How To Easily Install Beadboard In A Bathroom


Ever wanted to add beadboard to your home? Find out just how easy it is to install beadboard in a bathroom in a matter of hours!

I’ve always loved the look of beadboard wainscoting. It’s such a classic wall treatment that has graced many homes for many, many years.

Ever wanted to add beadboard to your home? Find out just how easy it is to install beadboard in a bathroom in a matter of hours!

When it was first invented back in the 1880’s, it was made of tongue and groove planks that fit together like floorboards. Today, it comes in large panels.

You’ll often see it being used as wainscoting where it covers the bottom one-third of a wall.

How To Install Beadboard In A Bathroom

There are so many great thing about beadboard. I love the texture and interest it adds to a space. And best of all, it’s a very budget-friendly way to update your walls!

Ever wanted to add beadboard to your home? Find out just how easy it is to install beadboard in a bathroom in a matter of hours!

So today, I want to show you how easy it is to install beadboard in a bathroom. No matter the size of your room, this simple DIY is going to give the space a fabulous new, modern look!

Supplies Needed For Beadboard Installation

First thing, let’s talk tools. You will find below every item you will need to complete this easy DIY project. (Just click on the name for sources.)


So now that we’ve talked supplies, let me now show you the step-by-step tutorial on how to attach beadboard to the bathroom walls.

What’s The Best Height For Beadboard?

While there is no single standard height for installing beadboard in a bathroom, the traditional rule of thumb is that the wainscoting height should be around 38-to-42 inches off the ground.

But I suggest, when it comes to a bathroom to go with a two-thirds height. It will add interest and the illusion of height to an otherwise plain or small bathroom. Plus your bead board will be higher then obstacles like the vanity or sink, making installation easier.

I went the easy route to make the most of the material and cut my 8′ panels in half. This made my beadboard just shy of 4′ tall. (I purchased my beadboard at Home Depot and they cut it all in half for me at the store, for no extra cost.)

How To Install Beadboard Panels

So the very first thing I did was mark on the walls the height of my beadboard. Since I already had my new baseboards installed, I just rested my beadboard on top and marked a line on the wall. (This line will later be covered by my trim.)

Address Top Half Of Walls

I painted the top half of the walls a new color, Repose Gray by Benjamin Moore. If you are going to wallpaper or paint like me, I suggest doing it first before applying the beadboard and trim.

paint top part of the wall before installing beadboard

Paint Beadboard

Then I painted two pieces of the white beadboard (that would be placed near the toilet) with a coat of paint before installing since painting paneling in tight spaces can be super tricky!

Of course this step is optional and completely up to you.

Find And Mark Studs

Before installing any paneling, the next step is to use the stud finder to mark the studs in the entire room. I just grabbed some painters tape to mark them for easy reference.

mark studs before installing beadboard

Measure And Cut Beadboard

When you have to piece two panels together for a single wall, be sure to cut the paneling so that the beads line up properly for a continuous look.

You’ll also want to measure and mark for outlet covers and pipes. A found the best tool for making these cuts was my small compact saw.

cut around pipes and wall switches and outlets

Handy Tip: For Light Switches & Outlets!

If you have wall outlets in your bathroom, you’ll want to bring them forward so they lay on top of the beadboard. For this, I like to use these outlet spacers. Just pull the outlet out, fold to your desired thickness and install the spacers. Be sure to turn the power off when you do this!

Install Beadboard with Construction Adhesive and Nailer

To install that first panel, I covered the back with liquid nails and then pressed the beadboard paneling into the wall while nailing it into the studs using my nail gun.

apply liquid nails to back of beadboard before installing with nail gun

Be sure to push it tightly against the baseboard because you don’t want to have to caulk more seams than necessary.

Cut And Install Chair Rail

For my chair rail, I used a 1×6 baseboards (same as my baseboards). This was a personal choice, just loved the clean look. But you are free to use whatever style of decorative trim work you prefer.

For the trim boards, you will need to use the miter saw to cut the correct measurements for your wall.

add chair rail on top of beadboard

Press trim tightly against the top of the panel and secure into studs using the brad nailer.

Fill In Holes And Seams

We are on the home stretch now! All that’s left to do is fill in any nail holes and caulk all those small gaps and breadboard seams.

I filled in my nail holes using painter’s putty. Then with my caulk gun, I caulked every single seam with my favorite paintable caulk. Then let it dry completely.

complete the beadboard installation by filling in holes and seams with caulk

Caulk finishes off any woodworking project and makes it look professional and seamless. This is not a step you want to skip! It hides all the imperfections. 🙂

Paint and Touch Up

The last step is to paint all the beadboard and trim. I gave everything two coats of paint and then used a small paint brush to touch up any spots that needed a little extra love.

Finished Beadboard Powder Room

I can’t wait to show you the full space when I’m finished with it! It’s getting so close. Basically now I need to install the new vanity and all the accessories to complete this fun makeover. Then I will be working my way into the laundry room!

If you missed the design plans for this remodel, you can find them HERE. And last week the new floors went in, find that tutorial HERE.

Have you ever installed beadboard / wainscoting in your home? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


  1. Loved your detailed description of breadboard wainscoting! Simple, concise directions. Can’t wait to see the finished powder room. Thanks for sharing 😊

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