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Sharing a large collection the best natural-looking flocked and green artificial Christmas trees! Amazing reviews and a variety of budgets!

Growing up, my parents always had an artificial Christmas tree. So a few years after Chris and I were married I begged to go shopping at a lot full of real Christmas trees. So we did and I got a real tree for the first time ever! And yea – it was hard to get home, dropped a tone of needles, and it was super hard to dispose.

I’m glad I got to experience a real tree but I feel, pre-lit fake trees is how I am going to roll for the rest of my life! The best parts of a faux tree is that there’s easy setup, they’re less messy and they keep looking more and more like the real thing every year. What’s not to love?

Sharing a large collection the best natural-looking flocked and green artificial Christmas trees! Amazing reviews and a variety of budgets!

So if you’re in the market for a new Christmas tree this holiday season, I’m sharing a huge collection of the best artificial Christmas trees available right now that have good to excellent positive reviews. A faux tree is purchase you want to last for years, so I’ve been very selective with the trees I’m sharing today!

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But before I show you my collection of the best fake Christmas trees, let me first give you some buying factors to keep in mind.

What To Know Before You Buy An Artificial Christmas Tree

An artificial tree can last a decade or more, so it’s worth investing the time to find the perfect one for you. Here are some key features to consider:

Artificial Tree Factors To Know:

  • NUMBER OF BRANCH TIPS: You may notice companies listing the number of tips on their trees. This is because the more tips the more realistic the tree will overall look.
  • TYPES OF BRANCHES: You may want a tree with hinged branches, rather than the type you screw in because it makes assembly easier.
  • PRE-LIT TREE: You should look for one that has about 100 lights per foot-and-a-half of tree. You can find both incandescent-lit and LED-lit trees on the market. However, LED lights are by far the favored choice for their energy saving and long-lasting qualities. ( I personally love the clear lights style.)
  • HEIGHT: Keep in mind the height of the tree you’d like to purchase. If the ceilings in your home are within the standard (American) eight to nine-foot range, a 7.5-foot tree is probably ideal for you.

The Best Natural-Looking Faux Christmas Trees That Look Real

Our pre-lit artificial Christmas tree is about 8 years old. It’s from Balsam Hill and it’s been so nice but it’s one of the biggest full trees we have ever owned! Our living room layout combined with our sectional makes it tricky to fit this tree in nicely. So I’d like to get a more narrower styled tree.

So I’ve spent a couple of weeks searching the internet, and many of the following choices were some of my top picks! Obviously, I couldn’t “test drive” each and every one. But I spent a ton of time reading all the reviews and trying to find the most realistic options that stayed in my small budget and would easy assembly!

The following are the my top picks for the best natural-looking artificial Christmas trees I found in my search. I’ve tried to include a variety of heights and price points, but note that many of these are sometimes in a separate listings. And a ton of trees are from Amazon – so you can save on shipping as well! 🙂

Most of the realist trees included have a mix of the old-school branches combined with new hard plastic tips that creates much more realistic trees! Simply click any of the images below to learn more about each of the pre-lit Christmas trees.

Best Flocked Christmas Trees

The first flocked Christmas tree I bought was from Home Depot and I used it to decorate our front porch. It looked so pretty outside with the snowfall and I loved having a tree right by our front door to greet guests for the holidays!

But then, a year later it made it’s debut as the perfect tree for our basement as well. The white lights looked so great with the flocked look and my black ornaments. And since this tree is on the smaller side, it squeezed into a smaller space right next to the couch perfectly!

Below are even more flocked trees that get excellent reviews – including a top pick for small spaces!! Simply click any of the images below to learn more about each item.

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