Top 15 Readers Favorite Posts of 2023

Let’s take a look back and see what were your favorite posts of 2023!

One of my favorite things to do at the beginning of a new year is look back and see what posts were your favorites from the previous year.

This always gives me a ton of insight and helps guide me on what to write or create in the new year ahead!

2023 Year in Review

So what happened in 2023? Did your favorite post make the list? Let’s take a look back at the top posts you loved with this fun 2023 recap!

In true countdown style, we’ll be starting with #15 and then working our way down to #1. I’ve included a link to each of the full articles as they’re mentioned. All sources and additional details will be contained in the original post, in case you missed it or want to dig back into the content.

So now, let’s jump into the 2023 countdown!

15 | Quick 10-Minute Decluttering Tasks

Clutter is something I think we all struggle with, so I’m not surprised this post made the list!

The jewel of this post is instead of tackling the entire home at once, you start with these easy 10 minute decluttering tasks. They will instantly organize and transform your entire house and then – give you a ton of motivation to keep going!

14 | Best Ceiling Fans For Bedrooms

Our bedroom fan broke last year, so before I bought us a new one – I did a ton of research! Then I created this post to share with you all the tips I learned. Learn how to buy the right ceiling fan for your homes needs – but still stay nicely in your budget.

13 | Unexpected Things Making Your Home Look Cluttered

Often times, clutter is very easy to spot. Other times, it’s hiding in places you don’t realize. We get so used to seeing items in our homes in a certain way, it becomes challenging to see the space with fresh eyes. So I think this post piqued your interest a ton!

If you have started feeling unsettled or stressed in your home – especially now in this new year, go check out the list of 20 things that make your home look cluttered.

12 | Best Neutral Kitchen Runner Rugs

You know I’m all about easy, affordable ways to give your home a quick modern update. So when I wrote this post on the best neutral kitchen runner rugs, it got a ton of interest!

By simply laying down a rug, you will instantly incorporate style, color, texture and a wonderful new softness to your kitchen floor. What could be easier?!

11 | Easy DIY Hall Closet Makeover

This was my first DIY project of 2023. And it was very much needed!

Our front door entryway closet was a disaster. But it only took me two days to turn this small closet into a fantastic organized resource that saves our family a ton of time!

No more frantic mornings of searching – it’s all right were it should be. Thank goodness! 🙂

10 | How To Organize Every Drawer: Tips For Every Room

I’m constantly re-organizing my drawers. Why? Because the ultimate goal for every drawer in every room in my home is to store the most it can in the most organized way!

If you are struggling with keeping your drawers organized anywhere in your home, check out this helpful post with a ton of tips!

9 | Modern Half Bath Ideas

Before I start a room makeover, I love to share with you my inspiration and design board for the room. And since this post made it into the top 15 – I’m thinking you love to see the process!

This post full of modern half baths was the start to my half bath makeover I shared right before the holidays.

8 | Best Serena & Lily Dupes

One thing I’ve heard from you time and time again is that you want more decor looks for way less. I get it! I want a stylish home but I don’t want to spend my life savings to get it! 🙂

So this post on fabulous Serena & Lily Dupes was an instant hit! If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out. There’s a ton of classic home decor finds for a fraction of the price!

7 | Surprising Home Finds On Amazon

Speaking of home decor, Amazon is one of my favorite places to shop. And yours too apparently! This post features fantastic home finds that I use (and love) in my own home.

6 | DIY Small Space Home Gym

This post featured the second DIY project of 2023. A super fun project for several reasons. But getting to play with a darker paint color in our home is one of my top reasons. Still so in love with this Kendall Charcoal paint color!

And did I mention this DIY home gym was a really amazing before and after. If you want to add a gym in your home this year but don’t think you have enough space, this is a post for you!

5 | DIY Vase Tissue Holder Tutorial

This post was so fun! And so many of you loved the idea of taking your tissues out of those boring boxes and stylin’ them right in gorgeous vases. It’s those little details than can make such huge differences in our home decor.

4 | Best Gray Paint Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

This post was a favorite of mine! But gray kitchen cabinets can often be so controversial. Some love em’ and some can’t stand them. Which is fine – it’s your home so you got to do what you love.

Obviously, I love gray kitchen cabinets and still don’t regret painting mine over 5 years ago! So if you love gray too, this popular post features 10 of the best gray colors to use on those cabinets.

3 | How To Build A Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Even though I’m more about home decor, this fashion post was a hit! I’m guessing I’m not alone when it comes to making too many impulse buys and ending up with a closet full of clothes that never get worn.

And since this post, I have had a ton of requests for a essential winter wardrobe. So, that one is in the works right now and should be live soon! Stay tuned! 🙂

2 | Kitchen Island Centerpiece Ideas

This post being so popular kinda surprised me, but I’m so glad you loved it! When it comes to decorative items for your kitchen island, there are so many great ideas and styles. You can go with very elaborate to super simple.

So if you are looking for some great decorating ideas, check the post out!

1 | How To Update Kitchen Cabinets Without Replacing Them

The top post of 2023 was How To Update Kitchen Cabinets Without Replacing Them. This post was one I could have made years ago but didn’t have the idea to write it ’til last year.

It’s packed full of all the ways I’ve updated our own cabinets over the years. Each one of these changes can do a ton for taking boring cabinets to very modern cabinets in matter of hours or days.

Looking back, I see that 2023 was a pretty productive year! And hopefully I created a ton of fun posts that you found inspiring, helpful, or delicious!

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