Seven Home Gym Ideas and Design Board

A collection of stylin’ home gym ideas for inexpensive ways to create a workout area that will inspire you no matter the size or limitations!

So you may remember back in January when I shared some of our home goals for 2022. One of them was to turn an extra room in our basement into a home gym. Well, the time has come to make it happen! And I’ve been searching for some stylin’ home gym ideas to help me set the design for the room.

The space was previously set up to be a playroom/lounge room (image below). But we have quickly out grown that design and now need a place to get working out. 🙂

A collection of stylin' home gym ideas for inexpensive ways to create a workout area that will inspire you no matter the size or limitations! (our extra room currently)

So let me share some home gyms I have found. Each one is full of fabulous ideas of how to make a small home gym stylin! And then I will show you the design board I’ve planned for our home gym.

Small Stylin’ Home Gym Ideas

Unfinished Look

Is your basement not finished, no problem. Use the walls to keep track of your workout schedule! Love this earthy feel of concrete and using what you got to it’s full potential!

home gym ideas with unfinished look

Focal Wall

This home gym is has everything you could need for a great workout. And look at how much style that one (very energetic) focal wall adds to the room. Love the neutral black and white pattern – so fun!

home gym ideas with focal wall

Fun Workout Art

Adding a few fun art pieces instantly adds style to the space and may add a smile to your face as well. We all know exercising is work, why not make the room encouraging a fun to look at while you’re there sweating away. 🙂

Pegboard Organization

Why not have your gym stylin’ while being organized at the same time. A pegboard is very affordable way to get all your workout equipment off the floors and easily within reach. Use those walls to help you keep that valuable floor space open!

Garage Glam

Can you believe you are looking at a home gym that is located in a garage? WOW. When it comes to creating a workout room, don’t underestimate the power of creativity! There’s a ton of equipment packed into this small space along with some big stylin’ wall design. So good!

home gym ideas in garage

Locker Storage

Now, this may take you back to the gyms of high school or perhaps your local pool. But these metal storage lockers are such a stylin’ addition to any home gym! And just think of all the useful storage you will have for workout gear too. 🙂

Mirrors To Maximize

Another great home idea is to add full length mirrors to the walls. This is such a great addition for two reasons. One, it will make the room feel larger. And two, you will have the ability to check form while exercising as well.

home gym ideas with full length mirrors

So now that I’ve share a ton of home gym ideas with you, let me show you my design board for our basement gym.

Home Gym Design Board

My goal for our new home gym is to update it the room with everything we will need but keep the budget low. So having said that, here’s a look at what I have in mind for this space.

SOURCES: wall mount ladder | dumbbells | treadmill | bench | gym flooring | wall mirror | bench | wood wall hooks | resistance band | yoga mat wall rack | yoga mats | kettle bells | basket | glass water bottle | heavy bag | poster frames | gym art – pug | gym art – corgi |

You can see that I was inspired to add some similar fun art to the space. Those dogs working out is too fun! And you may remember when we used to own a pug name Butters. 🙂

Some of the items we already have. some I’ve already ordered and some I still need to shop for – but I think this design is going to definitely transform this extra room into a home gym we will use and love!

Are you looking for home gym ideas too? Did any of these gyms inspire you?

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