How To Display Cutting Boards In A Kitchen


Discover how to display cutting boards in your kitchen while still maintaining a tidy and minimalist look!

Long gone are the days when the cutting boards where hid away in those lower cabinets of the kitchen. You may have noticed that today, those stylish cutting boards are being displayed loud and proud!

And there’s so many reasons why they should be! Cutting boards can add so much texture and style to your kitchen while at the same time still serving a purpose.

So today I want to share with you a TON of fabulous ideas on how to display cutting boards in the kitchen. We are going beyond simply placing a cutting board on the kitchen counter (even though I love that look) and exploring more creative displays!

So first let’s start with breaking down the different types of cutting boards you can have or use in the kitchen.

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Many Types of Cutting Boards

Cutting boards can come in all types of materials and sizes. Collecting a variety and displaying them together or throughout the kitchen is one of the best ways to add warmth and character to a white kitchen.

cutting boards displayed on open shelves next to kitchen sink
photo | bria hammel interiors

So what type of material makes a great cutting board? Wood is often the most popular choice!

Wooden Cutting Board

Wood cutting boards can come in a variety of different types of wood: maple, ash, acacia, oak, pine and more! Which one is the best wood? I think that’s up to you and your style!

Each type of wooden board can also have a unique look with the varying grains, color, dark stains and grooves. Displaying a mix of wood boards is a great way to create contrast and interest. Your collection will be more eye catching and look more like decor rather than just kitchen tools!

Natural Stone Board

Even though wood is often the first pick for a cutting board, natural stone options are generally the second. These would be the boards made from marble or slate. I bought a slate cutting board a few years ago and I’m still loving it!

Slate is always a popular choice for using as a cheese or bread board as well. Natural stone boards add a look of elegance and compliment wood cutting boards so beautifully!

Wood and Marble Inlay Boards

Now, if you love wood and you love stone – why not combine them and take your cutting board to the next level! Wood and marble inlay boards are such a great idea! They create a super unique look and are so trendy right now.

Often you will see a round warble board with a wood stripe insert through the middle. Or another style that is super trendy is a rectangular wood board with a touch of marble on one end. These style of boards also make great bread boards for serving guests as well!

When I saw these monogrammed wood and marble inlay boards – I just had to feature them! Such a great option for a more personalized display in your kitchen!

Plastic Cutting Boards

This type of board is super useful in the kitchen. Plastic boards are great for cutting veggies or raw meat. Plus they are super sturdy and will not splinter or possibly crack like a wood board.

But displaying them is a tad bit trickier! Personally I would try to store this type of board inside the kitchen cabinets. But in small kitchens with limited space, you could simply hide the board behind your more stylish wood and stone cutting boards. (It will be our little secret! 🙂 )

Different Cutting Board Shapes and Sizes

The best way to style cutting boards in your kitchen is to gather a variety of shapes and different sizes. Sometimes you will need an extra large chopping board. And then other times, maybe you just need help with a little meal prep.

Discover how to display cutting boards in your kitchen while still maintaining a tidy and minimalist look. My favorite cutting boards included!
photo | cb2

And cutting boards can have their own unique touches as well besides the material, shape and size. Some may have leather straps or deep grooves. All of these extra details will really help style your kitchen!

Easy Ways for Displaying Cutting Boards

So now that we have discussed the different cutting board materials and sizes, let’s get to the fun part – displaying them in stylin’ ways!

I’ve searched high and low to find real kitchen examples to help you see all the stylin’ possibilities on how to display cutting boards.

Style on Shelves

If you have open shelving in your kitchen, take advantage of this area to display a few smaller cutting boards. You can see in the example below how they placed them in varying heights and positions to add a ton of warmth and character to the shelves.

cutting boards displayed on open shelves in kitchen
photo | studio mcgee

If you have glass kitchen cabinet shelves, tuck a few cutting boards in here as well. They will be easy to access and they will add some beautiful texture to your kitchen cabinets too!

cutting boards displayed inside kitchen cabinets shelves studio mcgee
photo | studio mcgee

No extra shelf space? Then let’s look to the walls!

Hang On A Wall

That’s right – cutting boards can make a gorgeous artistic statement when hung on a kitchen wall. The beauty of this look is that you don’t need a ton of wall space and the boards are incredibly easy to use!

Discover how to display cutting boards in your kitchen while still maintaining a tidy and minimalist look. My favorite cutting boards included!
photo | pottery barn

The wall above has a ton of boards. But if you only have a few boards and think you can’t pull off this look – think again! This display below only has five boards and it looks perfect!

cutting boards hanging on wall in kitchen
photo | studio mcgee

I’m already trying to pick a wall in my kitchen to hang a few boards! 🙂

Stack on Kitchen Counter

If you have the counter space, the kitchen counter is great place to display a stack of cutting boards. Cutting boards are actually one of my favorite ways to decorate the kitchen counter.

When you style them, try to vary handles, shapes and materials to create a unique, styled look in your kitchen.

Turn A Board Into A Tray for Multi-Use

Think outside the board if you will and use it as a great place to organize cooking essentials right next to the stove.

Love the look of the oval wood cutting board. It adds a ton of warmth and it compliments the other wood accessories as well!

How To Maintain Old Wood Cutting Boards

If you love super old wood cutting boards or yours are starting to look rather worn, I know how to get them looking new in no time!

Apply a little block oil onto your board, wait 10 minutes and then polish the board with a clean cloth. You will be amazed at the results! And a little bit of proper care goes a long way. 🙂

Favorite Cutting Boards

Of course, I can not talk about how to display cutting boards without showing you a few of my favorite styles and shapes. So many fun boards to share!

All the sources for the boards are included below the image!

Hopefully all these tips and inspiration will help you create a new display of cutting boards in your kitchen!

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