Beautiful DIY Spring Front Porch Decorating Ideas

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A new season is here so let’s have some fun with these easy DIY spring front porch decorating ideas!

After those long winter months, the front porch definitely needs a refresh to reflect the new warmer weather of the spring season! But you may be overwhelmed on where to start or what to update in your outdoor spaces. And if you are on a limited budget, you may not want to spend much on new spring porch decor.

When it comes to updating the front porch for spring, all you really need is a few simple accessories to give the whole space a brighter, more vibrant look.

spring front porch with blue dutch door and planters with pretty blooms
photo credit | southern living

So these beautiful diy spring front door decorating ideas are exactly what you need! They are all very easy to make and will instantly give your front door or porch a brand new look for spring.

Why Refresh Your Front Porch For Spring?

Think of your front porch as the first impression of your home. We all generally want to make a good first impression, right? So a great way to easily do that is to keep this area tidy and well maintained.

And here’s a little bonus for your effort, a well-kept front porch also increases your curb appeal too!

spring front porch decorating ideas featuring black and white

When it comes to updating the front porch sometimes a very simple diy project like painting your front door is a great idea. It can really improve the front of your home quickly!

But I have even more DIY spring decor ideas I’m sure you are going to love. More on those projects a little later in the post!

How To Make Your Front Porch Stylish On A Budget

If your decorating budget is limited, I suggest you start by shopping your own home! Many decor items can be used from season to season.

And here’s a few more suggestions as well:

Budgeting Tips for Front Porch Spring Decorating

  • Repurpose What You Have – Look through your home for items you could reuse on the front porch. For example an old mixing bowl for a planter or an older rug for a front door outdoor rug.
  • Shop Secondhand – Facebook Marketplace or thrift stores are great for finding budget-friendly porch decor.
  • Keep It Simple – Don’t feel like you need to replace everything! You can make a big impact with only a few easy changes. Sometimes less is really more!
  • Only Change Small Accents – Instead of changing big items like furniture, maybe just switch out a doormat or add a couple new planters.
  • Wait For Sales – When I found a decor item that is out of my budget, I often wait for a good sale or search for a great ‘look for less’. I’ve included some of my favorite spring front porch decor items in the shopping guide below!
  • Make Your Own Decor – You can save a ton by making your own spring decor. Check out my ideas below!

Easy DIY Spring Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Creating your own spring decor is not only fun but it allows you to design a front porch decor that represents your own personal, unique decorating style.

spring front porch decorated in navy and white

So let’s look at some of my favorite DIY projects for every area of the front porch – from the door to the floor – I have some great spring decorating ideas!

Front Door and Spring Wreaths

One of the first things I did when we moved into this home we repaint our front door. It was painted a very dark maroon red and was not my style. So a fresh coat of white paint instantly gave our front porch a whole new look. And all I did was buy a can of paint!

So a great place to start is simply with the color of your front door.

If you like the color or painting is not your thing – let’s talk about a fun spring wreath you can easily make in a hour or so. This eucalyptus and peony spring wreath was so simple! I actually repurposed the grapevine wreath from a Christmas holiday decoration.

eucalyptus and peony spring wreath on white front door

I also made a spring starburst forsythia wreath that was even easier because it only required three items. Plus, I waited for a sale at our local craft store and saved 50% off all the supplies I needed. So this wreath super affordable as well!

Rug and Welcome Mat

Now that we have talked about the front door, let’s focus on the floor. The front porch is a fun place to lay a nice rug, spring doormat, or even layer with both! One year, I couldn’t find a new doormat style that I liked, so I decided to make my own.

This spring doormat diy project was so simple and added the perfect touch of spring to our front door.

spring door mat well come on spring

Don’t Skip These: Coming up with layered doormat rug combinations is so fun! And it’s such an easy process once you learn the tricks. I’ve combined both neutral rugs and even spring combos too!

Spring Flowers

Once your door and floor decor are in place, it’s a great time to add in some green. Spring is all about new life. So why not add some new spring flowers to the porch.

If you live in a colder climate like us here in Colorado, I can’t put out fresh flowers until closer to summer. So you know what I do? I fake it!

fern and faux poppy planters by front door

These poppy and fern planters were great conversation starters. Many of the guests to our home were surprised by my ‘blooming ferns’! You can see how I easily created this look HERE.

