10 Simple Ideas For Decorating With Green Home Decor

Get inspired with fabulous ideas for decorating with green home decor. Find out why it’s a great neutral and all the benefits it can add to your home!

The winter months is when this lady starts craving some green in her life. Maybe it’s because I just spent all my green over the holidays (wink, wink) or because of winters boring outdoor brown appearance.

Either way, now (or anytime really!) is a great time to start thinking about infusing some green into your homes decor.

Get inspired with fabulous ideas for decorating with green home decor. Find out why it's a great neutral and all the benefits it can add to your home!
photo credit | studio mcgee

Decorating With Green Home Decor

So before I show you some examples of decorating with green. Let’s talk about the power of green and why you should use it as a decorating color throughout your home, even if you’re a big fan of neutrals (like me!).

Is Green A Neutral Color?

I’m a neutral lover in every sense of those two words. My homes decor is neutral, my wardrobe is neutral, my wall colors are neutral…you get the point. So is green a neutral color?

Yes! If you just stop and look at nature, you can see how beautifully everything pairs with this color scheme.

Get inspired with fabulous ideas for decorating with green home decor. Find out why it's a great neutral and all the benefits it can add to your home!
photo credit | bria hammel interiors

The shades of green you decorate with is when personal style comes into play. I personally tend to stay away from bright colors and go with more darker shades of gray-greens and muted shades of moss and sage green.

Why Should You Use Green In Home Decorating?

There are many benefits from decorating with this trending color. Green evokes feelings of calmness. It reduces our stress and anxiety.

Just think about taking a walk on a trail through a forest of evergreen trees. Your blood pressure almost immediately drops and you just feel so peaceful.

tori robinson interiors living room with green accents
photo credit | tori rubinson interiors

That’s exactly how we want our homes to be so why not bring those feelings indoors!

So now that we’ve learned about how great the color green is, let me show you some lovely green home decor inspiration!

Shelf Accents

Love how this neutral kitchen adds some fun details simply by adding a few colorful vases tucked in the shelves. This green home decor is a bolder choice.

subtle pops of green on shelves
photo credit | country living

But it only adds to the character of the room. And I just have to point out those striped shades on the chandelier as well. I know they are not green, but so cute!

Cozy Seating

Even though this chair is green, it’s still a fantastic neutral for any room. I think moss green is one of my favorite shades of green to use in my home.

So definitely don’t shy away from green furniture even if you’re a neutral lover like me.

green upholstered chair in corner of bedroom
photo | pottery barn

SOURCES: accent chair | side table | wall gallery frames | black olive tree |

And of course, the faux tree is another great green decor item as well. But more on faux plants in a bit. 🙂

Throw Pillows

One of the most affordable and easiest ways to incorporate some green into your home decor is with a few pillows. These green throw pillows below are so striking on the white couches.

add decorative green pillow covers
photo | scout and nimble

Combined with the green plants throughout the room, and you have a stylish living room in a matter of minutes.

Accent Wall Color

Got a half wall in your home that could use a little update? Love the green accent wall in this bathroom. It makes a simple statement without stealing the show!

green painted half wall in bathroom
photo | studio mcgee

A simple paint project like this could give your home a beautiful new look with hardly any effort on your part. Love those kind of projects!

Faux Plants

Artificial plants (or real) are a great way to add a natural green feel into your home. And you don’t have to over think it!

green faux plants placed through living room area
photo credit | pure salt interiors

I love how a couple of simple wood stools placed in a little corner can add a beautiful display of green plants.

You could do this look in so many of the rooms in your home, like a home office or even a guest room!

Green Artwork

Let’s not forget about the walls. Another simple way to add some green is with a lovely piece of artwork. The art below draws your eye up and balances this kitchen nook perfectly!

green art hung over kitchen bench in nook eating area
photo | mindy gayer design

If you don’t want to do one large piece of art, a gallery wall filled with botanicals would be another great choice for incorporating green into your home.

Monochromatic Centerpiece

Go for a fun look but creating a centerpiece of full of green! Start with a vase in a muted green color, then add in some gorgeous green stems.

This would make a great decor items for a console table or coffee table. 

green foliage in green vase on console table
photo | studio mcgee

When it comes to vase fillers, eucalyptus is my go-to! I just love it’s natural shade of green and those fun shaped leaves.

Kitchen Island

A home painted with green kitchen cabinets can be very striking. But repainting all your cabinets is a tad more work. So how about just updating the kitchen island?

kitchen with green island
photo credit | saffron + poe

The moss green color really helps to ground the island and gives an amazing backdrop to contrast with the counter stools. So pretty!


Adding green wallpaper to your home may take a little more work, but the payoff is huge. This simple green fern leaf patterned wallpaper is the star of this mudroom.

green fern leaf wallpaper in mudroom
photo credit | studio mcgee

If you have never given wallpaper a try, I suggest playing with it by starting in a small spaces in our home. I’ve placed it in our hall bathroom and even our homes linen closets.

Stylish Rug

Another great place to slide in some green is with new area rugs or a kitchen runner rug. It’s one of my favorite ways to give the room a new update!

green striped kitchen runner rug in kitchen with white cabinets
photo credit | bria hammel interiors

This striped rug above is the perfect choice for adding some fun color to the kitchen and compliments the fresh herbs on display as well!

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