Kid Gifts to Spark Creativity and Discovery

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This holiday season give your little ones gifts to spark creativity, discovery and learning. These hands-on gift ideas will help them become problem-solvers, critical thinkers and increase their confidence!

One of the reasons why I became an elementary teacher was the joy of watching a child learn. When I saw them acquire a new skill or overcome a struggle, that smile and twinkle in their eyes of accomplishment is such an amazing thing to see.  Even though I’m no longer teaching in the classroom, I’m still teaching two very precious boys that mean the world to me. And when it comes to buying them gifts for Christmas, I’m often looking for fun gifts to spark creativity and discovery. I want gifts that will help them learn while they’re having fun tinkering and exploring. 


So when KiwiCo reached out and asked if we would like to try their fun, engaging and educational kid gifts ranging in ages from toddlers and kids, to teens and even adults – I said absolutely YES! They had exactly the gift ideas I was seeking for my five year old and fourteen year old.

No Subscription Needed!

You may have heard of KiwiCo before and their fabulous monthly subscription service. BUT did you know they also have a store?! That’s right, you can shop single crates from KiwiCo’s Store – no subscription required. 

So our first box arrived a couple of days ago and I was immediately impressed and excited! One of the best things about KiwiCo is the crates are age specific. It’s often so hard for me buying for the boys because of them being eight years apart. And if you several children with big age ranges – you know the struggle as well. So with KiwiCo, the boys feel like they’re getting the same thing – but it’s still uniquely designed for them and their age. And that makes this mom so happy! 

So let’s see which crates arrived! Sebastian received the Hand-Crank Flashlight and the Light-Up Wire Art crate.

And Britton got the Veterinarian Starter Kit and a special Holiday crate – the Crystal Chemisty Tree! 

What’s Inside A Crate?

Once the boys saw their crates, they were super excited to get creating and exploring! So we cleared off the kitchen table and opened our boxes. 

Sebastian decided to start first with the light-up wire crate. When he opened the box, he found everything needed. From the materials required to inspiration, it was all provided to spark his creativity and curiosity!

Britton immediately wanted to open his Veterinarian starter kit.  After we got his box open we saw that KiwiCo provided an activity booklet with illustrated, kid-friendly instructions, plus we had lots of additional DIY projects to extend the fun & learning for him. There was a dog puzzle, animal facts, and tons of information about the life of a vet! 


Lots of Hands-on Fun!

To say Britton loved this crate is an understatement. He had a blast! We first put together his ‘pet x-ray’ machine and checked out the different skeletal systems of several animals.  Then he ran upstairs to his bedroom and grabbed a pet friend that needed a vet check up stat! He started by checking his leg and of course – that needed to be wrapped right away!

Then it was time to listen to his heart. This is serious business – can’t you tell by the look on his face! 🙂 

So while I was busy helping Britton, Sebastian took off on his light-up wall art ice cream cone.  The kid-friendly instructions were so easy for him to follow that it took him no time to get the cords connected and lit up. He then jumped right to the next step! And he finished his crate in no time. 

So Great For Every Budget!

I think both boys had so much fun. And Sebastian’s ice cream neon art tuned out so cool! He actually loved it so much that he wants to make another one. But this extra one would be for his brother. (Melt my heart!!)

Right when we were about done with our projects, Britton turns to Sebastian and said, “Hey bro, I forgot to check your heart!” That boy is constantly cracking me up. And from what Sebastian just mentioned earlier – about making art for his brother – I’d say his heart is perfect! 🙂


The boys had such a great time creating and I had a fantastic time watching them learn. 🙂 And I know for certain two boys will be getting a few more KiwiCo gifts under their tree! (Shhhhh!)

So if you are looking for some creative, hands-on, discovery gifts like these for your little ones this holiday, I have some good news. Right now you can get 20% off your purchase just by clicking this link HERE! The discount will automatically apply to your cart. And with crates starting at just $9.95, they make the perfect gift for everything from stocking stuffers to big surprises under the Christmas tree. Happy shopping for your little one! 


Hope these gifts of creativity will be loved by your little one this holiday! 

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