How To Choose Kitchen Cabinet Hardware To Match Decor


A simple and straightforward guide to help you choose the perfect kitchen cabinet hardware for your space.

Kitchen cabinet hardware is such an easy way to make a big impact on your home! But with so many options to choose from, and it can be overwhelming to go through the process of selecting a style and finish that works for you and matches your decor.

So, whether you’re building a brand new kitchen, doing a mini kitchen renovation or simply want to just swap out your existing hardware, I’ve put together a how-to, to help you select the perfect kitchen cabinet hardware.

gray kitchen with pull bars kitchen cabinet hardware
photo | inspiration for moms

Let’s first start by talking about the different types of kitchen cabinet hardware available.

Types Of Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

So when it come to selecting kitchen hardware, you need to first decide if want to use all knobs, all cabinet pulls, or a combination of both.

Of course, there are no hard set fast rules but a popular choice is often to open cabinet doors with a knob and a drawer with a pull.

I went with drawer bar pulls on our upper cabinets, so really you’re free to select based on your personal preference or whatever type feels the most functional to you.

gray kitchen with pull bars kitchen cabinet hardware
photo | inspiration for moms

Having said that, let’s break down both types of hardware to see the pros and cons of each.


Knobs have smaller profiles than handles, are usually less expensive, and can be used for both drawers and cabinets.

And one of my favorite reasons to love them is because they’re usually easier to install than pulls since you only need a single screw to secure the knob to the cabinet door or drawer.

dark gray kitchen with knobs and pulls kitchen cabinet hardware
photo | rejuvenation


Pulls are larger than knobs, make more of a statement with their clean lines, and tend to be easier to grip.

They are usually more expensive than knobs, but can often still fit into a tight budget because they’re available in many different sizes. They tend to complement drawers or larger kitchen cabinets with their linear shape.

kitchen with pull bars kitchen cabinet hardware
photo | rejuvenation

Different Styles and Finishes

Now that you’ve selected your type, let’s think about what hardware style will match your kitchen or homes decor.

Hardware with ridges, curved silhouettes, or textured detailing typically works well in a more traditional inspired kitchen design. While modern kitchens tend to have cleaner lines and hardware with a sleek, minimal profile that is more smooth to the touch.

Determine the Right Size of the Hardware

Drawer fronts and cabinets range in size, so it can be difficult to determine the right hardware size you’ll need.

While again, there is no set rule, a general recommendation is the pull length is approximately 1/3 of the cabinet or drawer width.


  • Small Drawers that are 12” or less – go with a pull that is 3” to 4” long or a knob that is 1” in diameter.
  • Medium Drawers that are between 12” to 30” – go with a pull that is between 4” to 8” long or a knob that is between 1” to 1.5” in diameter
  • Large Drawers that are 30” to 48″will require longer pulls that are more than 8″ or a knob that is 1″ in diameter or greater. Using two pulls or knobs for a large drawer also works great. 

What Type Of Hardware Goes With What Style Of Kitchen?

The style of your kitchen will ultimately play a big role in the cabinet hardware you choose. You want to know the design you’re aiming for before you get ready to choose your cabinet hardware.

So let’s look at different examples of kitchen designs and the hardware styles and variety of finishes that will suit that decor best!

Modern and Contemporary Kitchen

For a more modern contemporary style kitchen, cabinet knobs and long pulls can be used interchangeably.

Many interior designers will suggest sleek cabinet and drawer pulls all over as a great option for a more modern kitchen look.

off white kitchen with pull bars kitchen cabinet hardware
photo | studio mcgee

As you know, I love pulls! I find them very easy to grab and I love the sleek look they gave our kitchen.

Farmhouse Kitchen

In a farmhouse styled kitchen, one can usually get away with mismatching finishes for a more vintage look.

I find that matte black hardware or oil-rubbed bronze are often popular cabinet hardware finishes in this style.

white farmhouse kitchen with matte black kitchen cabinet hardware
photo | bria hammel interiors

Traditional Kitchen

In traditional styled kitchens, the general rule to follow is knobs on doors and pulls on drawers.

Chrome and brushed nickel cabinet hardware are the most popular choices for traditional kitchens because the colors are understated and match stainless steel appliances, which are common to this kitchen style.

white kitchen with knobs kitchen cabinet hardware
photo | pure salt interiors

Some Favorite Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Picks

There are so many great new kitchen cabinet hardware options on the market right now! So I’m sharing all my favorite finds below.

white kitchen with pull bars kitchen cabinet hardware
photo | rejuvenation

A few kitchen cabinet hardware pieces and tips worth mentioning:

  • This package of 30 is one of the most affordable and popular hardware styles I’ve seen!
  • Love this simple but oh-so-stylin textured ring detailed knob! This modern look would be so pretty on some white cabinets.
  • This is the hardware template I used to install all my pull bars in our kitchen. Saved me so much time and frustration!
  • Home Depot and Lowes are an excellent choice if you want to shop for hardware in store. But often I’ve found a better selection online at Wayfair, Amazon or even Overstock.

Following are more than 30 different stylin’ hardware designs that would look perfect in almost any kitchen! Click any of the images below to learn more about the kitchen cabinet hardware options shown.

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