Half Bathroom Remodel

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You guys! I’m so excited that I finally get to show you my finished hath bathroom. I’ve been working on this space for over a month. If I didn’t have a 14 month old, I’m pretty sure I could’ve done everything in just a weekend. But…since I don’t get consistent sleep at night and do get a ton of interruptions…I move slower. Let’s take a look back at the original bathroom from when we moved in, shall we. It will make the finished look oh, so more dramatic.

half bath before the makeover

First of all, who left the set up? 😉 Probably my son. Let’s look past that detail and notice the drab, boring beige walls and the outdated vanity. Here’s a view from the other side of the room…

half bath before the makeover - sink view

Bad lighting and wood hardware were on my long list of changes. So now that you’ve taken a good look at the before…it’s time to see the new bathroom design.

New painted cabinet with new hardware

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This bathroom has come a long ways. First thing I changed in here was the wall color. A few coats of Sherwin Williams Reflection and I was already loving the new look of this bathroom. Next I replaced the sink and installed a brand new faucet. Installing the sink was a first for this DIYer…but it was actually pretty easy to do. You can read my step by step tutorial on replacing a bathroom sink HERE. I wanted to replace the whole counter top but my hubby was like…whoa Laura…don’t get crazy. 🙁 So I’m hoping by the time I get around to remodeling our master bath, he will have warmed up to the idea. (fingers crossed)

New faucet in remodeled half bathroom.

After the sink was installed it was time to tackle that builder grade bathroom cabinet. I would’ve loved to replace the whole cabinet, but I knew a simple color change would make a big difference. So black it was…Sherwin Williams Tricorn to be exact. Even though it looked way better painted…I had to add some sparkle to those drawers with some new hardware. See what I mean…

New painted cabinet with new hardware

But I didn’t stop there…oh no! I replaced the toilet handle, the toilet paper holder and I got a new towel holder. Goodbye wood…hello shine!

new toilet handle and paper holder for half bathroom

New towel holder for half bathroom remodel

It’s all in the details, no matter how small. 😉 Oh…and can I just say how much I adore that oil can glass soap dispenser? Washing your hands was never so much fun. 😉

Now that my vanity was looking good I needed to get the builder grade mirror up to speed. The lovely people at MirrorMate offered me a mirror frame. I chose the Pemaquid Black frame and I think it looks fantastic. It was exactly what this bathroom need to go from builder grade to custom made! And it was the easiest DIY I have ever done. I simply picked out my frame style and included my mirrors measurements. When the frame arrived it was already pre-taped and all I had to do was assemble and press on to my frame.

Fabulous way to give a builder grade mirror a new look with MirrorMate

This one change gave my whole bathroom a more custom look. I can’t wait to add these frames to all of the mirrors in this house.

The last major – but oh so necessary – change in this half bathroom was the lighting. I loathe this type of lighting…

half bathroom before lighting - got to go

I had this same style of lighting in all my bathrooms at our last house and I was blessed to find them here too. So one by one these babies are going down. Lamp Plus sent me this Feiss Maddison polished nickel bathroom light and I love it!

New lighting for half bathroom from Lamps Plus

New bathroom lighting from Lamps Plus

Now that’s how you do bathroom lighting. I even installed a dimmer so that those early morning bathroom visits aren’t so blinding. Have I mentioned how much I love dimmers? I am a huge fan. Eventually….I am going to have them installed in every room of the house. 😉

The last place to address was the wall over the toilet. I debated for a long time and finally decided to hang a shelf and put up a picture from our trip to Maine a few years ago. You may remember it from my Spa-like Guest Bathroom Makeover at our last house. I just love looking at this trail in the Arcadia National Park. So every time I pass by it on my way to the laundry room…I get to go back there. It does my soul some good and it’s a nice black and white photo.

Shelf and picture for a trip to Maine on wall

I am so pleased with this makeover. It went from blah…

half bath before the makeover - sink view

To fab!

Half bathroom gets a new design with a fabulous black vanity

Half bathroom gets a new design - view of rug

Update your bathroom in just a weekend - Find inspiration from this fabulous half bath makeover.

So what do you think of the remodel? Do you like the changes I made? One bathroom down, three more to go!

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  1. It looks fantastic! We just redid one of ours and it feels so good now doesn’t it!

    1. It does, Kelley! It’s my favorite bathroom in the whole house and it doesn’t even have a shower. 😉

  2. Great job, especially on that cabinet, the pulls are perfect and make all the difference! thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

  3. I love the paint and hardware you chose for the cabinets! It makes such a difference! The premade mirror frame is an awesome idea…I have been reading about making my own frame for our bathroom mirror!

  4. It looks beautiful!

    We have dimmers in most rooms (though not the bathrooms) and it is really nice when you need to go in a room late at night, too.

    You’ve done a wonderful job. It is very elegant.

  5. Looks great!!!

    I have that kind of vanity cabinet too. I painted mine white, but it never occurred to me to put hardware where there once was none.

    Great ideas. And again, it looks wonderful!

  6. Hi Laura, I just love your half bath remodel. It is amazing what adding a little shine can do for a little windowless bathroom:) Thank you for sharing at the Wonderful Wednesday Link Party! Congrats…your awesome post has been selected to be featured at next weeks link party! I hope you will stop by to see it! Hugs- Christine

  7. Beautiful! Great job…its so sleek! I really like all of the hardware too … Really nice!

    Visiting from the SITS Sharefest!!!

  8. So pretty; I’m about to re-do our 1/2 bath for the third time and was looking for some inspiration. I love the colors!

    1. Thank you! I am really getting into the soft grey look…I’ve already painted four rooms in our house this color! 😉

  9. What a difference! Major props to you. Thanks for linking up at #SaucySaturdays.

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