10 Easy Spring Decorating Ideas


Learn ten inexpensive spring decorating ideas to easily help you transition your home into the new season!

Adding spring to your home doesn’t mean you need a bunch of rabbits and eggs placed on every surface. Rather, all you need is just a few inexpensive changes that you can do in mere minutes. Let me share with you ten easy and cheap spring decorating ideas, tips and tricks to help you take your home from winter to spring in no time!

apron sink full of fresh spring flowers - a great spring decorating idea

Ten Easy Spring Decorating Ideas

1| Declutter and Freshen Up

There’s no better time like spring to clean all the things. I’ve found just be eliminating clutter and giving everything a good cleaning, my home instantly feels lighter and brighter.

spring decorating ideas, kitchen with gray cabinets and white subway tile with green plants next to sink

Decluttering will not only give you a clean home for spring, but also make you more aware of all the decor currently displayed in your home as well.

If you are looking for a some extra help decluttering, you can check out my simple decluttering challenge here.

2 | Lighten Up Linens

Spring is the perfect time to replace some of the linens in your home. Change out heavier textured pillows (like velvet) for some lighter and brighter fabrics.

Florals or subtle spring tones like soft blues and greens will help to create a lighter feeling in any room.

bed with spring pillows in blue stripe and blue floral pattern

Don’t forget to swap out bedding as well. Replace those heavy down duvets or winter weight quilts for something more appropriate for the season. And if you like, you could even splurge on a new set of sheets!

3 | Add Some New Plants

When everything outside is brown and you need some new life in your home – plants are perfect! Plants are obviously great to have in your home year-round. But they seem especially nice when spring finally arrives.

I do have to admit that I struggle to keep my plants alive. So I try to pick a selective few and place them only in certain areas of my home so I don’t forget about them!

Learn ten expensive spring decorating ideas to easily help you transition your home into the new season! Green maidenhair fern on kitchen counter.

Of course, if you don’t have a green thumb or don’t want to worry with watering – faux is the way to go! You’ll still get that fresh green color added in your home with no needed up keep. Well, maybe a dusting or two but that’s it! 🙂


4 | Bring In Subtle Spring Colors

Now is the time to let go of the winter whites and add some new spring colors to your home. I suggest to pick subtle blue, pinks and greens to give your home a fresh spring vibe.

No matter the season, I’m still a neutral lover at heart. So my spring color of choice is usually more green throughout our home – mostly in the form of plants. Since the outdoors may still be looking more brown than green, I find adding that color inside makes my heart happy!

5 | Update Your Front Door

One of my absolute favorite spring decorating ideas is to freshen up the front door. So it’s time to sweep off those cobwebs, maybe trash those mini dead Christmas trees that are flanking your door (that would be me!) and add some new spring updates like a new doormat and rug!

spring front door with fern wreath and two urns with Boston ferns, front door always has layered doormat rug combo

Don’t forget to add a couple of new planters too. Or if it’s still too cold outside, some pretty lanterns can give your front doorway a whole new seasonal look as well.


6 | Add Some Flowers

Gorgeous blooms are a super easy spring decorating idea! You can use a faux flowers, fresh flowers, or even branches that are blooming. Any of these ideas will add a lovely pop of color to your home as well!

tulip and eucalyptus arrangement in the middle of kitchen island

If you are intimidated to create a beautiful spring arrangement – don’t be! I can teach you how to use simple, grocery store flowers here. Arranging flowers shouldn’t be hard or expensive.

TIP: Incorporating a gorgeous floral bouquet into your spring decorating will also add height and new life to your home!

grocery store arrangement of roses and eucalyptus in the middle of kitchen counter

7 | Switch Out Art

Art is such an easy change! Our gallery wall in the living room gets updated with new art fairly often. I don’t change it every season but definitely from winter to spring/summer.

gallery wall with tv mounted in center pictures contain botanical prints

If you are looking for some free spring prints I have several for you! You can get my fun spring essentials print or my set of two spring flower sketch prints.


8 | Play With Accessories

Adding a few spring accessories to bookcases, tables or kitchen counters is another fun way to revive your indoor decor. Try shopping your home for garden pots or garden urns.

Incorporating these items into your home will feel like you’re bring the spring garden inside. And who wouldn’t love that?! 🙂

peony arrangement in garden black pot

9 | Include A Seasonal Element

I don’t buy a ton of seasonal decor because I want most of my decorating items to not be seasonally limited. But just a couple seasonal elements throughout the home can add a nice simple touch to the decor.

Take for example this grapevine nest I used for a colorful spring tulip floral arrangement. Nests have a very spring new-life vibe.

So rather than just placing a nest here or there, I used this one as a container to give it multiple purpose in my home decor.

tulip and mum arrangement in grapevine nest planter

If nests aren’t necessarily your thing, a simple basket filled with pretty blooms would achieve the same look and spring feel.


10 | Add A New Spring Scent

Spring is when everything starts to bloom outside. So if you have anything fragrant outdoors that you can bring inside, definitely do it. I always take full advantage of our lilac bushes every spring.

I’ve made arrangements with just the lilacs or paired them with another fabulous spring flower like peonies. Such an easy spring decorating idea to instantly make your home feel alive with this new season!

close up view of lilac and peony flower arrangement

If nothing is in bloom just yet, a new spring candle is a fabulous way to add a fresh, springy scent to your home.


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