Front Porch Flower Planter Ideas You’ll Love

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The front porch is the first impression of your home – the handshake. So give everyone a friendly welcome with these beautiful front porch flower planter ideas!

I’ve found over the years that it doesn’t take much to instantly make the front porch very welcoming for your guests. A couple of planters full of seasonal blooms and a fun doormat can do wonders. So let me share with you some front porch planter ideas you can easily recreate for your home!

front porch with outdoor planters and side seating area
Photo Credit | Inspiration for Moms

Why Decorate the Front Porch?

The front porch is the first impression of your home. And since we all want to make a great first impression, it seems practical to keep this area tidy and well maintained. Think of the front of your house like an extension of the inside of your home.

Now, you don’t need to spend a lot of time or money decorating your front porch. In fact, something as simple as a freshly painted front door and a couple of large planters can make a bold, cheerful statement and create an inviting entryway instantly.

Actually, you’ll find flower planters on my front porch all year long. Of course, I change the flowers or plants out seasonal. And sometimes I even switch out the planter too.

There’s just something about a pretty set of planters flanking a front door that makes my heart happy.

Before we talk about flowers let’s talk about another option you may love just as much – plants!

Best Way to Use Plants for the Front Porch

If you want your front porch to look fresh for spring and summer, low maintenance plants are great! But before you buy run out and buy plants for your porch, you need to consider lighting.

When it comes to plants (and flowers) there are shade-loving, sun-loving, or part-shade and part-sun. I have a great collection of sun and shade container garden ideas here to help guide you.

So knowing how much and what time of day your porch receives sunlight is key to growing and maintaining beautiful planters.

Ferns make great outdoor planters for a covered porch because they love the light but not full sun. And ferns look great in tall planters or even a hanging planter. I think just about every porch in the south has a hanging fern. And I don’t blame them – they’re gorgeous and such a classic look! 🙂

set of ferns in urns flanking front porch door
Photo Credit | Inspiration for Moms

Another trick I love to do is use mix in faux floral stems with real, low-maintenance potted plants like ferns to achieve Pinterest-worthy porch planters that require very little upkeep. Yep, it really is that easy.

fern in basket with faux white poppy flowers
Photo Credit | Inspiration for Moms

If you don’t have a green thumb or you just don’t want to bother with watering, faux plants are an easy way to achieve the same look. Trust me – no one will know those planter boxes are filled with fakes. 🙂

What Flowers Are Best for Front Porch Planters?

Are you wanting more bright colors on your porch besides just green plants? Well then I have some great front porch flower planter ideas you’re sure to love!

When it comes to choosing flower combinations for for the front porch you need to keep in mind sun exposure just like with plants. Some of my favorite flowers for more shadier spots would be impatiens, sweet alyssum, begonia, ivy and creeping Jenny.

If your porch spends a lot of time in the sun, a flower planter filled with sun loving geraniums, petunias, and lobelias would absolutely thrive. Complete the look with a sweet potato vine to add a ‘spilling’ compliment to the arrangement!

Don’t you love how this combination pops with the door color? So good!

set of outdoor planters in front of aqua green front door
Photo Credit | Southern Living

Inspiring Front Porch Flower Planter Ideas

Now let me share with you some great flower combinations in various planter styles to help you get your front porch stylin’ in no time. (Note sun exposure suggestions.)

Large Wooden Planter Stand

Placing large wooden planters flanking a front porch entrance can be such an attractive look. I love this idea of combining a tall boxwood topiary with jasmine vines, lemon thyme and white phlox.

It’s a simple clean look that will provide a ton of wow and sweet fragrance to all that visit your home – or perhaps just a walk by. This arrangement would love full sun to part shade.

white wooden planter stand with boxwood and flowers
Photo Credit | Southern Living

Collection of Terracotta Pots

Another classic front porch planter idea is a gorgeous grouping of terracotta pots filled with bright yellow and orange flowers. Using a variety of pot sizes makes this a great option if you are trying to decorate a small space.

set of terracotta pots on front porch steps
Photo Credit | Southern Living

Daffodils and are so cheerful – making them the perfect flower for the front door! Combine them with calibrachoa, alyssum, and nemesia. This easy-to-grow combination is great for full sun.

Long Porch Planters

Let’s not forget about the railing! It’s a fantastic location to place a long porch planter.

long planter perfect for porch railing or window boxes
Photo Credit | Midwest Living

This combination of creeping Jenny, pigeon berry, dragon tree, calibrochoa and coleus creates a show-stopping welcome! This pretty arrangement is great for more of a part-sun light situation and could be used in window boxes as well. 🙂

Plant It On The Wall

Tight on space? Hang a lovely collection of flowers or plants on your front porch wall!

wall outdoor planter
Photo Credit | Crate & Barrel

Hanging planters can make an impressive eye-level impression. And will surprise your guests with an extra special focal point display they probably weren’t expecting.

Baskets Are Bountiful

Wicker baskets are another fabulous front door flower planter idea that would add instant curb appeal! Love how this wicker planters were filled with recycled plastic bottles to keep them light. Then they lined the sides with sheet moss and breathable landscape cloth.

Now I’m on the hunt for similar looking baskets cause I definitely want to try this look for our front door entrance! Which I think these baskets here just might work!

wicker basket outdoor planters
Photo Credit | Southern Living

The top basket is filled with zinnias, gomphrenas, and geraniums. And the bottom basket has begonias, Surdiva scaevolas, cleomes, and euphorbias. Give these two baskets part to full sun and enjoy all summer long!

Hopefully all of these outdoor planter ideas will take your front porch from good to a fantastic lasting impression your guests will not soon forget!

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The front porch is the first impression of your home - the handshake. So give everyone a friendly welcome with these beautiful front porch flower planter ideas!

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