Amazon Prime Day (Reader Favorite Amazon Purchases)

Amazon Prime Day is here! Here’s my top 15 picks.

Do you have an Amazon Prime membership? You know that I’m a big fan of Amazon. And I absolutely love my Prime membership! Who doesn’t love FREE two day shipping?! 😉 If you love to shop Amazon too, you’ll definitely want to check out the sales happening on Amazon over the next two days. 

Amazon Prime Day is here! Here's my top 15 picks! #amazon #amazonprimeday #amazonsales #amazonprimedeals #amazonsalealert

So What’s Amazon Prime Day, You Ask?

First things first, let me explain what Amazon Prime day means. It’s basically a global shopping day hosted by Amazon. And on this day you will be able to shop heavily discounted products like insta-pots, vacuums and other small appliances. Also they often feature deals on the latest toys, Alexa-enabled electronics and more. So this year Prime Day will be on October 13 and 14th.  

To shop these exclusive two-day deals, all you need is a prime membership. We’ve actually had ours for about five years— it’s worth every penny! If you don’t already have a prime membership you can sign up for a 30-day free trial and use it during the sale

BUT DID YOU KNOW? You know you can share your Prime Membership?! If you don’t share it with anyone (like a spouse), you can add your mom, dad, brother or sister in your household. In addition, if you want your kids to have access to your benefits, you can add them with parental control as well.

So now that we know what Amazon Prime Day is, let’s talk about the fun stuff – what to buy!

What Can You Buy On Amazon?

The crazy thing about Amazon is that you can buy almost anything there! 🙂 But for fun, I wanted to share the top 15 items you have purchased over the past year based on my blog posts and recommendations. I always love to look back and see what products have been the most helpful to you. And who knows? You may be surprised by some of the items on the list!

Amazon Prime Day is here! Here's my top 15 picks! #amazon #amazonprimeday #amazonsales #amazonprimedeals #amazonsalealert


Your Top 15 Amazon Purchases

1| Lazy Susan Storage Organizer Basket  – great baskets that I used  for my corner lazy susan featured in this organizational post.

2| Paint Sprayer – great paint sprayer that helped me transform my kitchen cabinets in this DIY tutorial.

3| Organizing Drawer Dividers – these organizers were featured in my post on the best storage organization products

4| Stainless Steel Cleaner the best cleaner for stainless steel sinks and appliances, featured in my fast kitchen cleaning tutorial.

5| Black and Bone Indoor/Outdoor Rug – love this rug!  It was featured on one of my front patio fall home tours.

6| Rubbermaid Pan Organizer this product is a huge space saver and was featured in my post on the five organizers every kitchen needs.

7| Salt Glass Jar – this product has been on my kitchen tray for years and was featured in my all-on-amazon kitchen finds

8| Eucalyptus Stems – these were super popular last year with my diy fall pumpkin topiary tutorial. 

9| Faux Olive Tree – this greenery was featured in my master bedroom decor design board post.

10| Quilted Fabric Hammock – this fun outdoor accessory was featured in my my backyard hammock oasis escape post

11| Solar Step Lights – I featured this product when I decided to update our backyard deck

12| Velvet Blackout Curtains – these curtains were featured in post all about my favorite window treatments

13| Olive Green Charcoal Rug – this rug was featured in my master bedroom refresh post.

14| Premium Paint Edger – this was a super helpful tool that helped me paint our super TALL walls

15| Ceramic Table Lamp – this cute lamp was featured in my post discussing a new trend of lamps in the kitchen – and why I love this look. 🙂


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