Minimal Kitchen and Dining Room Christmas Decor

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Keeping life simple with a minimal kitchen and dining room Christmas decor home tour! 

So how would you rate your current mood when it comes to decorating for Christmas this year? Rate from 1-to-10 with 1 being you can barely hang a wreath and 10 being like the whole entire house is decorated – even the bathrooms!

I’m landing somewhere around a 5-6 because I’m kinda torn. I want the house to feel ‘Christmasy’ but I don’t really want to do all the decorating! 🙂

And my mood got me thinking maybe,  you are feeling the same. So this year I’m sharing simple Christmas decorating ideas. This way, you can get the feel of the holiday without all the work of decorating!

And today’s tour is featuring all my minimal kitchen and dining room Christmas decor. Plus at the end of the post, I have even more Christmas decorating inspiration for you!

So, first let’s start this tour in the heart of the home – the kitchen.

Simple Kitchen Christmas Décor

This year, I decided to reuse most of my Christmas décor for two reasons.

One – there’s certain Christmas décor pieces that I love seeing every year. So I’m always happy to place those around the house. And two, I just don’t want to add more ‘stuff’ to our home. I donated a ton of Christmas décor last year – a ton.


So all that to say, I’m getting very picky about buying new Christmas décor. I’m only getting items that are neutral and can mix with any themed décor for years to come. Like my new bottle brush trees!

Those little trees are great for any room in the house. This year I decided to group them inside this large glass hurricane. Combined with some faux snow and a few twinkle light and I instantly created a little wonderland right in the middle of the kitchen. 🙂

Another new addition to my Christmas decor are these little wooden block houses. When I bought them I thought they would look great in my kitchen window sill.

But I think at that location they didn’t have enough contrast. So I moved them to counter and now they look so pretty! 

I placed a string of twinkle lights behind the houses – and viola –  instantly Christmas glow! 🙂 So simple and so pretty. 

My zinc reindeer are once again back. Part of me wishes I could leave these guys out all year long! I set them next to my other favorite Christmas decor – my faux mini pine trees!

I purchased these actually last year. And then loved them so much that I snagged some more after Christmas on clearance. You may seem more of those trees in some future tours happenin’ next week. (hint, hint!)

Kitchen Sources: bottle brush trees | hurricane | faux snow | wooden block houses | zinc reindeer | mini faux pine trees in basket | rug | round wood cutting board | black slate board | square cutting board | oil bottle  | dot planter | 

Simple Christmas Dining Room Décor

The dining room Christmas décor may seem a bit more complicated but I assure you – still super simple. I think it took me about 30 minutes to get the whole room together.

Which didn’t include lighting all the candles. That seems to take me forever! 😉 


My black candle holders were a new purchase this year. But since they are so neutral, I can use them throughout the whole house. I’m already thinking they would look great on the fireplace mantel. 

This year the centerpiece is also new. I originally bought this cedar pine and eucalyptus garland for the mantel.

But when Thanksgiving arrived and I had no fresh florals for the dinner, so I decided to combine these two pieces of garland. And I loved how it turned out! So I decided to leave it and then top it with some twinkle lights. 

For the place settings I also bought new windowpane napkins (cause I can. not. resist. that pattern!) and some cypress greenery napkin rings. The combo is Christmas perfection in my book and so easy! 

This year I tried something totally new with my sideboard lanterns.

Inside the lanterns I placed some of my favorite white houses, a couple bottle brush tress and some faux snow. Finished the whole look off with a string of twinkle lights and now these lanterns look like winter wonderland snow globes!

The crazy thing is – I had all of these items already to create this look – just never combined them. But I’m so thankful I did. 🙂

Since the sun is setting so much earlier (now that’s winter) I actually was able to capture a dusk photo of the dining room Christmas table décor as well. You just can’t beat that warm, beautiful glow of real candle light! 

Dining Room Sources: eucalyptus garland | cedar garland | set of three black candle holders | wine glasses | wood salt and pepper grinders | windowpane napkins | cypress greenery napkin rings | large lanterns | dining chairs | rug

More Christmas Décor Inspiration

I hope this tour of my minimal kitchen and dining room Christmas décor gave you some easy, creative ideas for decorating your own home for the holidays. My advice: keep it simple and enjoy the twinkle! 🙂 



  1. I’m with you this year. I have probably been at about a 4…but powered through it and put up quite a lot…5 trees and much etc. and to be honest it was tiring and Im feeling a bit grinchie and dreading putting it all away. It IS all very pretty and I always love the lights, though. I like what you did and perhaps next year I will be more like you! Your design is always very soothing and pretty.

    1. Christmas decorating can feel exhausting sometimes. And this year it’s like I needed all the twinkle but had none of the energy – so I totally understand and relate to your grinchie feelings! 🙂 But wow – 5 trees – I bet your place looks amazing! So enjoy it to the fullest – maybe even through January! 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  2. I hear you about having a ton of Christmas decor. I seriously need to purge some. But I love what you displayed this year! Thanks so much for joining us on our tour!

    1. Thank you, Dana! I actually got those shakers from McGee and Co a few years ago. I just checked their website and it looks like they are no longer available. 🙁

  3. It all looks beautiful!! I always wonder though, how does everyone serve food
    with all the lovely table decor that’s always shown? My table is filled with
    serving bowls, platters, etc., leaving no space for a long centerpiece, that look so wonderful. I’d have to remove it before people came to the table.

    1. Thank you, Sheila! We often eat buffet-style. So all the serving bowls, platters, etc. are placed on the kitchen counter. 🙂

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