How to Install Cabinet Hardware


I am almost finished with my half bathroom makeover. Hopefully next week I will be able to show you all the details. For now, I’m going to show you how to install cabinet hardware. None of my cabinets have hardware….none! How boring is that? Hardware is the jewelry for your home. It’s a little extra shine  that completes the whole look. Learn how I installed these gorgeous drawer pulls in just three easy steps.

Learn How to Install Cabinet Hardware - Just 3 Easy Steps!

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All you need for this project is your hardware, a cabinet drawer template, a pencil, a level, a tape measure and a drill.

Trust me, you will love this template…it takes all the guessing and worrying out of this project.

cabinet template for how to install cabinet hardware

So now that we have our tools, let’s get started. First step is to measure your drawer and find the center. Mark with a pencil.

how to install cabinet hardware - measure for midpoint

The second step is to then line up your template and mark your drill holes. I wanted my drawer pulls centered so I used the third hole down from the top based on the size of my hardware.

how to install cabinet hardware - mark drill holes

Once you have finished marking your first drawer…don’t move the template! Look down at the bottom and you will see an arrow for your center/midpoint. Mark the drawer below, then just simply place your template on your mark. Before you mark your holes, double check with your tape measure. Repeat the second step on all drawers.

Now it’s time for the third step…to drill baby!

how to install cabinet hardware - drill your holes

Did you notice this template comes with a drill bit? How convenient is that?! So awesome. Grab your drill and your bit and make your holes. All that is left is too simply install the hardware. You can check with your level to make sure the hardware is straight. And then it’s time to step back and take it all in.

And oh what a difference you will see…here is my cabinet before…

how to install cabinet hardware - before hardware

And now…behold the new ‘jewelry’.

how to install cabinet hardware

Yes, you may have noticed some other updates like newly painted cabinets…but the hardware brought an old out dated cabinet up to a whole new modern, level. You may be wondering why I didn’t center the bottom drawer hardware. Well this is why…it’s more pleasing to the eye and I won’t have to bend over as far to open the bottom drawer! 😉

I hope you will stay tuned for the final reveal! You can check out my tutorial on how I replaced the sink and faucet HERE.

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