35+ Best Christmas Tree Collar Ideas (for 2023)

Skip the skirt this year and go for a stylish Christmas tree collar! Over 35+ great styles from woven, to wood or even metal. Find the perfect look for the holiday season!

the best Christmas tree collars
Sources for all of these Christmas tree collars, and many more, can be found further down in the post below.

I know it’s early to be talking about Christmas decorations. BUT! Let me explain. Often in years past, I’ve shared my favorite Christmas finds, and most sell out before Thanksgiving even arrives. And many times, even before November arrives!

And each year I’m asked if I will share them earlier so the holiday selection is still plentiful. So today, I wanted to show you all of the available options that are in stock ( some even on sale!) and will be shipped to you before you’re even ready to decorate.

If you don’t want to think about Christmas this early, that’s okay! You can save this post for later – no worries! I just want this live while the pickin’ is still good! 😉

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Christmas Tree Collar Ideas

Using a Christmas tree collar to hide your ugly artificial tree base is fast, easy and stylish! No wonder this Christmas accessory has become so popular over the years. Here are over 35+ of the best Christmas tree collars for your home decor!

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What Is A Tree Collar?

If you’re not familiar with what a tree collar is, it’s basically a decorative accessory that wraps around the faux Christmas tree base and takes the place of a traditional Christmas tree skirt.

Collars are great alternative to traditional tree skirts and offer a much more neat, polished streamlined look.

What I love most about a tree collar is how quick they are to put in place. When I used a tree skirt in the past, it would never stay in place and I was constantly fidgeting with it!

Where To Shop For A Tree Collar Online

Another reason I love using a beautiful Christmas tree collar is because of the many fabulous styles, different sizes and variations that are available today.

You can find woven collars, wooden collars in both round and square shapes, and metal collars in gold or more rustic touch. There’s something for every style.

There are so many great options out there today to shop, and in a wide range of prices too. The only problem? The best tree collars tend to sell out early! So my advice is: if you see one you love, don’t wait, grab it while you can!

Below are my favorite places to shop for the perfect tree collar:

My Favorite Stores TO SHOP FOR

Christmas Tree Collars

(click here for woven star tree collar featured in image)

Woven Christmas Tree Collars

I’m a super big fan of the woven tree collar. I actually own three as a matter of fact. The texture and style in this category add the perfect finishing touch to a tree – just my personal preference!

Metal Christmas Tree Collars

Metal is great for adding a more glam to your tree. The Christmas tree lights can reflect on this style of tree collar beautifully, making your holiday decor even more magical!

Wooden Christmas Tree Collars

A wooden Christmas tree collar has a nice style as well. I think they give the tree a nice rustic look at the bottom – similar to a live tree base. But also, many come with latches or hinged collars that allow them to be folded up. Great for minimal storage!

the best wooden Christmas tree collars

WOODEN TREE COLLAR SOURCES | first row: wooden lattice | black natural wood | wood box | second row: white wood box | wooden barrel | farm fresh collar | third row: natural wood | farmhouse box | poplar wood collar | fourth row: gray wood box | faux wood | red wood box |

How To Determine Correct Size For Your Tree

Before you buy a tree collar, you want to make sure the tree collar fit works with your particular Christmas tree. So start by checking the diameter size of both the base of your tree and the collar itself.

elegant Christmas tree in woven tree collar in living room

SOURCES:  gold 3D star topper | basket tree collar (similar) | grey velvet ribbon | silver sheer ribbon | ivory sheer ribbon | gold stars (similar) | clip-on candle lights | tinsel stars | glossy snow glass ornaments | wrapping paper | gray velvet ribbon | armchair | striped throw pillow | velvet blackout curtains | black candle holders |

Most tree collars range in size from about 21″ to 27″ in diameter, and between 9″ and 11″ tall. They are specifically made to fit most trees, and typically should fit a tree up to 7.5 feet tall. But you definitely want to check first to make sure you have the right size! 

How To Fit A Tree Collar Under Tree

Many tree collars are basically one piece. So you would need to place them over the base of your Christmas tree stand before assembling the rest of the tree.

If you purchase a hinged collar, it can simply be opened to fit around the base of the tree after the tree has been fully assembled.

elegant Christmas tree in woven tree collar light at night

Tree Collars Compared To Tree Skirts – Which Is Better?

The benefits of a collar over tree skirts are many. One being you don’t have to worry about getting a skirt flat or getting the wrinkles out. And collars are also great for deterring pets (like cats!) from messing with the bottom of the tree or even climbing the tree!

Having said that, the one con with tree collars can often be storage. I mentioned that I three woven collars and they do take up some considerable storage space. So you may want to keep that in mind too!

Can You Use A Tree Collar With A Real Tree?

Absolutely! Christmas tree collars are great for both real and artificial trees. Bonus: they keep pets (and kids!) from messing with the water under the tree.

Additional Christmas Decor Tips

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Are you a fan of tree collars paired with a Christmas tree? If so, hopefully you found one you love! You can pin the graphic below to save on your holiday decorating boards as well!

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