Try A Trend: Vintage Vases

Update your home with a new trend that has a very vintage feel. Vintage vases are making appearances in homes everywhere. No matter your interior design style, there’s sure to be a vase for you!

All you need is a few minutes scrolling through Instagram to quickly spot many gorgeous vintage vases. This style of vases was a fast growing trend made popular last year. But I’ve noticed, it’s still going strong – even now. And personally, I’m loving the look for several reasons. I think the best way for me to explain my love for this trend is to let my inspiration photos do all the talking! 

So let me show you some fun vintage vase eye-candy so you can see many lovely examples of this trend in a variety of different styles and throughout multiple rooms in a home.

Living Room Vintage Vases

Vintage vases are often used in the living room. They’re perfect for side tables (as shown below) or even coffee tables. Entryway consoles are also a great place to put all your vases on display. It’s just such a lovely way to greet your guests and add some fun focal points to your home. 

photo credit | jaci daily

Any shelves flanking your tv or fireplace is ideal for a lovely large decor item like a vase. Not only do they add a nice visual but they can also be multifunctional as well and serve as bookends too. 

photo credit | pottery barn

Kitchen Vintage Vases

The kitchen has a ton of great locations for vases.  Often you will find vintage vases placed in the center of dining tables. Which of course, is always a win in my book. Love the look of this set of vases pictured below. So simple and yet so eye-catching! 

photo credit | marie flanigan

But don’t forget about the kitchen island or counter top too. Any area you can place a vase without interrupting your kitchen tasks – is a win in my opinion!

A small bistro table is a fabulous way to add a vase to your kitchen. Just use a smaller vase so you don’t steal the function of the table. The photo below is a great example of this style!

photo credit | crate and barrel

Bedroom Vintage Vases

Vases are perfect for adding substance and visual weight to built-ins in the bedroom too.

And don’t forget the fireplace mantel!  It’s an ideal location for a set of vases. Notice only one vase below has a fresh green stem while the other vases sit empty. Don’t feel pressure to fill your vases – I say – let the vase be the focal point! 

photo credit | studio mcgee 

How I Tried This Trend

Of course, I can’t ask you to try a trend without attempting it myself! So I wanted to share how I’ve actually incorporated a couple different vintage vases into our home over the past six months or so. (But just between you and me – I’m already eyeing a few more vases I want to buy!) 🙂 

The first one was a black joshua vase I had my eye on for months. It was featured in my fall home tour filled with golden faux aspen stems.

And the second was a vase I updated to look more vintage found in our master bedroom refresh. (You can find the ceramic vintage vase tutorial here). Such a great way to add this popular trend into your home at a fraction of the price! 


Some of My Favorite Vintage Vases

So now, hopefully you’re willing to give this trend a try as well. And if you’re wondering how to find a stylish vase…I’ve already rounded up a few suggestions for you. 14 to be exact! 🙂

All of these vintage vases below would look great in any decor. The colors and styles are neutral enough for a farmhouse look to a classic transitional decor like mine. 


1|  full moon vase // 2|  santorini vase // 3| artisan vase // 4| handle artisan vase // 5| black joshua vase // 6| round white vase // 7| jug vase brown // 8| crock vase // 9| black and white vase // 10| aged wood vase // 11| tall matte black vase // 12| weathered ceramic jug // 13| malaga vase // 14| stoneware vase 

Or you can click on any image below to shop as well:



So have you tried the vintage vase trend? What room did you place your vase in?

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