Best Ceiling Fans for Bedrooms: My Stylish Favorites!


It’s time to retire those old, noisy, outdated ceiling fans hanging around in your home. Here’s a stylish collection of the best ceiling fans for bedrooms!

I often hear about ceiling fans getting a bad rap. They can be described with adjectives like ugly, out of date, eye-sore and more. And I just don’t get it! I love – wait let me change that to all caps – LOVE our ceiling fans. Especially when it comes to getting a good nights sleep.

Good bedroom ceiling fans can help keep large rooms cool in the summer, circulate warm air in the winter and provide a super soft white noise as well. And they can do all of this while still looking stylish! That’s right – todays modern ceiling fan has improved dramatically when it comes to design!

It's time to retire those old, noisy, outdated ceiling fans hanging around in your home. Here's a stylish collection of the best ceiling fans for bedrooms!
The sources for these beautiful bedroom ceiling fans can be found further down in the post.

I do have to say though, I never loved the style of our bedroom ceiling fan from the day we moved in. So when our dated (probably 20 years old) ceiling fan woke me up this past week around 2 am with a tick, tick, tick sound, I knew it was time to start shopping for a new one!

I’ve been doing a ton or research so that I buy the right ceiling fan – but still stay in our budget. So today, I’m sharing all that info with you!

What Features Should You Look For In A New Ceiling Fan?

When shopping for a ceiling fan here are some things to consider:

  • How will you operate the ceiling fan? If your bedroom has low ceilings, you could possibly turn the fan on/off with a pull chain or perhaps wall switch. Our bedroom as a 12ft vaulted ceiling so a remote would be our top pick. Added bonus of a remote – no one has to get out of bed to adjust the fan speed! Ideally, I’m hoping to find a fan with the best of both worlds – a remote control and wall switch combo. 
  • Will you need a light kit? If you’re bedroom has no overhead lighting (like our bedroom), a light fixture included with the ceiling fan is a great idea. Many ceiling fans now offer dimmable lights as well – which is also a nice extra feature to consider! And if you can dim the light using the remote – even more bonus points!
  • How quiet do you want the fan? As I mentioned before, I love a soft white noise in the background when trying to fall asleep, so I’m not shopping for a super whisper quiet fan. But if you need a virtually silent fan, pick one with a DC motor – as opposed to an AC motor which is most common. A DC motor will be more expensive but it will also increase the energy efficiency as well, consuming about 70% less power than a typical ceiling fan.

What’s The Best Size Of Ceiling Fan For A Bedroom?

When it comes to picking the right size and placement of a ceiling fan in your bedroom, there are a few guidelines to follow to get the most out of your fan.

The first thing to consider is the size of your room. Measure the square feet of your room by multiplying the room’s length by its width in feet. Then use the guide below to find the correct size of fan for your room size.

Ceiling Fan Size Guide

  • For rooms less than 50 sq. ft. — use a 29″ or less fan size (ex. small bathroom or hallway)
  • For rooms up to 75 sq. ft. — use a 36″ fan size (ex. breakfast nook, large bathroom)
  • For rooms up to 100 sq. ft. — use a 42″ fan size (ex. small bedrooms, office, kitchen)
  • For rooms up to 225 sq. ft. — use a 52″ fan size (ex. master bedroom, dining room)
  • For rooms up to 400 sq. ft. — use a 56″ fan size (ex. large living room, family room)

The placement or how low you hang the ceiling fan is important as well. The bottom of the fan should be at least seven feet off the floor. But eight to nine feet would be even better!

For low ceilings, 8 feet or shorter, a flush mount ceiling fan is usually the best option.

For high ceilings, 9 feet or higher, you can use fans with downrods to achieve the perfect height. Ideally, the more space between the ceiling height and the blades, the better air flow and circulation for the room. So to get the best air flow, aim for at least 12 inches.

Fans will typically come with one or two downrods, in different lengths. However, depending on the height of your ceilings, you may need some additional downrods. And if you are installing a fan on a sloped ceiling, downrods are always a good idea!

Downrod Tips

For a room with a 9-foot ceiling, select a fan with a 6” downrod. For ceilings that are taller than nine feet, add 6” to the downrod for every foot of height.

So for example: a 10-foot ceiling would use a 12″ downrod; a 11-foot ceiling, would use a 18″ downrod; and so on. 

My Top Picks for Bedroom Ceiling Fans

So after a ton of research, I wanted to share with you my top five picks. Below are some great bedroom ceiling fans in a wide range of prices, styles and different finishes!

Note: All the fans featured have a reversible motor as well – so they’re a great choice to use any time of the year. Most often I featured the 52″ size which is more for suitable for larger bedrooms. But almost all of the fans listed below offer varying sizes to accommodate smaller rooms as well.

Minka Aire Light Wave 52″ Ceiling Fan

Love the sleek and simple modern design of this Minka Aire ceiling fan. And added bonus is that it also comes with a dimmable LED bulb and a remote! You can shop this fan HERE.

minka aire light wave 52" ceiling fans featured in coal, white, driftwood, distressed koa, and silver

It’s available in five colors, coal is my personal favorite but the distressed koa is a very popular modern color as well!

Craftmade Sonnet 52″ Satin Brass Ceiling Fan

This is one stylish looking ceiling fan! The satin brass is so pretty but those clear acrylic blades put this fan in a category of beautiful design all by it’s self.

You can find the satin brass fan HERE. But since this fan isn’t cheap, I also found a similar looking steel fan HERE – which is about half the price.

satin brass and steel ceiling fans with acrylic blades

Both of these gorgeous ceiling fans include a LED light and remote controls. If you a wanting a ceiling fan with a light that just fits into the fan seamlessly – this is the fan to buy!

Hunter Fan Hepburn 52″ Ceiling Fan

If you’re wanting a ceiling fan with a very stylish dimmable light, the Hepburn fan is perfect. The white painted globe light will add a touch of sophistication to any bedroom. This fan comes with a convenient wall switch, a remote control, and is available HERE.

Hunter Fan Hepburn ceiling fans in satin copper, matte white, matte black and brass

This lovely fan is available in four different colors, reversible blades (this feature offers so many more style choices!) has a ton of fabulous ratings and is very affordable. Actually – it’s even on sale right now!

Spitfire 48-60″ Ceiling Fan

If you are looking for even more fan/blade finish combinations, look no further than the Spitfire ceiling fan found HERE! The fan is available in 7 finishes: dark bronze, black, galvanized, matte white, brushed nickel, matte greige, or driftwood. And then the fan blades are available 7 different finishes as well: black, white wash, weathered wood, natural, dark walnut, driftwood, and white.

This would be a good choice for large bedrooms because it’s available up to 60″. Below are just a few of my favorite fan/blade finish combinations:

spitfire 48-60" ceiling fans

As you can see, the design possibilities here are endless. And the ceiling fan is available with or without a LED light. This stylish fan would also be a great addition to an outdoor seating area as well!

Hunter Fan Presto 52″ Ceiling Fan

If whisper quiet is at the top of your list, this Presto Ceiling fan by Hunter is a good pick! The powerful motor delivers a ton of air movement to keep you cool without any of the extra noise. And I personally love the contemporary design paired with the matte black finish!

Hunter Fan presto 52" ceiling fan in matte black, matte nickel and matte white

This fan is available in three different matte finishes: black, nickel and white. The only downside with this particular fan is that it’s operated by a pull chain.

So – did any styles pop out at ya? What was your favorite fan featured? I hope you found this helpful for when you go shopping for your next bedroom ceiling fan.

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