Potted Real Plants

If you don’t’ want to hassle with flowers, a simple potted plant on the front porch is a great look for spring. I personally love to go with Boston ferns. They do so well on our covered porch from early spring to late fall.

And for this spring look, I even added a fern spring wreath on the door to compliment the real ferns flanking the door!

set of ferns flanking front door with fern spring wreath on white door

The trick with ferns is all you need is a planter. I don’t even replant them – just unhook the plastic hanger from the pot and set it into the planter. It really doesn’t get any easier than that!

Outdoor Furniture

Even if you have a small porch, I challenge you to add some touch of seating if you can. Even one small chair and a side table can do wonders for the appeal of a front porch.

Our porch seating area is very small, and it took me awhile to find the right furniture that would give us the most lounging possibilities. You can see the before and after of this DIY project here.

But I am so glad I did add some outdoor furniture to this side area of our front door. It’s a great place to sit and enjoy a nice glass of iced tea while the boys are playing in the front yard.

spring front porch seating area decorated in ivory and green

I’ve often thought about updating our teak furniture with more modern, metal styled furniture. But as soon as I get out the teak oil and clean it up, I can’t see any reason to replace it.

Spring Front Porch Decorating Inspiration

Now it’s time to see some fabulous front porch decor ideas! I love seeing how others style their front porches. It always gives me a ton of inspiration when it comes to decorating our own home.

Over Sized Planters – I love the idea of two over-sized planters flanking the door! Such a big statement with minimal effort. And did you see the white chair on the side peeking out – all you need is one!

navy front door with over sized large navy planters flanking the sides
photo credit | southern living

Combine that with the matching navy door and a simple modern doormat – and you have a beautiful spring front door welcoming everyone!

Simple But Beautiful – I’m all for simple look and this one below is simply perfection. A nice lemon spring wreath on the door for the tiniest pop of color.

black front door with lemon wreath and two simple planters next to doormat
photo credit | studio mcgee

Then a couple of matching woven planters filled with simple white blooms. Add a lovely layered doormat combo and this spring front door is complete!

Contrasting Blooms – No need for a ton of different flower combinations. Just two contrasting colors of geranium blooms adds a ton of bright spring cheer to this porch!

spring front door with red and white blooms
photo credit | grandinroad

And the bench sitting area to the side is a great feature as well. Love the cute boxwood garden dog too!

Show Stopping Spring Door – Remember when I said how changing the door color is sometimes all you need to do for a fresh spring look. Well, here is the perfect example!

They may have a super small front porch, but you don’t really notice because the door steals all the attention.

white home with bright green front door
photo credit | house beautiful

That lovely green door looks fantastic with the simple white exterior of the home. And that fresh lawn just helps the door ‘pop’ all the more, making it a great focal point for the house!

Hanging Basket – I adore this simple spring door. A simple hanging basket filled with real (or faux flowers) is all you need.

gray door with woven hanging basket full of white blooms
photo credit | ballard designs

The neutral color scheme of the homes trim and brick really help this easy spring decorations to stand out. Love the addition of a few potted plants and a nice brass lantern for a soft glow!

Go For Symmetry – I’m a big fan of symmetry – it’s one of my favorite ways to decorate. So when my eye caught this front porch, I had to share it with you.

bright blue front door with set of boxwoods and blue hydrangeas flanking the sides of the door
photo credit | house beautiful

A set of large boxwoods with the bright colors of the blue hydrangeas compliments the front door so well, and says hello spring all at the same time! The house number sign is a nice addition as well!

Multiple Use – Create some colorful planters that can wow your guests and help you make the best cocktail in town. These mandarin topiaries combined with pretty blooms at the base – scream spring!

bright blue front door with citrus trees flanked on the sides
photo credit | southern living

And the different colors of the fruit works so well with the striking door color!

Put A Swing On It – Wanna take your outdoor porch seating to a whole new level – hang a couple of outdoor hanging chairs or a porch swing.

front porch with set of two hanging chairs
photo credit | hgtv

Not only are they fun to ‘hang out’ in but they are also the perfect way to add a very unique look to your front door area as well.

Spring Front Porch Decor Shopping Guide

If you’re looking for some new flower pots or some great faux florals, I have a great selection of items to shop! Just click on the images for more info:

I hope all of the diy spring front porch ideas and inspirational photos inspired you with ideas for your own porch.

I’m guessing now that you’ve seen some amazing spring porches, you’re probably really craving for those warmer months ahead!

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