DIY Christmas Wreath with Bottle Brush Trees

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Add some holiday cheer to your home with this super easy DIY Christmas wreath idea. It’s unique, festive and only takes minutes to create!

So this is a Christmas wreath that almost didn’t happen. It’s only nine days away from Christmas and all of a sudden I decide to make a wreath! I guess sometimes DIY projects are just spontaneous.

Although, I did see the inspiration for this wreath idea months ago online. And it was like almost $100 bucks. I remember thinking to myself – I can make that for way less. But life was just too crazy at that time to do any DIY projects. So instead, I just decided to forget about it.

Christmas wreath on front door with bottle brush trees - close up

But then it started to creep back into my mind again. So today – I just went for it because I already had everything I needed to make it. And guys, I am so glad I did. I love it! It’s perfect for the holiday season without looking like a traditional Christmas wreath. And it didn’t cost me $100 to get this fun festive wreath.

DIY Christmas wreath with bottle brush trees on front door

This tutorial is a great way to make your own Christmas wreath that looks expensive for way, way less. Maybe I should have titled this post – How To Get The Expensive Christmas Look For Less. Ha!

So would you love to create this beautiful wreath for your front door in a matter of minutes? And for about 1/4 of the cost? Great! Let me show, cause it’s so crazy easy to do!

What Do I Need To Make This DIY Christmas Wreath?

Great question! Below is everything I used for this festive homemade wreath.

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Now that I’ve shared the supplies and tools I used, let me show you how easy this DIY Christmas wreath is to make!

How To Make DIY Christmas Wreath with Bottle Brush Trees

collection of bottle brush trees in green with grapevine wreath

The first step I did was remove all the wood bases off the bottle brush trees. After they were removed, I was left with a nice metal tip end that’s great for sticking into the wreath!

bottle brush tree with wood base removed

Next, I took all my trees and played with the placement of each on my wreath. I purposefully selected trees of different colors and different sizes to add some contrast to this simple wreath. But I did keep them all in a similar green color scheme to give the wreath a more neutral decor look. You know me – lover of neutrals!

Also, I didn’t want to copy my inspiration wreath exactly, so I just rearranged the trees until I got an arrangement that I liked.

Bottle brush trees placed on top of grapevine wreath

Once I had my tree placement decided, I started to grab individual trees to set into the wreath. I simply added a touch of hot glue to the metal end of the trees and this pushed the end into the wreath.

I repeated this easy step with all of the remaining trees. Now, I will add – please feel free to remove and replace. I did a couple of times because I thought one side of the wreath looked a little fuller with trees than the other. So we are not going for perfection, just whatever looks pleasing to your eye. 🙂

adding hot glue to the base of bottle brush tree

After all the trees were attached, it was time to add the twinkle! I grabbed my package of fairy lights and then stopped to think how I was going to attach the battery pack to my wreath. Hmmmm? Maybe floral wire or zip ties?

But then, I looked down at the hot glue in my hand and thought – could I? Just hot glue that bad boy onto the back of the wreath? Why not?! That would be such an easy way to attach it. So that’s exactly what I did.

Note: Just make sure to glue the side that’s NOT the opening lid to the batteries. That way you can easily replace without disturbing the glue attachment to the wreath!

Adding hot glue to the battery pack of fairy lights to attach them to grapevine wreath

I hot glued the battery back to the bottom of the back of the wreath. Then once it was secure, I started wrapping the fairy light strand around the individual trees.

First I started with the trees in the back and then flipped the wreath over to finish wrapping the lights around the bottle brush trees in the front.

DIY Christmas wreath with bottle brush trees on front door

Once that was done, I did a tiny bit of tweaking here and there. And then, I found a place to hang my new DIY wreath!

DIY Christmas wreath with bottle brush trees on front door in entryway

I’m not sure if it will stay here on the front door next to the living room. I may move it if I find another place in our home that needs a little more twinkle light – like into the dining room. Or I may move it outside to add to our outdoor holiday decor on the front porch. 🙂

All in all – last minute projects can be fun and rewarding! If you were needing to buy everything to make this gorgeous wreath, I think you could easily keep it under a $30 price point. Especially if you shop around maybe at the Dollar Tree for the bottle brush trees or even possibly the grapevine wreath too! 🙂

And if you don’t have time to make this creative wreath this year – I get it. Just PIN IT so you can remember to make it next year!

Add some holiday cheer to your home with this super easy DIY Christmas wreath idea. It's unique, festive and only takes minutes to create!


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If you give this holiday DIY a try, I’d love for you to comment below or tag me on Instagram @inspirationformoms. I hope this Christmas wreath DIY adds a little more Christmas cheer to your home this year or maybe in years to come. Merry Christmas friends!

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