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So, you’re looking for gorgeous, affordable area rugs with free shipping? Well, Amazon is your answer!

Area rugs are such an important part of home decorating. One of my favorite reasons for using them is for the softness, warmth and style they can give a room. And based on the rug selection, they can easily blend into the background or make a bold statement. 

I have placed rugs in almost every room in our home – even layering them on top of the carpet! One of the very first Amazon rugs I purchased was actually for our kitchen. I’ve had it for years and it’s held up great. Plus I still love seeing it everyday. 🙂


Besides the great selection of area rugs on Amazon, another reason I love to shop there is the free shipping (Hello, Prime!).  Often many times I can get my rug in just a couple days! And ever since that first purchase, I’ve had Amazon as one of my top resources for quality rugs at some great prices!

So I put together a roundup of my favorite 12 area rugs on Amazon. You can get a direct link to any rug by simply clicking on the name of the numbered rug below the image.

1: blue/beige wool rug // 2: textured jute rug // 3: diamond shag rug // 4: ivory/silver vintage rug // 5: olive/charcoal rug // 6: ivory/sand rug // 7: grey/off white rug // 8: woven jute off white rug //       9: chevron rug // 10: slate and ivory vintage rug // 11: natural/sage rug // 12: taupe/stone rug //

You may noticed that #5 is the same rug in our kitchen. And that #3 is very similar to our newly remodeled basement rug pictured above! And may have also seen a pattern in my rug selection – they are all very neutral! I selected this style for two reasons.

One – because my my home decorating style always leans on the neutral side. 🙂 And two – a neutral area rug can go with anything and evolve with your decor as it changes over time. Another bonus of neutral area rugs, you can swap them from room to room. So you will be able give your rooms a new update without spending a dime!


Do you have any area rug questions I can answer? Like how to know what size to purchase for a room? Just let me know in the comments – I am happy to help!

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