How To Keep It Simple When Fall Decorating


Fall decorating doesn’t require a ton of money or pumpkins! Learn my six simple tips on how to decorate for fall — the simple way.

You guessed it. I’ve already been shopping for some new fall decor. Yes, I know it’s early. But I wait for this season all year long and when we finally gets to the middle of August– I go shopping! 😉 

fall decorating with pumpkins and plum mums

(Above photo is from last years fall porch seen here)

So as I was browsing online, I noticed a ton of elaborate pumpkin decorations and wordy fall signs. Which got me to thinking — is this what fall is all about? 

Now, I love all my pumpkins — pumpkin bread, pumpkin scones, pumpkin latte. And yes, I do love to place a pumpkin here and there in my fall home decor. (As seen above! 😉 ) 

But my main goal with our home, no matter the season, is to keep it simple and comfy.

So when it comes to fall decorating, I only change six simple things. 

1 | Add Cozy

In the fall and winter months, I add a couple of cozy knit throws on each end of the couch. Cool fall days are perfect for lazy snuggles and a soft throw is guaranteed to make you feel like fall has officially arrived.

2| Pillows

Lighter pillows of summer are placed with more muted colors. This is where I love to reach for those velvet favorites. So soft and the perfect companion to a knit throw. 

3| Wall Art

For those smaller art frames in my home, I remove all the summer beach photos. Then I replace them with beautiful fall family memories from the past seasons. Or sometimes I’ll find a nice fall art piece to use instead.

Changing the wall art is a subtle change but this simple step is just one more way to welcome fall. 

4| Scents

It ain’t fall if you don’t smell some pumpkin! So I love to light a sweet pumpkin candle and I bring out the pumpkin hand soap too! 

5| Florals

This is when I replace any bright green botanicals with more fall toned stems. One of my absolute favorites ones to use is eucalyptus. It’s just a classic fall look. 

6| Front Door  

And last but definitely not least, I love to decorate our front door for fall. A new mat layered with a pretty rug is such a gorgeous way to add fall to your home. Not to mention, your guests will love it too!

And that’s it! Six simple changes to instantly make our home feel more cozy and ready for fall. Hopefully these tips will help when you start your fall decorating. Whether it be next month or maybe possibly, today! 😉 

keep it simple when fall decorating

Throws 1 & 2 | Pillows 1 & 2 | Art 1, 2, & 3 | Scents 1 & 2

Florals 1 & 2 | Door Mats 1 & 2 | Rugs 1 & 2 


If you are looking for more fall decor (maybe even a pumpkin sign), be sure to visit the COZY FALL THINGS SHOP!

cozy fall things shop


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