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Who doesn’t want the look for less? I’m starting a fun new series called “Friday Finds for Less”. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have expensive taste. My dad used to say, “If Laura likes it, I can’t afford it!” But even though I like the finer things…I don’t (and won’t) pay those higher price tags. I wait for sales or shop around until I can find the same look for less. A great example of this would be my newly remodeled dining room. I saved over $1500 dollars just shopping around.

This new series will cover many areas. I’ll be sharing rooms for less, fashion for less, travel for less (??). If there’s a cheaper option…I’ll show you! I thought Friday would be the perfect day for this new series too because who doesn’t like to shop on the weekends, am I right?!

As you might have guessed by now, this week’s theme is dining rooms. I was inspired by two different dining rooms. To shop either room just click on the thumbprint images below.

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First up is this dining room from Pottery Barn. The wood table with those iron bars….gorgeous! The lighting is super cute and I love the open shelving on the back wall.

potterybarn dining room

I was able to find a nice table, chairs, some lighting, shelves and a few accessories for much less.

Click on the image to shop:

Next up is this lovely dining room found in Architectural Digest. I think we all know rooms found in here are beautiful and they ain’t cheap. 😉

dining room

So…l searched around and found a similar table, chairs, gorgeous pendant light, the bookcase and an accessory.

Click on the image to shop:

Speaking of dining rooms and sales…I just wanted to let you know that my dining room table is on sale right now too.


It’s a saving of over $200 big ones….just saying. Sales are our friends, right? 🙂
Click on the image to shop:

Wishing you all a fun weekend of shopping! 😉


  1. Great ideas on the budget swaps for this beauitful room! I love your dining room table, it is just lovely!

  2. Love your dining room table – thought it was a RH table. Great deal for $500! I really want a nice dining room table in black wood. Just featured a post on kitchen/dining room remodel that we did recently and that’s what I need to focus on next – getting some new furniture. Love your picks. #Inspiration Gallery Linkup

  3. Well as you can imagine from my blog name I’m a great one to shop around, find deals and substitutions! You hit the nail on the head!

    Thanks for bringing this by to Throwback Thursday! 🙂


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