How To Plant A Delightful Moss Basket Container Garden

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Add a unique moss basket container garden to your front door or backyard deck with this easy step by step tutorial!

Today I have a fun flower project I am super excited to share with you. I’ve had this idea in my head for over a month and half. And now that I can look out onto my backyard deck and see these lovely moss basket container gardens lookin back at me – I’m so giddy!

two moss basket container gardens sitting on backyard deck filled with white flowers and green trailing plants

They may look a little complicated to make but I promise you, I spent the most time just trying to find the supplies. The actual creating was only an hour or so on the backyard deck while enjoying a big Arnold Palmer drink. 🙂

two moss basket container gardens sitting on backyard deck filled with white flowers and green trailing plants

And now since I have discovered all the supplies and listed them for you – this DIY will be even faster and really fun. So, you wanna make one too for your outdoor spaces? Let me show you the steps!

How To Make Moss Basket

So first, let me share with you what really inspired me to create these two moss basket container gardens. It’s an image I found while creating a post about front porch planter ideas.

woven baskets filled with flowers
credit / southern living

I just thought those baskets were so striking! So I almost immediately (probably even before I published that post) was trying to find all the supplies to recreate a similar look.

I’m pretty sure they have two baskets of the same size. But I knew I wanted to place these on my backyard deck. And since I didn’t have any steps there to get the staggered look, I decided to go with the same style of woven outdoor baskets in two different sizes.

NOTE: If the baskets I have suggested are sold out – here’s another great option!

The first step is to decide on where and how wide you want the moss to be weaved into the basket sides. I tried to use my inspiration picture as my guide.

So I grabbed the smaller basket first and found the mid-way point. Then I started to unweave the basket cording.

This does take some time – it’s not hard – just time consuming. So before you start, pour yourself some sweet lemonade or a fun little cocktail to enjoy while your unweaving. 🙂

woven basket with with removed cord

After I cleared a section, I measured it. Basically I just used my fingers width as a guide because this doesn’t have to be exact. Then I cut the strip out of the moss table runner.

cutting moss with scissors

Then with the cut strip, weave it under a basket side support cord (alternating every other one) like I did below.

Keep weaving until your two ends meet in the back. Tuck or weave any access moss into the basket.

woven basket with moss

I found this runner to be almost the exact length I needed to wrap completely around the basket – which was a nice surprise! On the larger basket, I came up a little short. But I solved that little problem by just cutting a small piece of moss to tuck into the basket and connect the strip.

woven basket with moss

You don’t even notice it but I just labeled this the back side of the basket so the ‘good side’ is out front and center!

Filling The Basket Container Garden

Now that the moss container garden basket is finished, it’s time to fill the inside. This is were the hanging basket comes into play.

two moss basket container gardens sitting on backyard deck filled with white flowers and green trailing plants

I knew I didn’t want to fill the entire depth of the basket with dirt. So for the large basket, I placed a small bucket upside down and placed it inside of the basket to rest on the bottom of the container.

Then I placed the hanging basket planter on top of the bucket. The planter rests just under the lip of the container basket.

For the smaller basket, all I had to do was place the hanging basket inside. No extra steps needed because it was a great fit already!

two moss basket container gardens sitting on backyard deck filled with white flowers and green trailing plants

So as the flowers grow and fill out, they’re going to cover all visibility of the top of the basket. Or at least – that’s my hope!

Selecting and Planting Flowers for Container Garden

When it came to selecting my container plants, I wanted an all white flower combination with varying pops of green. Now if you go back and look at my inspiration photo, they obviously used more of a red and pink color scheme. But that’s ok, I was going with something different!

So I went to my local garden center and found some white verbena, bacopa and alyssum. I really wanted all the white flowers to be my focal point!

Then for my green foliage plants, I picked creeping jenny and vinca vine. (Sweet potato vine would have been a great option too, but I decided to skip that plant this summer.) I always think spiller plants like these are a great way to add visual interest to any type of container garden.

two moss basket container gardens sitting on backyard deck filled with white flowers and green trailing plants

So once everything was planted, I added in my slow-release fertilizer plant food and gave all the flowers a good watering.

two moss basket container gardens sitting on backyard deck filled with white flowers and green trailing plants

The great thing about the types of plants I chose is that most prefer full sun but some also need a shady spot too. And our deck gets both. Early morning it’s shaded, high noon brings lots of intense sun and then we go into the evening with more shade.

So I’m hopeful these flower baskets will be able to handle the hot weather without too much frequent watering.

I really love how the combination came together! And I’m even more excited to see how it fills out over the next few months. I hope to come back and update this post with an even grander photo -fingers crossed!

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  1. Oh I am Obsessed with these! You are so smart. They turned out just beautiful!!! Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Laura, thanks for sharing. What a cleaver and decorative twist to patio or balcony, planting. It is so simple even I can do it (begginer container gardener)LOL. I have to agree with someone before who posted and it does bring boring planters to a whole new level. Thanks again have a great day. 🤩

  3. I Love this IDEA, I save and I’m always looking for way’s to use my Basket’s. Thanks Paula for this Beautiful creation. I hope I do as well as you did.

    1. Hi Catherine! Thanks for the sweet comments! I’m sure your baskets will turn out beautiful! 🙂 ~ Laura

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