10 Easy Ideas To Creating A Cozy Home


Get inspired with these ten ideas for creating a cozy home. You’ll find creative and budget friendly tips that will help you enjoy all the warmth and comfort of home without adding any clutter or unnecessary “stuff”!

A cozy home is one that feels welcoming, comfy and warm. You can easily create cozy spaces all throughout your house – no matter your decor style!

I think we all automatically gravitate to warm and cozy environments. So making your home welcoming, restful, comfortable and a warm place to live is always the ultimate goal.

Over the years, I’ve really tried to purposefully create a cozy feel in our home with subtle but specific changes.

So today, I’m going to show you my best tips I’ve learned in creating a cozy home. It all starts with just a few simple changes!

10 Ideas For Creating A Cozy Home

The key to creating a cozy home isn’t buying a ton of stuff! Nope. You can easily create a comfy, warm home without adding any clutter.

So let’s talk about 10 different ideas you can incorporate today, to give your home a ‘cozy-feel’ makeover.

Add Kitchen Linens

I suggest starting at the bottom and work your way up. So, add a little beautiful rug on the floor in front of the kitchen sink, put a runner or tablecloth on the table and maybe even hang a linen kitchen towel on the stove handle.

Anytime you can put a layer of fabric between yourself and bare wood or tile, it’ll instantly feel a bit warmer in the room.

kitchen with gray cabinets, white subway tile and striped rug on floor to add coziness to room

Don’t Miss This: I actually have a ton of creative decor ideas on how to hang and style kitchen towels throughout your kitchen. See them all HERE.

Warm Wall Color

When it comes to painting the interior of your home, think warm colors. Warm neutrals are a great alternative to white because they’re just as easy to use but tend to make a space feel extra cozy.

living room with gray painted walls and framed gallery wall with plaid ottomans

I’ve shared my top 10 gray interior paint colors with you.

But if white is more your go-to color, I love Benjamin Moore’s Simply White. It has a slightly purer white tone without losing that soft hint of warmth.

Add Some Life

Bring life into the space by adding fresh flowers or greenery. I love to add plants to our kitchen counter or living room coffee table.  

Whether you drop by your local grocery story or clip branches from your backyard is up to you. It’s just such an easy way to make any room feel more cozy!

dining room table with centerpiece of several live plants


I know this is not the most fun part of keeping a home. But clutter has such a profound impact on how we interact and live in our homes.

And often, clutter it’s hiding in places you don’t even realize. Which is only stealing that cozy warmth from your home.

Check out these top 20 things that could be cluttering your home right now!

bedroom nightstand with wall sconce to help control lighting and create a cozy feel

Warm Light Bulbs

Light bulbs can often be overlooked when it comes to creating a cozy feeling in our homes. But truth be told, the right light can make or break a room!

So which light bulb should you pick for creating a cozy home? The warmth of light bulbs is measured in Kelvin (K). Color warmth ranges from around 1,000 to 10,000, and the lower the Kelvin rating, the warmer the light.

basement living room work area with warm light bulbs to create a cozy mood

Because every room may have different lighting needs, here’s my bulb recommendation for each room:

  • Kitchens: 4,100K
  • Bathrooms: 4,100K
  • Bedrooms: 2,700K
  • Living Room: 2,700K
  • Dining Room: 2,700K

Notice the warmer bulbs in places like the bedrooms and living room. This is most likely where you want the most cozy, relaxing feel.

Give those light bulbs a switch and instantly notice a difference in how cozy your home feels!


Along with light bulbs, good lighting placement can play such a key role in the atmosphere of your home.

One decorating mistake I often see is using only an over head light fixture for a rooms light source.

But to make a room looks (and feels) well designed and super cozy, layered lighting is the much better choice.

kitchen with gray cabinets subway tile and small lamp on counter to create a cozy feel

For a quick change, layer the lighting in a room by adding a floor lamp or a table lamp. You could even go a step further, and add a warm glow from a flickering fireplace!

A couple of dimmer switches placed throughout your home as well is great for lowering the lighting and setting a cozy mood in an instant.

Or just keep it simple with some lovely candle light to bring all the cozy vibes into your home.

Implement Some Love

A cozy home is a place where you are surrounded with things you love – like sentimental pieces.

Whether it be a piece of art from your family travels or your grandmother’s chest of drawers. Let your home tell a story of your life and experiences!

Add Warm Wood Tones

Warming up a space is the key to making it feel like a cozy home. And wood is great warm feature to incorporate throughout your home.

Think of pieces like hardwood floors, accent walls, wood beams, wood cabinets, even wood mantels.

dining room with gray rug wood floors and wood table to create a cozy feel in home

But don’t forget about more simple home decor accessories as well. A couple of wood shelves, a large wood bowl or even a wood tray can help create a cozy feel in any room.

Layer Rugs

There are so many great option when it comes to picking and layering rugs for your home. Whether you choose vintage rugs, indoor/outdoor rugs or a fantastic jute rug, layering rugs can add cozy vibes to your home instantly.

TIP: A common mistake when layering rugs is using the wrong sizes.
If you layer a tiny rug over a huge rug, it gets lost and ends up looking unbalanced. I suggest layering a rug about 2/3 the size of the rug underneath.

And yes, you can totally layer rugs on carpet! It’s one of my best tricks to dealing with dated or wearing carpet.

bedroom with rug layered over carpet to create a cozy and warm room

Add Pillows And Throws

Yup, you can totally consider this an excuse to purchase more pillow covers (if you want)! Sherpa, waffle knit, and woven throw pillows are a quick and easy way to make any sofa or chair feel extremely cozy.

And once you learn how to mix and match different styles, it’s a great way to cozy texture to your home as well!

And really, who doesn’t love to snuggle up with a chunky knit throw?! With a purpose that is both functional and stylish, it’s a win-win in my book!

basement living room white couch with throw and pillows to make area fill more cozy

Frequently Asked Questions

Most often, the term cozy refers to a house or room that feels comfortable, relaxing and warm. It can also refer to a size of a space as well, being small but still inviting and comfy.

Many of the ideas featured here are very budget friendly. Changing out pillow covers or throws, adjusting the lighting, or adding a rug. All of these ideas can easily be achieved by just shopping your home – for free!


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