a mirror, some art work, photos and a huge collection of different frames in various sizes and materials.

eclectic gallery wall layout in living room
photo | pottery barn

And just a reminder, a gallery wall can be a collection of anything. How fun is this eclectic gallery of hanging mirrors?

eclectic wall gallery layout of mirror on hallway wall
photo | annie schlechter

10 | The Giant Statement Gallery Wall

Go big or go home! The last gallery wall layout is one that makes the biggest statement by far. This layout fills out the whole wall!

So it’s best to reserve this style of beautiful gallery wall for a large living room or dining room as seen below.

This gallery wall is full of frames and pieces with different shapes and sizes! It’s a stunning display that adds so much character to the dining room!

How To Create Your Own Gallery Wall

Now that you’ve seen a ton of different gallery wall layouts, let’s talk about how you can create your own gallery wall look in just four easy steps.

First, choose a subject you want to feature. Pick your art, favorite photos, illustrations, or whatever you’d like to display

Second, decided on your layout. This step is crucial—not only to give you a preview of how it will look, but so you know exactly how many pieces you will need to arrange and in what sizes.


  • Trace the outside of their frames onto paper, cut them out, and move them around on the wall with painter’s tape. This really is the easiest way! And it allows you to see the symmetry, measure out spacing, and get it completely right with no fear of wall damage.
  • Then you can then hang your gallery pieces directly over the paper and then just tug the paper right out.

Third, calculate the spacing. You want to keep the spacing between each piece of art consistent. A good rule of thumb is to leave approximately six inches around each piece. If you’re hanging on an empty wall, the focal point the gallery wall arrangement should be around 57–60 inches high.

If hanging over a piece of furniture, adjust the height upwards and make sure to keep four to six inches of space in between the furniture and gallery.

Lastly, hang the art! Just make sure the first piece is level and then build from there.

4 grid gallery wall layout in entryway over upholstered bench with throw pillows
photo | studio mcgee

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! As long as they are executed thoughtfully and with intention. Gallery walls can’t go out of style as they’re timeless!

If you want a very upscale, uniform look – matching gallery wall frames is the best choice. Going for a more eclectic style? Use mismatched frames instead.

No, you do not need a theme to create a gallery wall. However, a theme may make it easier for you to curate your gallery wall and to choose wall artwork, colors and materials that make sense together.

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