How To Arrange Tulips in a Vase

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Let’s have some fun today with one of my favorite flowers. Today I’m sharing all my best tips and tricks on how to arrange tulips in a vase for a simple flower arrangement you will enjoy for a long time!

white tulips in white scalloped vase on kitchen counter

Sometimes the simplest things in life that can be so beautiful – just like a gorgeous vase full of tulip stems. So today, I want to share with you an easy step by step tutorial that will show you how to create beautiful tulip arrangements with affordable grocery store flowers. I promise you – this tutorial is virtually effortless!

I’m also going to share the best places to shop for tulips, as well as easy tips and tricks for choosing them, so you can design a lovely floral arrangement easily and enjoy your tulips for more than just a couple of days!

As always, you can use the helpful table of contents below to jump around the post:

I found that right now the stores have an excess of tulips available. And often you can find some great deals! Just this week, our local grocery store had a 20 bunch of tulips for only $8.99!

So I took advantage because our home needed a little pop of green and some fresh, spring flower vibes.

white tulips in white scalloped vase on kitchen counter next to kitchen sink

Does your home need a little freshening up? Well then, go find a clean vase and let’s put it to use arranging some lovely tulips!

How To Arrange Tulips

One of the reasons why I love to arrange tulips is because they are fool-proof. Yes – you read that right!

white tulips in white scalloped vase on kitchen counter

When it comes to learning how to arrange tulips, you really don’t need to mess with them at all! Fresh-cut tulips will adjust and move in the vase based on the amount of light in your home. It’s almost like they arrange themselves as they settle in. And I think fresh flowers look their very best when you just allow them to move on their own!

So here is what I recommend, just let them do their thing! Tulips are beautiful at every stage of their life, even as they start to drop their petals.

Where To Buy Tulips

  • Local Flower Shop – Your local flower shop is always a great source for beautiful fresh blooms. You may tend to pay a bit more, but it’s always nice to support a local business. And while you are there, be sure to ask if they have any special deals on older blooms that you could take advantage of at a discounted rate.
  • Local Grocery Store – If you’re just shopping for a dozen or two, I recommend shopping at the local grocery store. I particularly love to get mine from Trader Joe. And most grocery stores keep beautiful tulips stocked year-round.
  • Purchase Online – There are some great places to purchase fresh tulips online as well. I’m sharing a few of my favorites sources along with vases and flower arrangement accessories you can show towards the end of this post.

How To Choose Your Vase

When it comes to choosing a vase for tulips, most vases will work just fine. When I’m creating flower arrangements, I like to work with smaller openings. But since tulips have thicker leaves, you can definitely use a wider opening as well.

I’ve found the best tulip vase is one that has a wide enough opening to allow for the bigger foliage but deep enough to offer the tulips good support. A simple, glass vase like the one pictured above works well.

Or, often times, a simple white pitcher is a great option for supplying both of these needs!

How To Create A Tulip Arrangement

  1. Choose the freshest tulips you can find. Look for tulips that have flower heads mostly closed with opaque edges.
  2. Remove tulips from packaging and discard.
  3. Rinse tulip stems with cold water to remove any dirt that is trapped in the leaves.
  4. Next, remove any excess leaves from your stems.
  5. Using a pair of sharp scissors, cut at least 1 inch off the bottom of the stem at a 45-degree angle. (The length of the tulip sticking out of the vase should be about 3/4ths as tall as the vase.) Don’t cut too short the first time. If necessary, you can trim again.
  6. Fill a vase with fresh cold water and drop in an ice cube.
  7. Place fresh cut tulips into prepared vase.
vase full of white tulips on kitchen counter

  • BE PICKY – Look for tulips that are tight, but are showing a good amount of color.
  • CAREFULLY WHEN TRIMMING – Don’t cut the tulip stems too short the first time. It’s better to cut them too long, and trim again if necessary.
  • RESIST TWEAKING – Don’t worry if there is a rogue tulip that sticks out too far…or if the colors are a little off. You can have beautiful arrangements without going for perfection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tulip arrangements can droop for several reasons. The most common reason is not enough fresh water, but they can also be affected by too much indirect sunlight, a room that’s too warm, or stems that are weak.

You definitely want to remove any leaves that will be below the water line, as these can create bacteria in the water and drastically shorten the life of your tulips.

Retrim the ends and give your arrangement fresh, cool water every day. Keep them away from HVAC vents to avoid blasting air and place in a cool room if possible.

white tulips in white scalloped vase on kitchen counter

Where To Buy The Best Vases and Fresh Tulips

And as promised, here are some great vases and beautiful flowers to shop! Just click on the image for more information:

I hope you found my tulip arranging tips helpful and you discovered some new tips and tricks. If you have a few to add, be sure to share those in the comments below!

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