Try A Trend: Window Treatments

Window treatments can often be overlooked when it comes to decorating your home. Of course they serve a function. But they can also add a great deal of character, texture and style to any room. 

Selecting the right shade or curtain panel for your windows can often be overwhelming. Heck, I’ve been there. I’m in the process of updating my main floor window treatments so I’ve been doing a ton of research on the subject. When you start searching, you’ll find there’s an enormous amount of window treatment options to choose from that all have different purposes and functions.

So how did I finally decide on mine? By first asking myself some important questions. Do they need to block light, create privacy, or just look pretty? Do they need to be the same throughout the whole house, or can I switch them up a little? What if I want to layer more than one option?  Is that possible?

Are these questions you’re asking yourself too? Well, today I’m going to answer all those questions by giving you helpful insight on how to choose window treatments for your home! 

Woven wood shades in bedroom
photo credit: maire flanigan

First, let’s talk about different types of shade/curtain window treatments and the features of each.


The two main types of shades that seem to be trending are woven wood and roman. 

Woven Wood Shades

Studio McGee woven wood shades
photo credit: studio mcgee

This type of shade seems to be well liked because it’s a neutral window covering that adds lots of warmth to a room and looks good with any style of decor. I often see them layered with pretty drapes to create a more luxe look. And I personally, I love that look!

Erin Kestenbaum woven wood shades in bedroom
photo credit: erin kestenbaum

Another great feature of woven wood shades is the option to have them lined for privacy; or left unlined for a somewhat sheer look. 

Room for Tuesday Woven Wood Shades in Media Room
photo credit: room for tuesday

Some of my favorite woven wood shades:


Roman Shades

Park and Oak Roman Shade in Kitchen
photo credit: park and oak

These shades have one of my favorite features when it comes to window treatments – they can be custom made in an endless amount of materials to best suit your space.

Emily Henderson Roman Shade in Living Room
photo credit: emily henderson

They instantly give a window a classic, custom look that really pulls a room together. Plus those little extra touches like a colored border can really make them look higher-end!

Mark D Sikes Roman Shade in Bathroom
photo credit: mark d sikes

They’re perfect in all types of spaces, from bathrooms to kitchens and everywhere in between. Depending on the window size and budget, this shade can be custom-made or purchased pre-made from a big box store.

Wit and Delight Roman Shade in Living Room
photo credit: wit and delight
Studio McGee Roman Shade in Bedroom
photo credit: studio mcgee

Some of my favorite roman shades:

So now let’s talk about those gorgeous curtain panels.


Curtain Panels 

K Interiors Curtain Drapes in Living Room
photo credit: k interiors

When drapery panels are installed high and wide – they can make a room feel instantly larger!

Ann Hepfer Curtain Drapes in Bedroom
photo credit: ann hepfer

The fabric and color can add some lovely texture to any room. And let’s not overlook the hardware – it can also add a nice detail to the space as well. Love the brass look in this room below!

Studio McGee Curtain Drapes in Living Room
photo credit: studio mcgee

Some of my favorite curtain drapery panels:


So now that I’ve shared all the features, let’s talk more about those questions I mentioned earlier.

What to ask yourself when choosing window treatments…

Studio McGee Roman Shade in Reading Nook
photo credit: studio mcgee

Do they need to block light, create privacy, or just look pretty? 

Since I was replacing my window treatments on the main floor privacy was a concern. So even though I wanted them to definitely look good, lining was a must. But a blackout liner option wasn’t needed because the new shades were not going to be in bedrooms (where you would want complete darkness). So just keep in mind light and privacy.

Do the window treatments need to be the same throughout the house?

Now this question was something I researched big time because I always thought the answer was obviously yes. BUT to my surprise – the answer is no!

Each space has different functions, and therefore different needs when it comes to privacy, light, and aesthetic. Each room needs to be considered individually when selecting window treatments. So don’t feel like what you select in your living room has to apply to your dining room, kitchen, and bedrooms.

But one word of caution, you DO want to make sure the rooms flow together (ie: it’s best to not select cheap blinds in one room and high-end custom drapery panels in the next). Select options that, even though they are different, feel like a good fit when traveling from room to room.

What if I want to layer more than one option? 

Go for it! Well at least that’s what I’m going to do. And I think you’ve seen by all the examples I’ve featured in this post – it can totally be done – and done well! 

In a couple weeks I will be showing you my new window treatments. And then I will also share tips on the biggest mistakes I’ve discovered when it comes to installing them. More to come on this topic!

So what’s your favorite style of window treatments? Shades, drapes or none?!

Window treatments can often be overlooked when it comes to decorating your home. Learn how to choose the best look for your home. #windowtreatments 



  1. Can you tell me who manufactures the headboard and footboard in the photo credit by Studio McGee?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Melanie! Unfortunately this home project from Studio McGee is no longer available on their website. 🙁 I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

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