How To Decorate An Elegant Christmas Tree


Learn my best tips and tricks on how to decorate an elegant Christmas tree with only a few accessories!

This year I decorated our Christmas tree in a completely different way! I love to decorate my Christmas trees simple but I’ve always admired trees that were full of beautiful ribbon. I have attempted this look several times over the years. But often, I would get discouraged and think it looked awful and totally go in a different direction.

Well, this holiday season, I think I finally did it! This is the first year I decided to not be so hard on myself and just go for it. And since I’ve been looking at this beautiful tree for almost a week now, I’m liking this look more and more!

So today, I’m going to share my tips and tricks on how to decorate an elegant Christmas tree with only a few Christmas tree decorations.

Learn my best tips and tricks on how to decorate an elegant Christmas tree with only a few accessories!

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This artificial Christmas tree may appear full of holiday decor items but really, it’s only accessories are wide ribbon, beautiful ornaments and some candle lights. All of which would look fabulous on a real tree or even a white Christmas tree as well!

Start With Elegant Ribbon

So the first step in decorating an elegant Christmas tree is to place the ribbon on before anything else. I decided to go with gray and white as my color choices. So I picked out three different ribbons; a dark grey velvet, a gray sheer ribbon and a white sheer ribbon.

How To Pick The Right Ribbon

I’ve done a ton of research on the best ribbon size and type to use when decorating a tree. And most say for ribbon width, to use ribbon between 2″ and 4″ wide – I only used 2.5″ ribbon on my tree. They say the wider the ribbon, the harder it is to work with so if you’re trying this for the first time, I suggest to stick with just 2.5″ wide ribbon.

After you’ve selected the width you like, next make sure it’s wire-edged ribbon. This is an important thing because it’s what allows you to shape the ribbon into gorgeous loops that will maintain their shape.

Learn my best tips and tricks on how to decorate an elegant Christmas tree with only a few accessories!

What Ribbon Did I Use?

The Trick To Creating The Ribbon Loops

So I started with the dark gray velvet ribbon first. When looking at the tree ribbon, it might appear like it’s a continuous chain woven throughout the tree. But it’s actually pieces of ribbon cut into strands! I was able to create about two loops with every strand.

I simply attached one end of the ribbon to the underside of the branch above the space where I wanted my the first loop. Next, I wrapped the ribbon around the branch and squeezed it together. Then, I brought the ribbon out to form the first loop while tucking the remaining ribbon back into the tree. Finally, I pulled the ribbon out to make my next loop.

And that’s it! Just continue repeating with as many loops as you like. On the last loop, cut off the strip of ribbon from the spool, making sure you have enough to make a full loop. Then tuck the loop tail back into the tree. Finally, stand back and tweak those loops. I repositioned mine several times. 🙂 Nothing wrong with a little tweak here and there to achieve the best looking elegant Christmas trees!

Add A Special Light Feature

My tree already has tons of pretty twinkle lights built right in. But there’s no such thing as too many Christmas tree lights right? So I bought some new clip-on candle lights from Balsam Hill. They simply clip-on the tree branches and have a little remote so I can easily turn them on and off or even change the color! These were actually the only new ornaments I bought this year.

Learn my best tips and tricks on how to decorate an elegant Christmas tree with only a few accessories!

I really do love the extra twinkle they give the tree. It’s the little things right? The only thing I wish they had was a timer. So I did some research and found these candle lights that are way cheaper then mine (even though I bought mine on sale!) and have more features – like a timer! I’m thinking about ordering some more for the boys bedroom tree – so I’m gonna go with the cheaper ones!

Include Classic Sparkle

A great way to add elegance to a Christmas tree is with gold Christmas tree ornaments. I didn’t add a bunch, maybe 24, all from last year. But I love the way gold Christmas ornaments catches the light from the tree lights and gives the tree a more special warm glow.

And when it comes to Christmas tree toppers, a touch of gold is perfect here at the top of the tree too!

Learn my best tips and tricks on how to decorate an elegant Christmas tree with only a few accessories!

If gold is not your favorite color, you could go with a more silver color scheme and get just as much sparkle!

Finish With Pretty Paper

The final addition to the tree is the presents of course! I didn’t want my wrapping paper style to steal anything away from my tree, so I went with a simple white with light green print. Then wrapped them all up with simple gray velvet ribbons.

I just saw online they have some striped wrapping paper that compliments the paper I bought, so I’m gonna pick up a few rolls of that as well. I still have a ton of wrapping to do!

Learn my best tips and tricks on how to decorate an elegant Christmas tree with only a few accessories!

To compliment the printed paper, I found some older ivory with black dots from Christmas pasts. I wish I had about 10 more rolls of this design because it goes with everything – but sadly – it’s no longer available.

Finally, Enjoy The Elegant Look

As much as I love this gorgeous tree during the day, you need to see it at night! The whole family – including the boys – love it! It really helps to get everyone in the holiday spirit.

Christmas Tree at night in living room

Don’t you just love how that Christmas tree glow can instantly make a living room feel so cozy and peaceful? And this armchair right here, is the best seat in the house. (In my humble opinion!)

Who doesn’t want to be tucked between a gorgeous Christmas tree and a warm fire? 😉

Christmas tree at night next to fireplace

I hope you found these elegant Christmas tree ideas helpful. Maybe next year I’ll do another ribbon holiday tree. Or I may go with some completely different Christmas decoration ideas. Who can say? This was my first share of our holiday decor for the Christmas season. And I can’t wait to show more of my best Christmas decor with you early next week!

I just love this time of year, don’t you?!

armchair next to fireplace and Christmas tree in living room

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  1. Thankyou for sharing the Christmas tree decoration tips and tricks. It looks its very time consuming but the final look amazing and especially the the use of ribbons it looks bright and shiny …

  2. Laura,
    Your tree is so beautiful! I loved your tutorial about wrapping the tree with ribbon! It’s so helpful. Thanks!

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