2021 Fall Decorating Home Design Boards


Get inspired to get your home decorated for fall with my fall home decorating design boards!

Fall is my absolute favorite time to decorate. always has been. So last year I shared some fall home decorating design boards with you. They were designed to help you find simple ways to add that fall, cozy feeling to your home. And it seems you liked them! So I decided to create them again this year. And at the end of this post, I’ll also be sharing some additional fall decorating ideas to inspire you even more. So be sure to check those posts out as well!

Fall Home Decorating Design Boards

Once September hit, I started thinking about decorating for fall. The nights have been getting cooler which has been motivating me to get into the fall decorating mood. 🙂 So I thought now would be a great time to put together some fall home decorating design boards to help me visualize each space ahead of time to see what’ll work together. It also helps me to take inventory of what I already have and limits excess spending. 🙂 You know me, I like to keep my decor simple!

So let’s get the fall ideas flowing. Starting with the front porch!

Front Porch Fall Home Decorating Ideas

Last year fall porch was pretty neutral with a few touches of plum. Well, this year I decided to go more traditional fall with some touches of rust. Are you shocked?! I haven’t purchased my mums or pumpkins yet, but this is what I will be looking for this year.

The rug I’m using has been featured multiple years because I really love it, so I think it’s going to make an appearance one more season. I am switching up my doormat with a new one that expresses my love for cozy. Toss in some pillows and a throw and the porch is fall ready!

Get inspired to get your home decorated for fall with my fall home decorating design boards! #falldecoratingdesignboards #falldecorating #fall

FRONT PORCH DECORATING DESIGN BOARD SOURCES: basket || door mat || rug || bench || black pillow || textured loop square pillow || throw || side chair || orange pumpkin || pumpkins || lanterns || candles 

Kitchen Fall Home Decorating Ideas

For the kitchen area I’m going back to my true love – neutral blacks and whites. I ordered a new rug this weekend while it was on sale and I can not wait to get it into the kitchen! I think it’s gonna be so pretty.

I’ve also replaced a few kitchen accessories with some nice pops of black. Our new glass canisters are already a hit because of their massive size. My flour jar is now ready and prepared for all the fall baking! 🙂

Get inspired to get your home decorated for fall with my fall home decorating design boards! #falldecoratingdesignboards #falldecorating #fall

KITCHEN DECORATING DESIGN BOARD SOURCES: black lid canisters || cookbook stand/ art easel || round board || slate board || square board || square rattan tray || brass peppermill || concrete crock || counter stool || gray compote || rug || paint color: cabinets are Chelsea Gray

Dining Room Fall Home Decorating Ideas

I’m not going to change much in the dining room. This summer I updated a couple of new end chairs – which I would love to replace all the dining chairs with these rolling armchairs – but I’m waiting for a massive sale.

A touch of some classic black accessories and a petty faux oak branch should make the space look lovely for fall! Hopefully they branch gets here in time – it’s been backordered for awhile. 🙁

Get inspired to get your home decorated for fall with my fall home decorating design boards! #falldecoratingdesignboards #falldecorating #fall

DINING ROOM DECORATING DESIGN BOARD SOURCES: mirror || table lamp || napkins || plate || flatware || faux oak branch || vase || table || wood chair || upholstered rolling armchair || pillow || fiddle leaf fig || planter || paint color: Repose Gray 

Basement Fall Home Decorating Ideas

Since this room changed a ton last fall! So I thought it would be fun to share it with some cozy fall additions this year. 🙂

Get inspired to get your home decorated for fall with my fall home decorating design boards! #falldecoratingdesignboards #falldecorating #fall

BASEMENT DECORATING DESIGN BOARD SOURCES: picture frame || fall art || faux plant || shelf || desk drawers || tabletop lamp || leather desk chair || couch || dark green pillow || striped pillow || vase || throw || coffee table || rug || paint color: Repose Gray

Backyard Deck Fall Home Decorating Ideas

And this year I’m adding a new design board featuring the backyard deck. Colorado can be so beautiful in the fall! So it only seems fitting that we decorate the outdoor area we love to enjoy.

Most of the decor out here is the same as what you’d see in the summer months except I’m pulling out all the dead flowers and replacing them with pumpkins. I actually have a fun pumpkin idea for the wall planters. Hopefully that will look as cute as it does in my mind. 🙂

Get inspired to get your home decorated for fall with my fall home decorating design boards! #falldecoratingdesignboards #falldecorating #fall

BACKYARD DECORATING DESIGN BOARD SOURCES: outdoor bench || side chair || throw || rug || lanterns || flameless candles || wall planters || metal dining table || dining table chairs || striped pillow ||

Even More Fall Home Decorating Inspiration

Are you looking for even more fall decor ideas? Be sure to check out these other posts I’ve written:

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Hope these fall design boards help give you some great ideas when it comes to decorating your home this season!


  1. I truly enjoyed your Fall design boards, your color palettes are especially lovely. Your basement design board caught my eye, I’ve been looking for a coffee table exactly like the one on that board. Wow, was I astonished by the $2000 price tag on that table, even more so when I saw it’s made from engineered wood! I would enjoy an occasional post featuring the same or similar design boards in the high/mid-range format. I think many of your readers would enjoy posts like that, too!

    1. Hi Annie! I really appreciate your feedback. The coffee table I featured was picked because it was the most similar to the style of ours (which is actually no longer available). But I do love your suggestion of featuring more mid-range priced items! So I will definitely keep this in mind when creating my Christmas/winter decorating design boards. 🙂 Thank you for the great idea!

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