The Best Fake Plants That Look Real


Find a collection of the best fake plants – including tips on where to buy , how to style and what to look for in a faux plant so it always looks real!

If you lack a green thumb and struggle to keep real plants alive for longer than a week – you have come to the right place! There definitely seems a trick to keeping live plants thriving. Unfortunately, I’ve killed a ton of plants over the years.

But here’s the thing – fake plants have come a long ways! And they just keep getting better. Did I mention how low-maintenance they are as well?

So if you can’t grow the real thing (like me!), don’t have the time, allergies, kids or pets – there’s no judgement from me. Instead, I’m going to give you my best tips and tricks on how to fake it exceptionally well!

collection of the best fake wall plants
Sources for these faux plants, fake trees and stems can be found further down in the post.

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Tips When Shopping For Fake Plants

Artificial house plants have not always been trending like they currently are now. We have all seen the really bad, cheap-looking plastic ones that you can spot a mile away! In the past – interior designers considered faux plants to be very faux pas.

But fast forward today, and you now have a great selection of very affordable fake plants that you’d swear were real. And some of my top picks are even designed and sold by very popular home interior decorators! 🙂

So what should you look for so your faux plants will fool even the toughest critic?

  • GO FOR PLASTIC-Y LOOKING PLANTS – A great faux plant is a type of plant that when real – can sometimes have a plastic-y look. Examples of these type of plants would be snake plants, fiddle leaf figs, banana trees, philodendrons, certain types of ferns and succulents.
  • PLASTIC OVER SILK PLANTS – Go with plastic! Why? Plastic plants can now be created with molds of real plants. And some are even filled with foam which gives the plants an even more realistic look.
  • STEMS ARE MULIT-USE – Stems are great when displayed alone but can also be combined with other stems for completely different looks. Look for bendable or wired stems as an added bonus in helping you achieve a real look.
  • STEER CLEAR OF TOO DECORATIVE – If you see glued on fake rain-drops or extremely glossy leaves – it just screams fake!
  • READ REVIEWS – Reviews are your best friends! Often people will refer to the quality or how life-like the plant looks. One of the easiest ways to be sure you get a quality plant is to skim the reviews before you buy!

Now that you know what to look for in a faux houseplant, let’s talk about where to shop!

Best Places To Shop for Faux Plants

When it comes to shopping for fake plants, I have a some favorite home decor stores that are definitely my go-to.

collection of the best fake plants on a table in living room
photo | pottery barn

So below I’m sharing my list of my top places to shop for the best fake plants. Just click on the name of the store to be directed straight to their wide selection of faux houseplants and florals.

And now I want to show you my top picks from my favorite stores!

My Top Picks of Fake Plants

Below you will find some of my top picks for fake potted plants, stems and trees. I’ve included a variety of different sizes, in a big range of affordable price points as well. But here is something to keep in mind as you shop.

Even though artificial greenery can be much more affordable than the real deal, you get what you pay for with the faux version. So the cheapest price may not always give you the best realistic-looking fake plant.

But I’m sure you will love all of my realistic-looking options below! So simply click on the name of the faux greenery for more information.

collection of the best fake plants

Best Fake Plants Sources: pathos plant | moringa artificial tree | potted maidenhair fern | ficus twig branch | potted monstera deliciosa | string of hearts | grass in basket | Amaranthus leaf branch | ficus tree | snake plant | green petal leaf branch | faux fiddle leaf fig tree |

Shop All Fake Plants, Stems and Trees Below

How To Style Fake Plants In Your Home

When it comes to styling fake plants or stems in your home, I have several tips. The number one tip you want to keep in mind is to think of your fake plant like a real plant. Ditch the cheap pot or planter and instead use a beautiful ceramic pot or basket. When it comes to location, they’re perfect for placing in any empty corner, coffee table or living space!

And just to keep people guessing whether your best faux plants are real or not, relocate them often in your home and reinvent they’re look with a brand new planter as well! (Your secret will be safe with me.)

kitchen with flower centerpiece on counter

KITCHEN SOUCRES: black vase (similar) | faux ranunculus (similar) | faux eucalyptus stems | leather counter stools |

Another tip is to make sure your fake plants are clean. So let’s talk about that next!

Cleaning Tips for Fake Plants

If you really want to your faux small plants to look real, you must keep them clean and dust free. Wipe down your plants regularly with a microfiber cloth to keep them looking their absolute best!

And don’t forget to dust any faux plants or florals in an outdoor space as well – like for example my faux white poppy stems by my front door. Just a gentle shake should be all they need.

fern with white poppy stems on front porch next to outdoor chair

So did I miss your favorite place to shop for fake plants? I’d love to hear where you find them!

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