My Favorite Things Gift Guide

This roundup of my favorite things gift guide includes ideas that are perfect for almost anyone on your shopping list!

I always feel a little like Oprah when I share my favorite things gift guide! 🙂 But this is always a fun to put together every year cause who doesn’t like talking about their favorite things?! And I’m hoping this guide will introduce you to some new items that may soon become some of your favorites as well! 

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Most of these items are very affordable with only a few being splurges. So with that in mind, let’s talk about all the favorite things! 

Additional Details for Each of the Gifts For Kids

Electric Milk Frother | This is my newest favorite thing! Chris and I love to have warm milk in our coffee so we were heating it up on the stove. Ugh! Then I was like hey- I bet I could find something that will heat our milk so easy – and I did! Not only does it heat, but it also froths! So now we are fighting over the coffee machine and can’t make our lattes fast enough. 

Chateau Wool Parka |  This has been my coat for about two years now – and it’s been the best. I bought it on sale for over 60% off (which it’s on sale right now for the same price). It was an investment piece but high quality wool coats like this can last for ever! 

Dreamy Cotton Pajamas | My go-to pajamas! I really need to get another pair because I love these ones so much, they’re getting a ton of wear. Plus these pj’s are on sale right how too. 

Barefoot Dream Cozychic Socks | My favorite winter socks. These are the socks you can live in on the weekends or sleep in at night. So soft and so cozy – they are the socks of all socks. Just sayin’. 

iO Series Electric Toothbrush | Over the past year, this toothbrush has totally impressed me. I love the built-in timer because apparently I was not brushing my teeth long enough. And I love its multiple settings like daily clean, sensitive, whiten, gum care and intense. 

Solar Powered Skylight | This favorite thing is obviously more of a luxury item. But our skylight has quickly become one of my favorite features of our home. Not only did it completely change the look and feel of our bathroom, it’s also helped with the air flow and heating/cooling of our whole home. See the complete bathroom before/after in my post HERE. Totally quoting Ferris Bueller here, but – “It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend you picking one up.” 🙂

Cozy Pompom Throw | This throw is the ultimate cuddle companion. So soft, so cozy and it comes in five different, neutral colors. I actually have it in the Loden color. 🙂

Blue Apron Meal Service is absolutely one of my favorite things! The convenience of having food delivered right to my front door is amazing. And not having to plan meals or grocery shop saves me so much time! And right now Blue Apron is offering $80 off your first 4 boxes! You can see how much my family has been loving it in my post HERE and HERE

Erin Condren Life Planner | I’ve been using these life planners for about four years now. Life got so busy that I needed to keep myself organized and this planner helps me do that easily. Lots of fun ways to customize and make it uniquely yours too!

Commute Clutch | I snagged this on sale this past summer and it has been a great go-to clutch. It’s perfect for a casual date night or just when you don’t want to carry a giant tote. So many nice compartments – so everything stays in place beautifully!  Comes in a ton of pretty colors – I have the black. 🙂

Lodge Moccasins | Live in these! Like almost 8-9 months out of the year. I love them so much that I treat myself to a new pair every fall. So comfy and so cozy that I often forget that I have them on and have ended up wearing them to run errands (accidently) more than once! 

Electric Wine Opener | Our old wine bottle opener just broke off in our hand one night when opening a bottle of wine. How rude, right? So I bought this on a whim and we have been in love ever since. Love how you can easily remove the wine foil and that it uses batteries. I really don’t want another corded item sitting on my kitchen counters. 

Glass Oil Bottle | My oil bottles have been a couple of my favorite things for years now. I often think about switching them out for a new look or style but then I immediately think – why would I? I love them!  You can see how I use them to organize my kitchen counter in my post HERE

Magnolia Table Cookbook | This cookbook has so many great recipes. Actually, I’m pretty sure we have loved every recipe we have tried! The boys love the chocolate chip cookie recipe and Chris is a big fan of her Banana Bread. I shared this recipe in this post HERE

Blue Light Glasses | I use these daily and they have been life changing. Not only do they block the blue light of the computer but I also made mine readers. (Thanks 45 for that fun gift! Ugh!) I’m actually thinking about getting another pair (maybe this style here) cause I’m kinda needing them every where I go. 🙂

Euphoria eau de Parfum | This is a perfum I’ve been wearing for years! I love it and I always get tons of compliments on it. When I was in high school, I feel in love with Calvin Kleins perfum Escape. And I wore that forrrreverrrrr because I was obsessed and someone would stop me almost daily to ask what I was wearing because I smelled sooooo good. But then, they stopped making it. And apparently Calvin Klein scents work with my body chemistry – so my new love quickly became Euphoria! Long story short, it smells great – you’ll love it! 

Block Letter Monogrammed Necklace | I’ve had this necklace for over a year or so now. And I actually never take it off I love it so much. Goes with any outfit, can pair nicely with other necklaces. And it’s uniquely yours with your initial! 

So I hope these ideas will help you get all your Christmas shopping done fast! 

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