Summer Outdoor Decor Tour

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Learn simple ways to add style and beauty to your outdoor lounge areas with this summer outdoor decor tour!

As of yesterday, summer has officially arrived! And I’ve been enjoying it to the fullest. Summers in Colorado can be quite magically at times. The days haven’t been too hot and the nights have been super cool. So basically it’s been the perfect setting for living outdoors and really enjoying our lounging areas.

Our home has a front porch and a backyard deck area. And we try to enjoy them as much as we can. I will admit, the backyard probably sees the most action. But I still want the front porch seating area decor to look nice for guests who visit our home.

When it comes to outdoor decorating, every year I try to first ‘shop’ our home for fun, new decor combinations. I do add a couple new items every year – but I don’t go crazy for two reasons. One – money and two – storage. I don’t have a ton of either! 🙂

So if you are like me, I wanted to share with a few simple ways to update your outdoors with helpful decor ideas that are inexpensive and easy to do!

This tour is a little different than some of my past home tours because we are starting the tour in the morning on the front porch. And then we will end the tour in the evening on the backyard deck. It’s kinda like you’re spending the day with me. Fun right?

So having said that, let’s get this summer outdoor decor tour started!

Front Porch Summer Outdoor Decor

This year I kept the summer outdoor decor pretty simple. I mainly wanted to use navy and green as my colors for this area. Which most of my green was coming from plants or flowers.

This year was the first time I’ve tried to include a new outdoor decor idea by hanging a flower basket on the porch. And I have to tell you, it ain’t going great. Part of it is thriving while other parts are dying. Not sure what the problem is -perhaps not enough direct sunlight. I got no clue!

But what I am excited for is my Annabella hydrangeas that are close to start blooming!

summer outdoor decor on front porch
early blooming Annabelle hydrangeas

Year after year I keep flanking my front door with Boston ferns. I just can’t stop because for only about $20 per fern I get a ton of lush green that lasts all summer long.

They are like no-fail summer outdoor decor! Even in Colorado, I have no problem keeping them alive and thriving.

summer outdoor decor front door flanked with boston ferns
summer outdoor decor front door flanked with boston ferns

I think this is the first year every that I didn’t layer my front door rug with a fun doormat. I just didn’t find anything that I really loved this year. So I kept it simple with my absolute favorite striped outdoor rug!

The side seating area of the porch was updated with a couple of navy and white striped pillows I used last year. And the rug was featured first on the backyard deck last year. Thought I would try it out here and I think it works!

side chair seating area on front porch
bench and table on side of front porch

In front of the porch I still have my group of three planters. This year I filled them with lobelia flowers and they are filling in so nicely! Fresh flowers are always one of my favorite ways to switch up your summer outdoor decor. 🙂

side of front porch seating area with planters of flowers
planters full of summer flowers

That’s the tour of the front porch – now let’s make our way to the backyard deck.


Backyard Deck Summer Outdoor Decor

Today was the first day of summer and the longest day of the year. So I took full advantage of both by enjoying a wonderful evening on the back deck. This lounge area is so comfy and the perfect place to unwind at the end of the day!

summer outdoor decor on backyard deck with seating area
summer outdoor decor on backyard deck with seating area

This little bench area is a great place to just pop out and take a breather no matter the time of day. And now that I have some gorgeous moss planters right next to it – I love this space even more!

These planters were a fun new DIY summer outdoor decor that I created a month or so ago. Very inexpensive to make and they add so much style to the deck!

moss planter baskets filled with white flowers on backyard deck

And I just LOVE how they are filling in. I think my favorite part is watching the white verbena send up shoots of blooms! They are like little white balls of happiness. Maybe that’s a slight overstatement but that’s how I feel about them!

up close of white verbena

Speaking of flowers, my wall planters are bursting with tons of pretty blooms as well! These planters are such a great summer outdoor decor idea. They instantly make a rather boring area so much more alive.

summer outdoor decor on backyard deck with seating area
petunia in wall planter

I just adore this super petunia flower, so I included it in a planter on the outdoor coffee table as well. Paired with some simple basil, it makes a great addition to the table.

summer outdoor decor on backyard deck with seating area
summer outdoor decor on backyard deck with seating area
summer outdoor decor on backyard deck with seating area

The only new additions to this outdoor lounge area (besides fresh flowers and herbs) were a couple of striped pillows! You know me, if it’s striped – it’s right. 🙂 And that’s it – a great stylin’ place to enjoy the summer days away.

summer outdoor decor on backyard deck with seating area

And I guess with that, the summer tour of the backyard lounge area is complete. All we need now is a big Arnold Palmer to complete this lovely summer day! 🙂


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  1. Ok please share your fern tips with me. I seriously live just down the road and cannot keep mine alive. ugh Also, loving all of your outdoor spaces and feeling thankful we live in gorgeous Colorado! Happy Summer, friend!

  2. I just love those basket planters Laura! Your entire porch area is just beautiful and I could totally unwind there. Such a great touch adding wall planters to the siding as well!

  3. Laura, your yard is so pretty! I love your back deck with the pretty striped rug! Pinned 🙂


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