The Best Storage Organizing Products on Amazon


Get your home organized fast with these 15 best storage organizing products from Amazon. No product below 1,000 reviews or 4.1 stars!

One of my goals this year for our home is to get clutter free and organized. So I’ve been shopping Amazon to find the best storage organizing products money can buy. I’m a huge review reader and if you are one of those people that leaves reviews for the products you buy — thank you kindly! I take every word you say to heart. 🙂

So I’ve done some research for you and found some of the best organizing products. I’ve not only linked the items but also included the number of reviews, how many stars out of 5 and a buyers review. So now, let me show you want I found!

1 | Stackable Can Rack Organizer

(Reviews 4,500+ | Stars 4.6)

Get all of your canned food organized in a flash. One review said, ‘These racks are easy to put together and sturdy. My pantry is much more organized and looks amazing! These racks have adjustable dividers so almost any size can will fit nicely. Looking forward to buying more!’

stackable can organizer

2| Storage Bag Organizer

(Reviews 1,400+  | Stars 4.6)

These organizers are perfect for storing winter sweaters, extra comforters or pillows, jackets or even toys! And it can be folded down when not in use. One shopper said, ‘I’m so happy with the quality of these. There’s a nice lining in the inside and seems very durable and resistant to tearing.’

3 |  24-Drawer Plastic Storage Cabinet

(Reviews 5,800+ | Stars 4.5)

This one organizer can be useful for so many things in your home. It’s great for Lego’s, office supplies, nuts and bolts in the garage or more. ‘These cabinets are an absolute life saver! Made of sturdy plastic, they hold up to daily use. Each drawer also has a slot to insert dividers, so you can create even more space.’

It’s one of the best organizational items on Amazon. Just so many uses for this one item all over the whole house!

4 |  Organizing Tray for Silverware

(Reviews 9,700+ | Stars 4.4)

No drawer space in your kitchen? This is one of the best Amazon storage finds for you! Loved this review, ‘I bought two of these, and I’m very pleased with them. The non-slip feature on the bottom is great- you won’t have cutlery sliding around when you open and close your drawers. I would highly recommend.’

kitchen drawer organizer

5 |  Battery Organizer Storage Case

(Reviews 3,500+ | Stars 4.5)

I keep all of our batteries in a shoe organizer but I really want to get one of these. I love the fact you can instantly see what batteries you you have and that it has a battery tester. ‘Well designed and sturdy product. It solves the problem of searching for batteries when you need them. I see myself buying less batteries as now, all my batteries are neatly stored in one central location.’

battery storage case with tester

6 | Foldable Storage Bin Organizer

(Reviews 7,000+ | Stars 4.7)

It’s a storage bin when you need it or it’s folded away when you don’t. Great item to have in your home. ‘These were everything o was looking for AND more! I’ve purchased a second set to set up in my guest room. You can’t beat the price either!’

foldable storage bin organizer

7 | Jewelry Makeup Organizer 

(Reviews 9,800+ | Stars 4.5)

Makeup can get so unorganized so fast. At least, mine can because I’m always putting on my makeup in a hurry. ‘LOVE this product! It comes in two separate pieces but the top fits perfectly on top of the drawers. It’s a great size, and fits allllmost all of my makeup.’

jewelry makeup organizer

8 | Broom/Garden Tool Holder

(Reviews 8,000+ | Stars 4.5)

Stop searching for all your small garden tools! This wall organizer can keep everything easily located in one central place. Can even work in the laundry room too!  ‘Absolutely love this product! I cleaned my laundry room last week and wanted to organize all my brooms, mops and even mini vacuum. This handled the job – and then some!’

broom garden tool organizer

9| Drawer Organizer  

(Reviews 5,400+  | Stars 4.6)

No drawer should be without these! ‘I love these things, they’re so versatile. I have them all over; drawers, closet shelves, cabinets. I use them for more than just underwear too. I use them for dry art supplies in open shelves and just about anywhere else I need to organize.’

underwear organizer drawer divider

10 | Pan Pot Organizer

(Reviews 3,500+ | Stars 4.5)

This organizer is indeed great for pans and pots and even those lids. But it’s also so fabulous for organizing giant glass bakeware as well! See how I use this organizer in my home by clicking HERE. One reviewer said. ‘Fits & Works perfectly! It was easy to put together too and honestly I wish I had bought something like this years ago.’

pan pot lid organizer

11 | Style Station Organizer

(Reviews 2,400+ | Stars 4.6)

Get the most storage out of your bathroom cabinet by utilizing the back of the door! This organizer takes up no space and keeps all of your styling tools organized and easily within reach. ‘A quality product at a decent price with many options for using.’

style station organizer

12 | Storage Bean Bag Chair

(Reviews 4,800+ | Stars 4.9)

Make organizing fun for your little ones and keep their room clean and tidy too. This roomy home stores all the stuffed animals and that means no one ever has to say good-bye to another one of their plush friends. ‘I loved my smaller one so much, I ordered the bigger one. This is THE best storage for stuffed animals. Those darn things take over our home and we have used several different ways to store them. Then we found this bag and our dreams came true!’

storage bean bag chair

13 | Desk Organizer with Drawers

(Reviews 3,300+ | Stars 4.6)

Keep everything in your office area organized and filed with ease. But this organizer isn’t just for the paperwork. Read how this reviewer used it, ‘Wow! This was so easy to put together with their unique pins that snap in place. Sturdy as well. I’m using mine to hold paper plates of different sizes on top and plastic ware in the drawer below. It’s perfect.’

desk organizer with drawers

14 | Cube Organizer

(Reviews 9,800+ | Stars 4.1)

This storage unit is available in seven different colors and is great for organizing any room in the home. ‘These are just so handy to have around. You can use them with the bins for storage, without for displaying small items, or mix it up and do both.’ said one reviewer.

cube organizer

15 | Storage Bench

(Reviews 4,800+ | Stars 4.9)

This item is great storage for your patio, deck or backyard. The perfect place to even store outdoor yard toys. ‘Great buy for the money. It does exactly what I need it to do. I’m going to add a cushion on top of it to match the rest of my furniture so it’ll blend in nicely.’

storage bench


I hope you found all of these best Amazon organization products helpful! Which one was your favorite or could you use in your home?

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Get your home organized fast with these 15 best storage organizing products from Amazon. No product below 1,000 reviews or 4.1 stars! #organizingproducts

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