All On Amazon – 10 Surprising Home Finds


Love shopping Amazon for home decor items? Me too! Let me show you ten surprising home finds from Amazon styled in our home.

vases on kitchen counter

When it comes to home decor, Amazon is always a place I love to look. The selection is great and most often – the item I find is also super budget friendly as well!

So today I am excited to share with you 10 of my favorite home finds that may surprise you. And I’m going to show you how I’ve styled them in our home as well. Hopefully this helps you get a better feel of how they truly look and the quality.

So having said that, let’s look at some fun home finds!

1 | Terracotta Vases

set of 2 white terracotta vases on kitchen counter

This set of two terracotta vases have been featured several times on IFM. But were mostly recently showcased in my DIY tissue holder tutorial.

The larger size is perfect for holding tissues or flowers, and the smaller size makes a great match striker. Just add a few long matches and attach a match striker on the bottom of the vase!

2 | Wood and Black Metal Hooks

wood and black metal wall hooks in home gym

When I was creating our home gym, I was looking for some great wall hooks to hang a towel or even a sweatshirt or jacket by the treadmill (as seen here).

But then I discovered they also are fantastic for holding my yoga mats on the wall as well. Love the sleek modern look of the wood and black metal combination!

3 | Velvet Blackout Curtains

velvet blackout curtains in living room with leather couch

When it came to updating the curtains in our home, I found some great velvet blackout curtains from Amazon. These are installed in both our living room and our primary bedroom.

They add so much warmth and texture to both rooms! Such great quality and look so luxurious even though they were really affordable!

4 | Black and White Wallpaper

black and white dot wallpaper in hall closet

This black and white dot wallpaper was a fantastic home find! When looking to update our hall closet, I wanted to add wallpaper for a fun new look. So many ones I found were too expensive – or more than I wanted to spend – or would take weeks to arrive.

But this one was a great price and I literally got it the next day. And I absolutely love it’s addition to our closet. It like a fun surprise every time I hang my coat! 🙂

5 | Spice Jars with Bamboo Lids

glass spice jars with bamboo lids in kitchen drawer

An item I have never regretted buying are these glass spice jars with bamboo lids. I cook almost every single night and every time I reach for a spice – I love what I see! They have kept my spices nice and fresh and they have held up great over the years.

Combining these with the tiered wood drawer insert, one of the best (and easiest) kitchen updates I have ever completed!

6 | Flameless Flickering Candles

backyard hammock area with outdoor flameless flickering candles

I know I’m featuring these in our backyard hammock area, but these flameless flickering candles can definitely be used in the home as well! I’ve had mine for several years now and they have been fantastic. Even with rain showers and the occasional surprise snow storm as well!

The included remote along with timer capabilities make these flameless candles such a nice addition to any room or outdoor setting. And they have been a top seller with you as well!

7 | Area Rug

vintage rug in kitchen

I gave our kitchen a little mini refresh a few years back and the whole inspiration for the new look was this rug! The style was a tad different than what I usually go with – but no regrets. It’s held up well and is now being used in our hall way.

Amazon always has such a great selection of rugs with (often times) unbeatable prices!

8 | Glass Salt Cellar

kitchen counter with salt cellar and oil bottles

Sometimes I see really cute salt cellars online and think I should switch mine out. But then I remember how much I love my glass cellar and don’t!

It’s the perfect size, has a lid and it’s classic style just goes with all of my other kitchen decor so well.

9 | Wall Mount Ladder Bookshelf

wall mount ladder bookshelf in home gym

This wall mount ladder shelf was a must-have in our home gym remodel. Not only does it provide a ton of storage – allowing more open floor space – but it also adds some warmth and texture to the room as well!

If you have a little wall nook or need some out-of-the-way storage, I can’t recommend this ladder shelf more!

10 | Brass Switch Covers

brass switch plate covers

When we remodeled our hall bathroom, one fun changed was replacing our boring plastic switch and outlet covers with these beautiful metal brass covers! Such a small change that adds a ton of texture and detail to a room!

I hope you found it helpful seeing these items styled or placed throughout our home. When shopping online, sometimes it’s hard to know how the item really looks – so I hopefully this post helped! If you want to see even more of my favorite Amazon items – be sure to check out and follow my Amazon storefront as well!

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